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November 04
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NOVEMBER 2, 2009 11:36AM

A Message from Diddy: Vote or Die '09

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Was up y’all.  This is Diddy as you all know…and if you don’t know, now you know.  And if you didn’t know just then; you probably know me in one of my other incarnations P Diddy, Puffy, Puff Daddy, Sean “Puffy” Combs.  Anyway, don’t call me those anymore; I am Diddy.  Now that you’ve probably figured out who it is that is comin’ at you since I’ve listed off all of my previous nicknames, Diddy got a real important message for y’all.



 Remember back in 2004 back when Diddy was tellin’ y’all how important it was to vote?  Diddy said if you didn’t vote you would die.  Well, if you reading this, you obviously voted or weren’t old enough to vote just yet.  First off, Diddy’d like to congratulate you on voting, not dying and letting your voice be heard to shape the future of America. 

 That was tight how we re-elected that Bush dude.  Your vote made the difference. 

 Diddy knows you haven’t heard a lot from me about voting since then.  I’ve been busy doin’ all types of stuff like runnin’ the city, Bad Boy Records, inventing the remix, reinventing the remix, making bands with no chemistry come together for the purpose of reality shows and subsequent albums and tours; I also got the Sean John clothing line and hired a personal assistant on VH1, which was totally off the chain.  The D in Diddy didn’t stand for Democracy it was all about Making D-eals and D-ropping D-ollars over the past few years.  You know what I’m saying?

 Check this out though.  Things have slowed down a bit for Diddy.  We in a period of recession right now.  People is hurting; don’t got enough money to feed their families by bringing them into Justin’s for some sizzlin’ hot soul food.  We strugglin’ as a nation right here.   In times when we strugglin’ we need to (make the) band together as a nation so we can be tighter than ever.  The best shot we got to do that is by voting and letting our voices be heard. 

 Luckily, this is an election year.  You might not be electin’ a President, Vice President or even a Family Court Judge in your town this year, but if you like Diddy and you from New York you can vote for important offices like Comptroller and Public Advocate.  That means you get to decide which power hungry cat gets to run the city’s money (sounds like a job for Diddy) and who gets to do whatever the public advocate does.  We also voting for mayor this year, so this is major right here. 

 These might not be the most hype offices in the land, but you still gotta get out to the polls and let your voice be heard.  The only thing we have to fear is the fear of losing our freedom to breathe because we haven’t voted. If you don't pull that lever or fill out that ballot someone will probably run you down and snuff you out in a drive by.    You ain’t hearin’ this from Diddy, but Biggie never voted.

Never Voted...Died

 Message received?

 So listen to Diddy and Vote in your area's local elections this year for state senator, ombudsman, comptroller or whatever...or Die! It's your choice as an American. Together we can live forever. Peace.

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I heard Tupac wasn't big on voting either. Just sayin'.
Diddy ain't got nothing to say about Tupac. Diddy pleads the 5th.
YOU, you are funny.
Diddy, not so much.
I'm voting Republican for Gov. of Va.
Yeah yeah yeah.....suck my dick, Diddly. (Sorry, Evan, but you just channeled this narcissist moron so well that I couldn't pass up the opportunity to grow a dick and suggest that he suck it.)