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APRIL 20, 2012 9:18PM

Other "Stars" Born on April 25th

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Interesting. Just a few days before my 50th birthday, I have discovered that two  artists I really admire were also born on April 25th. Maude Hart Lovelace, the author of the "Betsey-Tacey" books, which I loved reading as a child and am re-reading now (I found a bunch in a second-hand store) was born on April 25th 1892.

Len Goodman, a former champion ballroom dancer who is now Head Judge on "Dancing With the Stars" was born on April 25th 1944.

I found out Lovelaces's birthday because there's a one-page bio printed in the back of current editions of her books. I found out Goodman's birthday because I just "Googled" him (I'd been wanting to find video of Len dancing, when he was in his prime as a performer; didn't find that but there are plenty of biographical facts available online).

I admire Maude Hart Lovelace, not only because she wrote lots of novels that were great fun for me to read as a child and to re-read as an adult, but because she based them on her own life, which was an adventurous, pioneering one. She had great determination to make her dream of a writing career come true and she didn't let marriage slow her down. She also had a very strong sense of personal ethics and the sort of person she wanted to be. I suspect that she was more successful in that regard (as well as artistically) than I have ever been.

'Though I like all of the DWTS judges, Len Goodman is my particular favorite because it's clear that he has a passion for good teaching as well as good dancing. He has high standards but it's because he wants to inspire people and bring out the absolute best in them.  Even when Len says things that seem harsh, he seems, essentially, kind and loving. I wish I could study with him.
 I also really admired his fortitude and professionalism when, a couple of years ago, he continued his excellent work on DWTS while undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. He never even mentioned his illness on the show and I only knew because there were items about it in various media. You could tell that he didn't always feel good or energetic but he managed to stay present and do the work well.

Other famous April 25th people? The famous 1950s-60s ballerina, Melissa Hayden, Ella Fitzgerald, Al Pacino and Cher...

And Eva T. turns 50 this year, inspired, to some extent, by all of the above and hoping she can inspire a few folk along the way.

Lady Lucia told me, recently, that she thinks of my blogging as "inspirational" writing as well as entertainment. I hope it's both, at least some of the time. Some of youse know that I started blogging (about 9 years ago now!) in an attempt to emulate Anne Lamott, whose columns about her own spiritual journey (stumbles, bumbles; warts and all) inspired me and made me want to do my own version.

Blessings and well-wishes for the road ahead!

Eva T.

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Stumble on, dear girl! I miss that blog you did daily! Thanks for your willingness to put it out there!
Oh, and Happy 50th! Life is better AFTER 50!
Happy early birthday! And what a cool bunch of celebrities to share the day with! I haven't heard of Maude Hart Lovelace but will be checking out her books.

Thank you for sharing these facts, and, as always, for writing. Your blog is inspirational, and so often filled with an inherent good cheer that does wonders for the soul.
Madhuri: Thanks for being with me and encouraging for so many years!
Alysa: I appreciate your encouragement, too. I think you'll really love Maude Hart Lovelace and identify with her "Betsy," who is passionate about writing.