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SEPTEMBER 11, 2009 6:31PM

Expert Witness: Michelle Forbes

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The actress Michelle Forbes is getting a lot of attention right now because of her dazzling turn  on HBO's "True Blood" (season finale this Sunday) as the terrifyingly alluring Maryann, an ancient maenad, who seduces an entire town into performing wild acts of mass debauchery. My colleague Laura Miller called Maryann "an excellent showcase for [Forbes'] silken menace . . .  she attains the optimal pitch of blended threat and seduction," adding, "Forbes was born to play beautiful, evil queens."

Forbes has been stealing scenes in the finest television shows  ("In Treatment," "Battlestar Galactica," "Lost," "Boston Legal," "24," "Alias," "Wonderland," "Homicide") for a very long time now; her participation on a TV show seems to practically translate to a Michelin star rating. Along the way, she may have cut a more imperious figure through the world of pop culture than just about any actor of her generation (Forbes is 44) .

When she sat down to talk to us, she expressed some bewilderment at why she's alway cast as such strong women, such as Battlestar's power-mad Admiral Helena Cain. She said her recent role as Kate, the vulnerable -- and exasperated -- wife of the conflicted therapist Paul on "In Treatment" was more like the real her than just about any character she's played.

Forbes chatted with Kerry Lauerman via Skype about how she's crafted such  a compelling career -- and about that "True Blood" season finale.  She's also one class act, gamely waiting out a fluttery Internet connection that sometime left her image blurring mysteriously -- not unlike Maryann herself. (A transcript is forthcoming.)


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smart always plays well..with her, gorgeous is just icing
This was great! I'm a huge fan of True Blood and of Michelle's. She has been my favorite character this season!
I fear she will be leaving after the finale.... is she?
She was super hot and sexy with short hair in "Kalifornia" opposite Brad Pitt, David Duchovny and Juliette Lewis. Intense film.
I crushed on Michelle when she played Dr. Cox the smoldering pathologist in "Homocide: Life on the Stree" also in "Kalifornia".
oh I get it this is kerry's ploy to have video chats with beautiful actresses .. to interview em .. riiiiiiiiiiight :)
nice work if you can get it...
hey michelle--- scifi geeks will take care of you. there could be worse fates.
Just wanted to chime in with the fact that Michelle played a major character in a Canadian crime show called "Durham County". She's been in it for the past season (which is only six episodes). I have not watched it yet myself, though I've taped the last episode for viewing and I hope to get to it later this weekend. The show is supposed to be very good. Michelle plays a psychiatrist who is working with the police who may also be a child murderer.

I'm posting this information mainly for Michelle Forbes fans who may want to have access to all of her work and be unaware of this particular show. Unless I'm mistaken, however, "Durham County" does show on one of the US cable networks eventually.
I am so loving Michelle on True Blood....way to go, Kerry!!
I have a pretty solid pattern of being caught up in her work sonce she played Ro Laren in ST:TNG.
Now there is one sultry number. Hotness. Pure, unadulterated hotness, if I do say so myself.