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JANUARY 6, 2012 3:08PM

Epiphany at Home; Almost Recuperated

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I'm home from work because this is day three of what I've been told is a Three-Day Intestinal Virus. Which means I'm still a bit tired and run-down but mostly okay. The first day was major hell (fever and horrible gastric distress) and the second day minor hell. Now, though, I'm well enough to sit at the computer, so figured it was time for a long-overdue blog update.

Today is the Feast of the Epiphany. Because it's a Friday, I wouldn't be celebrating it in church today anyway (Americans tend to observe on the closest Sunday) but I do hope a bit of the spirit of the three Magi (or Wise Men, or Kings) can find its way into my heart and soul. I need to be a seeker again. Find a new road (or two). Get out of my rut and follow my star. But yes, first, I have to finish recuperating. And so this blog entry...

Part of the reason I've been blogging less frequently than I used to is because I really am in a rut. My life has become very small, since moving to Brooklyn with Lady Lucia. I go to work, do my church ministry and...not much else. In Manhattan, I also did theater and socialized with friends and just exlpored the city on my own a lot (nearly always finding interesting subjects for blog entries). This part of Brooklyn is very suburban, though, and doesn't have interesting street life. All the theatrical doings (and all my friends other than Lady Lucia) are in Manhattan. So, as I said, my life has become very "small" and I'm even starting to bore myself.  Since I don't want to bore youse, too, I don't write much...

I don't mean this post to be a total kvetch, though. I love Lady Lucia more and more all the time (she has been the most blessed Angel of Mercy during this illness) and at least I have a safe roof over my head, a job and a church community. And two wonderful Siamese-if-you-please. Things could certainly be worse.

Still, this Epiphany finds me without much  to say, so I won't meander. I continue to read and respond to the posts by my OS Posse and am, as always, inspired by y'all.

Epiphany blessings and well-wishes,

Eva T.

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Is it possible for some of your Manhattan friends to meet you in Brooklyn? Park Slope is a neighborhood where there are lots of things going on. Get well soon.
toritto: Sounds like you know the 'hood. I live just a couple of blocks away from St. Bernadette's.
littlewillie: getting Manhattanites (especially uptown Manhattanites) to come to Brooklyn (especially "far" Brooklyn) is like pulling shark's teeth. Yes, I realize that means they are not the good friends I once thought they were. I guess if I were dying they'd come. After all, only the dead know Brooklyn. Thanks for your well-wishes!
EvaT- Im so sad to hear you caught the bug...its the worst...but as my cousin in NY says, its a great weight loss plan...she didnt get an appetite back for over a week . Please write about the siamese if you please, I hear they are interesting observers!
What a beautiful idea of looking to the Wise Men's example and being a seeker! I'm sorry that you've got a stomach virus - and I hope you'll be completely better soon. I'm even sorrier that you feel like you're in a rut. Would it be possible for you to go into the city, say, once a week, for theater activities and/or to see friends? If not, maybe a new project is in order! Do you think you could try to set up a theater group in your new neighborhood? Good luck to you, I definitely know how you feel (both the stomach virus and the rut)!
Poppi: Thanks for your well-wishes and good idea. I will ask Alice and Trixie what sort of interesting stuff they've observed recently. Perhaps they'll do a guest post "as told to" me.
Alysa: Thanks for well-wishes. I know you get it about the "gut stuff" as well as about being a City Mouse. I actually do get to Manhattan once a week or so, to visit the "uptown cats" at my ex's apartment, usually followed by meeting Lady Lucia for dinner someplace. It's hard for me to do anything there in the evening, though, except when Lady L is able to meet me there with the car. It's about two hours by bus and subway. As far as the distance is concerned, I might just as well have moved out of state.
Regarding theater endeavors here, I actually did reach out to a couple of actors I used to work with, who also live in this neighborhood now (a married couple). It's easier to get something started with collaborators, if you're in a place where you don't know many people. Anyway, they expressed interest at first but then backed off. I think they're uncomfortable about the fact that I'm in a relationship with a woman. I know I'm still the same me but...even some theater people can be homophobes.
In Canada we say,"Happy Little Christmas!"
Glad you are better.
Linda: Happy Little Christmas to you! And thanks.
Blessings to you Eva. glad you are on the mend. i know what you mean about "might as well have moved out of state". I grew up (25 years) in the Bronx and had only been to Brooklyn twice! People think "New York is New York" but all the boroughs are like different states - especially with no car. I guess you take the good with the bad - your life with Lady L is so much better than your life with the ex - right?. Always good to see you writing here.
(Tell me, how's your mother?)
Trilogy: Yes, the good with the bad. Thanks for your blessings. My mother might need a second surgery. She still plans on returning to OS eventually but, right now, health concerns are foremost. Her condition is not life-threatening but quite unpleasant and inconvenient. Not meaning to be mysetrious but details on my mother's health are hers to share - or not. Not mine.