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JUNE 17, 2012 6:51PM

"Make New Friends, Keep the Old"

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We did "A Midsummer Night's Dream" yesterday. I had fun playing Hippolyta and was flattered that the company's founding Director (who had not seen me in many years but was there to play the role of Oberon) recognized me immediately. Of course I recognized him immediately, too. But I had this thought in the back of my head, that said I must have aged terribly during the interval...

The actress who played Titania was one I'd heard about (from my ex, Iggy, actually, who'd said she was extremely talented and enthusiastic) but with whom I had not worked before. Iggy was right about "Titania." She was not only very good in the role (I described her interpretation as "Titania as a Soap Opera Siren;" hilarious) but also kind enough to think that I was very good! (Yay, Mutual Admiration Society.) Since "Titania" is acting as "Play Mistress" (Director) for next week's performance of "The Two Noble Kinsmen," she asked me to be in it, reprising the role of Hippolyta (who is a character in that play as well). I have to go to Founding Director's office after work tomorrow, to get my copy of the script from him. 'Though we don't memorize lines for these staged readings, we do prepare by getting familiar with the speeches, stage directions and characters (that much can be done in a week).

Meanwhile, Titania and I have exchanged a few emails and learned a thing or two about each other (she is two years older than I, lives in NJ and has a boyfriend who's in his 60s). We've also shared thoughts about Shakespeare, health issues, aging, relationships, religion and liking to write (which Titania also does) and decided that we're friends. This is way cool! It gets so hard to make new friends once you're past the first flush of young adulthood.  A new friend is cause for cheering and thanks-giving.

Of course, those old friends who have stuck by me since the divorce and my "coming back out" are cause for cheering and thanks-giving, too. The Punk Princess was at yesterday's performance and we got to spend some time together afterward, perusing a crafts fair near Lincoln Center and then going to eat at a Thai restaurant (along with the actor who'd played "Wall," - not a close friend but a theater colleague of mine for many years.)

Lady Lucia was not there ('though she will be at the performance of "Two Noble Kinsmen" next Saturday) because she is in Maine this weekend on "Bishop Business" (Lady Lucia is a bishop in our church). So, I was extra glad to have those things to do on Saturday, since a weekend without Lady Lucia can be depressing, if I've got nothing to do but hang around Brooklyn alone.  (Okay; never alone with Alice and Trixe about the place. But it's hard to be the only human even though the Siamese are pleasing, indeed.)

I just got off the 'phone with My Faddah. Wishing I could see him for Father's Day but it's too hard to get to Yonkers from here, without Lady Lucia to drive there (technically, I could get there from Brooklyn by public transportation if I absolutely had to, but it would take many hours and various buses and trains). So, we "visited" by 'phone and will see about getting together for dinner in Manhattan at some point during the week to come.

Happy Father's Day to all the Faddah's in OS-land and my usual blessings and well-wishes to all of youse!

Eva T.

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How very cool I wish I lived where I could go and see these! To find a new friend sounds marvelous and reminds me I need to get out more, to start doing things again to find my way back. Thank you for this!
LunchLady2: I also wish you lived near enough. Then you could be another new friend! I do hope you succeed in "getting out more." It's not easy but can be rewarding.
Oh, I'm so glad it went well! And you've got another role! The only thing that didn't make me happy in this post was how you said you don't think you've aged well! When I met you, I was like, that girl has the best skin - you look great! Saying you've aged badly makes the rest of us non-good-skin people look bad!
Alysa: As always, thanks for your compliments and encouragement! But perhaps you've been speaking French a bit too long? When I wrote "aged terribly" I didn't mean "badly;" I meant "a lot." 'Though I would dare say, myself, that I look younger than my chronological age, there have probably still been substantial age-related changes in my appearance in the interval since 2001, or so, which was the last time I'd seen the Founding Director of Instant Shakespeare.