Eva T. Made Vaudeville

Eva T. Made Vaudeville
New York, New York, USA
April 25
Reverend Mother (yes, for real!)
Interfaith Minister/Progressive Episcopal priest.Actress, poet, essayist; fitness freak/geek. Part time acting and dance teacher. Writer for various LGBTQ publications (from my bisexual perspective.) Bronze level competitive ballroom dancer.Extreme Cat Person.Native New Yorker who is madly in love with my city. Currently living in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn and missing Manhattan a lot. Married to my Beloved, the fair Lady Lucia, who works, with me, for the God Squad and for our feline employers, Alice and Gracie.Daughter of some-time OS blogger, Rosy Cheeks.

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I sort of "believe in" astrology. I'm not an astrologer and don't know much about the subject but I have friends who are astrologers. One has "done my chart." I'm a Taurus, for what that's worth. I have Libra rising and Capricorn Moon (I just found that out from one of my… Read full post »

One of my writing students took me up on the "Sunday Night Slam." Instead of choosing a different prose paragraph, she decided to write her own interpretation of the one I chose.  The verses that follow are by SomeoneNew (she has started her own OS blog but not posted the poem… Read full post »

My "Favorite," Wordsmith, just posted a poem inspired by an exercise that was suggested by CarolineBlue50. The exercise is to take a paragraph of prose and convert it into poetry, first by dividing it into poetic line-breaks and then by adding or subtracting words to "poeticize" it (that's my term; n… Read full post »

I was inspired to write this post, as an expansion of what I said in response to David Sirota's piece, about his hate mail. He gets hate mail from Haters; right wingers who despise liberals with intensity. They say really vicious things to him. As I told Sirota, unfortunately, this doe… Read full post »

I know I've mentioned before, in this space, the fact that I'm an Instructor at an Interfaith seminary. Between that job, my part time nanny work, freelance wedding officiating and the occasional paid acting gig, I piece together a subsistence.

During summer, I have no seminarians to teach. In past y… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 1, 2009 5:40PM

Return From THE DEAD ZONE!

As it turned out, the town where our hotel was located (Phoenicia, NY) was a "dead zone" for our cell phone service provider. That meant I couldn't use my BlackBerry and Iggy couldn't use his phone either (not a BlackBerry but similar; I've actually forgotten what kind he has.) I will… Read full post »

Some people blog while on vacation. I don't because the only Internet thingy I bring on vacation is my BlackBerry. It's technically possible to blog on a BlackBerry but much more trouble than it's worth. So...starting tomorrow morning I'll be away from Open Salon for THREE whole days! Iggy and I… Read full post »

As I prepare for my fourth performance as a belly dancer (not until October 23rd but I'm working on the choreography now) I realize that there's one thing left undone. I have not (yet) chosen a "Dance Name." So far, I've been performing under my given name, which is very classically Italian… Read full post »

It was already really late at night - or maybe early in the morning. I was with my boyfriend (the aforementioned "Riff-Raff") and we were doing something or other in his room (no - not "that." If we'd been doing "that" I would have remembered.) Maybe we were eating mac and… Read full post »

I don't think it's just the rain. At least, it's not only the rain (though this summer has been and continues to be ridiculously rainy; it's raining as I write.) I don't like summer as much as I used to (and summer has always been my favorite season.)

Of course, when… Read full post »

I've read a couple of OS posts, recently, by people who were upset or angry about hostile comments. I have received  a couple of hostile comments to my own posts (in one case from someone who disagreed with my opinion; in another case from someone who saw me as vulnerable and just thou… Read full post »

AUGUST 18, 2009 9:45AM

Silly But True Confessions

Sometimes I have healthy binges. Example: Yesterday I ate a whole box of blueberries in one sitting. I won't get fat eating a whole box of blueberries (probably 200 calories) but it still felt like an act of excess.

I love kids' movies (especially the animated sort.) I'm really eager to… Read full post »

Supposedly, when times are tough, financially, the hemlines go down. I can't tell whether they've gone down or up recently. I see a lot of those 1970s redux maxi dresses that look like nightgowns, but there are still a lot of short skirts, too. It doesn't matter to me because, with… Read full post »

At the 8th Street Playhouse, on Rocky Horror Fridays and Saturdays, we used to have "Drag Wars" before the movie.  Drag Wars were the times when all the drag queens would get up in front of the audience and take turns dissing each other - a drag queen version of "playing… Read full post »

There was "Vee," the girl who had sex with Billy Idol in the doorway next to the Electric Lady Studios (best known as the inspiration for Jimi Hendrix' "Electric Lady Land" but also the studio where Idol did his recording.) She was  the one who used to invite people to her… Read full post »

I don't want to beat the "Facebook" issue to death. If it turns out, come September, that I really need to join Facebook in order to do my seminary teaching job effectively, I'll join in a thoroughly impersonal, professional manner (with no photo) and use it for work. No biggie. That said..… Read full post »

There was a time in my life when the phrase,"Everyone wants to sleep with me" might have meant something naughty. Now, though, it just means that I'm very, very popular...with my cats.

We have five cats. Last night, four of the five were competing for a coveted spot next to my head.… Read full post »

I told one of my students that I'd been spending some time taking care of a friend's new baby. She asked me, "Are you planning to have children?" I'm always amazed that people still ask me - that they assume I'm young enough. (Okay, I guess technically I am still young… Read full post »

AUGUST 6, 2009 3:18PM

Dreaming a Day For Ducks

A couple of nights ago, I had a dream which, I think, reflected the sodden state of New York City this summer. In my dream, I was riding a bus, and the floor of the bus was filled with water, sloshing over all the passengers' feet. I thought, 'I should get… Read full post »

AUGUST 4, 2009 9:16PM

Silver Slippers on The Subway

The poem that follows was the result of a writing exercise that I assigned myself, as I rode the subway this morning. It's one of my favorites, and I do it whenever I feel as if I want to write, but don't know what to write about. I hope that Open Salon… Read full post »

'Though there are only three students enrolled (so far) my writing workshop is finally about to get off the ground. We'll be having our first session this coming Thursday evening (August 6th.) I plan to invite my students to read this blog, and will encourage them to start their own blogs… Read full post »

A few months ago, I wrote a post about that fact that lots of people had been pressuring me to join Facebook. I didn't want to, so asked whether there might be some really good reason to give in.  I got  many responses, most of which were in the negative. So, why… Read full post »

I'm sending out my own Open Call today. How about a list of favorites? Here are a few of mine, to get you started.

1. Favorite foods: Lox, caviar, avocadoes, goat cheese and mangoes.

2. Favorite musical artists: At the moment, UB-40, Kinky Friedman, the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and Buck… Read full post »

JULY 31, 2009 7:53PM

Open Call: First Things Firsts

1. First prom date: None. Didn't go to prom.  I dropped out and took the GED to get my diploma because I was tired of being terrorized at my horrible, violent high school.

2: First love: The first guy I thought I was in love with was Mike Rodriguez. I was 17. He… Read full post »

Detritus of my
dirty mind  cleaned by scrubbing
with bubbles of love.

A dirty mind is
not filled with sex thoughts but with
stupid fears and hates.

Wash me and I will
be clean indeed. Water is
more cleansing than blood.

Water me with tears,
comfort me with apples; pray
that I may be sick… Read full post »