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JULY 16, 2012 9:07PM

Places We Call Home (With or Without Pigeons) Open Call

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I have written, many times, in this space, about my passionate love for my home town (which happens to be Manhattan). Reading Alysa Salzberg's writing about her beloved Paris has inspired me to share a poem I wrote (back in 2008, while sitting in Straus Park on West 107th Street and Broadway) and then "open the floor." The assignment (if you choose to accept it) is to write a poem about the place that is, most deeply and truly, HOME, for you. Here's mine, called "Smiles For Pigeons."

Smiles For Pigeons

Smile at the pigeons;
they are your friends.
You'll make amends
for all the grouches who don't get it.
New York is a friendly city if you let it
give you its sweet pigeons
and its grumble-gray curmudgeons;
the joys of its voice all day and night long.
Like the night song
of the subway, saying, "Clackety-clack-I'm-on-the-track
Live here for a while and let Her love you.
Even when others shove you,
it's just their way of saying, "Here we go!"
Nothing beats these streets.
Our pigeons know it's true,
so give those urban birds their due.
Smile at a pigeon and the City smiles with you

Blessings and well-wishes from Eva T., sighing, missing Manhattan and smiling at the pigeons who live in her heart!

ps. Yes, there are pigeons in Brooklyn, too. They're wonderful everywhere and I still feed them and love them.

Eva T.

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Eva, I'm honored my writing has inspired you to create this OC. I LOVE your poem, and not just because I'm a fellow pigeon fan. So many great lines here: "Like the night song
of the subway, saying, "Clackety-clack-I'm-on-the-track
I've-got-your-back..." Just great. I love how you describe your love for the city. I write often about Paris but don't believe I've ever written a poem about why I love this city. I'm going to do my best to give it a try, though poems don't always come easily for me. Thank you at any rate for sharing yours - I just love its moxie, it's so you, and also so New York!
Alysa: I think one of the best things about OS is the way we can inspire each other. I look forward to reading a Paris poem from you, even if poetry isn't your "thing." I am, indeed, often inspired and delighted by your writing about Paris, in general. and I'm glad (though not surprised) to know that you like pigeons, too!
Love it! Pigeons aren't so bad...
Despite the fact that we sometimes called them "rats with wings", I don't dislike pigeons. They were just part of the landscape when I lived in Cleveland. Don't see too many of them down south.

Lovely poem.
I find it hard to "hate" any beast or bird but you have given me an entirely new view of these creatures with whom I shared our lovely city. I now have hummingbirds in my garden and occasionally in my house. To share a space with a living entity is indeed a joy. Beautiful poem from my beautiful girl. rated
Sweetfeet, Jeanette and my RosyMama: I'm glad you all like pigeons and my poem!
Beautiful! I wish I could visit and see it for myself. I have a pair of doves who live on my roof antenna kind of the same :)
LunchLady2: When I worked at the zoo, some years ago, I learned that doves and pigeons are different breeds of the same species. I'm not surprised that your doves act similar to NYC pigeons!
This open call was appealing to me, I enjoyed reading the poetry, and I decided to write a poem of my own in response to it. It is called "Home, in Montana". I'll go post it now, at --- http://open.salon.com/blog/sbriden---