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NOVEMBER 4, 2012 12:23PM

Update to My Check-in: With Post-Sandy Pictures

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house on our block2 

A house on our block

The house pictured above is on our block, in Dyker Heights (youse can see why I call it "suburban Brooklyn;" though we live in an aprtment building, it's mostly single family houses like this one). The tree knocked some tiles off the roof of this place but, aside from that, the house is intact.

house on st 

House on the block where I work

This place is just three doors down from the Adult Home where I work, in Bay Ridge. Obviously, it took a much bigger hit, with the tree crushing the fence and filling almost the entire front yard. I've seen occupants of the house climbing over the tree in order to get out of their yard and onto the sidewalk.

  So, that's what this section of Southern Brooklyn looks like, a few days post-Sandy. Lots of trees down, many of which caused damages to roofs and fences, but otherwise mostly okay.

  One of the hardest-hit sections of Brooklyn was Coney Island (naturally enough, being near the water). People there have been without power, food or water for nearly a week now and some relief agencies are working on getting supplies to them. A beauty Salon a couple of blocks away from our building was collecting canned food to bring to Coney Island (and Staten Island, which also needs it) in their van, so I went to the nearest supermarket yesterday and bought a couple of bags full of canned stuff, including tuna, chicken breast, peas and carrots, baked beans and sweet potatoes. When I brought my bags to the beauty salon, the guys who took them from me said that the van was on its way to Staten Island with a load of food and that the next trip (including my contributions) would be to Coney Island. I was glad to be able to do a little something for a few of the folk who are still struggling and suffering so much! We really were just lucky that this section of Brooklyn was spared the worst of it...

There was one humorous moment. On Wednesday, bus service was restored, 'though the subways were still shut down. That meant that oodles of people who would normally prefer to ride the subway were on the bus instead. The mayor had declared that bus fare would be free for the rest of the week and the fact that nobody had to pay also made the buses much more crowded than usual.  Anyway...as I was riding the jam-packed bus home after my first day back at work, a couple of teenagers entered via the back door. Normally, that's not allowed (because it's a way of evading the fare) but in this case, nobody was paying fare anyway so...the driver said: "Sneaking in is permitted today. Please just sneak all the way in so I can shut the door!"

Now...let's bloody well hope that I can post this. I've been trying to post for the last two days and, every time I click "publish," the site goes wonky and I lose all my work. Here goes nothing except...

My usual blessings and well-wishes,

Eva T.



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Frank: Thanks for your good wishes!
Sorry I'm late. Thank you for this excellent post about what it was like in your neck of the woods a few days after the storm. I love the bus story - and bravo to you for buying food for others (not that I'm surprised - you are such a sweet, generous person). Best of luck to everyone in NY and NJ as the relief efforts go on.