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October 17
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On 9/11/01 a plane crashed into my office building. I took this as Al Queda's way of suggesting I shouldn't work in an office. Since then I've been cartooning and illustrating and writing funny stuff.


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MARCH 19, 2009 9:18AM


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This is both my health insurance AND my internet provider.

I'm bracing myself for a trip on this merry go round today.UGH. You nailed it!
Yup. This has happened to me with at least three different insurance providers. What I want to know is how anyone with a conscience can work at these call centers.
You do nonfiction well.

Step 0: we spent all your money on zoomy walnut-trimmed jets and caviar-stuffed lobster and veuve clicquot-filled gold bathtubs and lobbyists. Sorry.
This is a perfect analogy as to why I quit doing warranty service for appliance mfgrs.
They use "warranty claims centers" to process the clams we must file to get paid for our work.
The warranty centers INVENT their raison d'etre in ways which ought to be illegal.
Maybe they are all connected.
I get the feeling that a lot of corporations employ the same Bullshit Consults. You get the same lies/lines at too many places for it to be otherwise.

"We are experiencing unusually high call volume at this time..."
Health care is an excellent indicator of the social backwardness of the US, albeit one of many. The US is closer to Russia, as pertains to dominating oligarchies smothering social structure development, in the Second tier than it is to leading First World nations.
But isn't this just the way of the Corporate world? They screw up, make it your fault, and keep your money. When are we going to have a revolution, people? (very funny btw!)
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It happens with Medicare, esp.part D, because Medicare co-insurance is run by the same parliament of whores that you had before you turned 65.
You forgot the "Is this claim due to an accident?" form!
I've heard from a few folks who didn't like this cartoon and I don't disagree. It's more of an illustrated WTF?
I have three words: Canada, universal healthcare