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Ezili Danto
August 01
Ezili Dantò is an award winning playwright, a performance poet, author and human rights attorney. She was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and raised in the USA. She holds a BA from Boston College, a JD from the University of Connecticut School of law. She is a human rights lawyer, cultural and political activist and the founder and president of the Ezili’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN). She runs the Haitian Perspectives on-line journal and the Ezili Dantò Newsletter. Ezili’s HLLN is the recognized leading and most trustworthy international voice in Haiti advocacy, human rights work, Haiti news and Haiti news analysis. HLLN’s work is central to those concerned with the welfare of the people of Haiti, Haiti capacity building, sovereignty, institutionalization of the rule of law, and justice and peace without occupation or militarization. Ezili Dantò is also an educator who specializes in teaching about the light and beauty of Haitian culture; the Symbolic and Archetypal Nature of Haitian Vodun; the illegality and immorality of forcing neoliberal policies on Haiti and the developing world... Since the UN-imported cholera outbreak on October 2010, Ezili' HLLN has insisted that environmental clean-up, clean water and sanitation are the only permanent solution to stop the UN cholera spread. Zili Dlo is a humanitarian project that provides free clean water. For more go to the Ezili Danto/HLLN websites at http://www.ezilidanto.com/ and http://www.ezilidanto.com/zili

NOVEMBER 19, 2010 6:56PM

Avatar Haiti: November 18, 2010 Vertieres Rememberances

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Avatar Haiti: November 18, 2010 Vertieres Rememberances and Imakh interview Ezili Dantò on Khepera Radio in Holland

Stop the Neo-feudalism in Haiti:

WHAT CAN YOU DO? (see below)

Nov. 18 1803 - Ezili's HLLN Vertieres Rememberance
Interview for HLLN FreeHaitiMovement on Vertieres Day, Nov. 18, 2010. The Battle of Vertieres is the final defining battle of the Haitian revolution where the enslaved Africans beat the most powerful European armies - France, Spain, Britain and a US embargo, to destroy slavery, force assimilation and direct colonialism in Haiti. Imakh from Khepera Radio at Amsterdam, Holland interview HLLN’s Ezili Dantò on current Haiti situation and historical significance of Vertieres and the continuing Haiti struggle.

Click this link or on picture to hear the interview


The Haitian Struggle: The greatest David vs. Goliath battle being played out on this planet


Sanba Jafrikayiti's Vertieres Rememberances on Lakou New York, 2009 LAFIMEN: Listwa Pèp Ayisyen Depi nan Ginen!


The Haitian struggle-the greatest David vs. Goliath battle being played out on this planet

Haiti the Rebel
By Michel Sanon

Avatar Haiti

Disaster Capitalism

Haiti Message on UN responsibility for importing cholera

Haiti's case against the UN for importing cholera epidemic

Clean water is life and health. Zili Dlo: Free clean water for all


For November 18th, HLLN brings you, Haiti the Rebel, by Michel Sanon to recall the Battle of Vertières, the defining battle of the Haitian revolution.

Haiti the Rebel By Michel Sanon

Who is to tell me when
To celebrate my history?
Who is to tell me
When to dress my wounds
And to reminisce
My trials, my sorrow
When to shed tears
Over my brave children
And to glorify their names?
They suffered and died
Every bloody month
Of the bloody year.
I was born
Of abject inhumanity
With the noble destiny
Of carrying the sword
Of precious humanity
In a New World
Cursed by the West Storm
And raped by the powers
Of greed, wickedness, and death.
I am the mother of martyrs
Of survivors and overcomers.
Alone, I faced the wrath
Of this world's powers
In March of 1802.
Their mighty venom
Could not cripple me.
I stepped on the snakes head
In May of 1803
And created for ever
The symbol of my pride.
How many now really know
My history?
How many care?
Alone, with my hurting hands
I broke the first link
Of the mighty chain
Of human curse
Called slavery.
Alone on the traitorous hill
Of the New World
I carried the cross of a race
Into this century
Of furious revolution
And industrialization
Refusing to get crucified.
I've been chained
I've been robbed
I've been raped and stabbed
And I have fought back
Fearlessly, continuously.
Alone I have paid and paid.
I have paid the senseless price
I have paid the endless price
For my vital exploits.
Humanity at large
Enjoys the benefits
Gratelessly, pompously.
Every bloody month
Of every bloody year
I have fought constantly
With a burning spear
Stuck in my chest.
Sometimes it weakens me


The Divine Mother symbol (vèvè) for Haiti's Ezili Dantò

But I always rise
High above the pain
And the wickedness
Of powerful forces
From near and far
To claim my dignity.
I have friends
Who suck up my blood
When tired I fall asleep.
They set my house ablaze
To scare my children away
From my wounded heart.
Though today I choose to stand
And stand in pride and love
With my dear family
To celebrate in harmony
Our common history
In the month of February
I was alone when in Vertières
I rose to face the Devil
When hell broke loose
Unleashing its fire storm
With waves of flame rushing
To engulf me whole...
Alone in the vast universe
I froze hell over
And walked on its ashes
To create my own history.
Nobody stood by my side.
I alone remember.
It was the eighteenth day
Of a month called


On this November 18, Haitians, currently under Euro-US-led UN occupation, remember the heroes of the Haitian revolution. Remember Kapwa Lamò, Jean Jacques Dessalines (Janjak), all the Maroons, Toya, Defile, Sanit Bèlè, Mari Jann at Crete-a-Pierrot and how the Haitian identity and indomitable courage was forged out of the fiery crucible of war against white terror, tyranny and enslavement.

Jafrikayiti's LAFIMEN: Listwa Pèp Ayisyen Depi nan Ginen!

Forwarded by Ezili's Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network


The Earth is on Fire!

The earth is on fire! Wake up our DEAD folks:
HAITIANS IN HAITI ARE FIGHTING BACK! The Haitians in Haiti are doing their parts (Major Cholera Outbreak in Haiti - Democracy NOW! - http://bit.ly/bCPtal ; http://bit.ly/d8UgFX ; http://bit.ly/aMawR6 & http://bit.ly/di7kxU) with NOTHING in their hands, except endless imposed poverty, hunger, imported cholera and six-NIGHTMARISH years of UN/US occupation. Ayisyen lan Dyspora, souple, kote nou ye??? Where are YOU?

Rele Gede Yo!

Wake all our DEAD folks- especially these living Haitian zonbies who've forgotten the Ancestors. Revolution NOW!!! Too many are suffering... rele Gede yo!!! Zanset e Timoun yo! Frisner, FRISNER - souple frape tanbou pou nou!!! Frape l fò fre mwen pou Ginen leve, pou Papa Legba ouvrè pòt la LAGE Zanset e Timoun yo, kounyela. Gran Brijit kote ou ye? M ap tande w.

Rele Gede Yo!

- http://bit.ly/bHiJYr


Cap Haitian, UN nowhere to be found. Haiti police have taken off uniforms & put on civilian clothes to protect themselves http://bit.ly/d8UgFX

HAITI - Rioters stone UN peacekeepers in protests over cholera

Haiti people fighting back


US response to cholera in Haiti, fund exclusive elections



Don't come to Haiti. Go to Washington D.C. - Speak to Obama and Congress. Go to New York, mobilize a protest demonstration in support of the poor in Haiti, asking the UN to leave Haiti immediately.

Stop the media lies and UN spin that the protests in Haiti are "political." That's just the UN representatives being their normal partisan and bias selves in Haiti. Nothing new there.

The facts support the Haitian accusations that the cholera is imported and not from Haiti. The CDC has confirmed this. There is no doubt that UN Nepalese fecal matter has been improperly disposed and dumped into Haiti's rivers and waterways. Would you, as parents, not be up in arms if it were your babies, your children, your mother, son, daughter, aunt, friends, family - your loved ones - who where dying from a foreigners' gross criminal negligence? The UN's attempts at dehumanizing the Haiti protestors who are parents, mothers, fathers, grieving friends, and dismissing their concerns clearly evidences that they are not a true "peacekeeping" force. Besides which, the island people of Haiti have been asking for an end to the UN occupation for quite some time, and have a long memory of US/Euro abuses at the hands of the "more civilized." Haitians are the Tainos, the Comanches, the Cherokees and Cholera is small pox in a blanket. The accused UN cannot investigate itself. (See, Haiti's case against the UN for importing cholera epidemic ; Ezili's HLLN denounces massacres of Haiti Vodouist, holds UN Responsible).

The only ones interested in the upcoming Nov. 28 elections are not the Haitian people who have been disenfranchised since Bush Regime change 2004, but the US corporate interests bent on consolidating their anti-democratic power and getting Rwanda genocide death numbers in Haiti. Spread the truth about the corporatocracy's arrogance, ethnic cleansing and privatizations in Haiti led by Obama's appointed Clinton/Bush Fund and over 16,000 NGOs. Ask President Obama and the US Congress to withdraw from Haiti, stop blocking investment in the PEOPLE, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, roads, public sector jobs, health care, education, self-determination and sovereignty. Let Haiti go.

Tell the charitable organizations to keep their water purification tablets and bottled water. Haiti needs a sustainable solution to clean drinking water. It needs the beer and cola plants, the Culligan bottle water plants in Haiti servicing 14,000 humanitarian "peacekeepers," the rich and 16,000 foreign aid workers to temporarily, in this dire EMERGENCY, turn over these plants in Haiti to start making safe DRINKING WATER for the people not beer and cola that only the foreigners can afford. It needs, for instance, for the authorities in charge of Haiti - the Interim Haiti Reconstruction Commission, to quickly build water treatment plants and sewage treatment plants while creating jobs FOR HAITIANS to maintain these public facilities, not foreigners. Riviere Froid, the river in Carefou, Port au Prince going out into the sea could be used for safe drinking water for most of the city's poor, if a water treatment plant on the river is duly financed with just a tiny fraction of all that MONEY the charitable organizations, Bill Clinton/George Bush fund have collected. Ask for clean drinking water to be made IN HAITI. Stop using aid monies in shipping fees and for USAID contractors, leaving NO INFRASTRUCTURE in Haiti. Why is the approved cholera vaccine given to the Chinese and other such populations, not offered by the negligent UN for FREE, along with prioritizing funding clean water treatment and sanitation plants to the dying Haitians? Because it's more lucrative to make laboratory Guinea pigs of Haitians for untested vaccines and US/Euro companies make MORE money setting cholera treatment centers, letting the people suffer and in selling water purification tablets and bottled water? ( Support Haiti-led projects like Haiti's Zili Dlo: Free clean water for everyone ; Clean water is life and health. Photo report- Zili Dlo: Free clean water for all.)

Please folks have this discussion with your friends and family. Help stop the dependency and PROFIT-OVER PEOPLE paradigm in Haiti. Stop the wickedness of these powerful forces.

Ezili HLLN's 14-Points for the Voiceless in Haiti: For a Return of Haiti's
Sovereignty and for Disaster relief, Rebuilding with Human Rights, Healing and Dignity - http://bit.ly/9lXlRF , Feb. 2010

Vertieres Monument
Monument commemorating the Battle of Vertières, the last major battle of the Haitian Revolution. In this battle General Jean-Jacques Dessalines delivered the final blow against the French troops commanded by General Rochambeau.



HLLN Campaign Seven - Demand France Pay back the $22Billion Independence Debt: France Vertieres and Ayisyen Ginen
What can you do on another Vertieres Day under US/UN occupation in Haiti? Sign the petition asking for return of the Independence Debt. Send a letter out to a French consulate or embassy near you demanding repayment of Haiti's Independence Debt - now valued at over $21 billion dollars.

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I returned this week to reading Proverbs for the Wisdom of Solomon
Proverbs 21:13
He who closes his ears to the cry of the poor
will himself cry out and not be heard.

It has been recorded for a reason, it is an absolute truth. We are in a time of truth, a time of Karma.
Love to you @l'Heure Bleue, from the heart.
@ Bleue - Man! If that's the case, there's lots of "splainin to do Lucy," especially this time around. We're wise to their schemes after the likes of Katrina, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.....

I would love to be alive when that day comes for those kicking back in their white Adirondack chairs sipping their champagne while the poor must drink from the waters they (and others) urinate, wash their clothes and bathe in.

Petition signed Ezili. And I'll continue to look for things I can do. I'm not a believer, but if I was, I'd surely be praying for those in Haiti. In replacment, they and you have my hopes, thoughts and voice.
"Haitians are the Tainos, the Comanches, the Cherokees and Cholera is small pox in a blanket"

And the likes of Andrew Jackson setting up native Americans with trading posts through loans so he could later establish government competition with the Native Americans, underselling them and driving them out of business.

Broke, the Natives had no choice but to turn over their lands to the government and move to reservations to live off of government subsidies, such as they were, later to be force-marched from the American Southeast to Oklahoma Indian Territory. The march killed more than 4000 Cherokee Indians through starvation and dehydration. Children were forcibly removed from their parents to be taken to orphanages and forced to forget their native language “Tsalagi” a language long spoken by the Iroquoian and forced to abandon their culture.

Cultural genocide is a favorite of our puppet masters, it allows them to easily take control of a distraught, downtrodden society and they’ve mastered the process well. They continue to use it today. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan are but the most obvious. Haiti, Cuba, Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela are also a threat to the elitists and look at the upheaval in those countries for the past 3 decades and longer. When was the last time we saw Haiti in peace and prosperity? Not once in our generations and many before. Because the elitists want to prevent progress except for a select few.

Like the Catholic Church, the elitists fear progress, fear knowledge, for the enlightened threaten the existence of unfounded beliefs and riches unaccounted for, robbed from those who actually earn it.

It’s time that the elite of the world stop steamrolling the poor. It’s time that we make a stand and stop the cruel robberies of those who the elite feel aren’t deserving of a place on earth. It’s time that the elitists learn that THEY are the undeserving and it’s past time for us to teach them.

I will no longer stand idly by as they rape the world for her riches all the while creating ecological disasters well on the way to destroy the only home we have, ALL of us. I won’t keep standing aside while our fellow humans are treated like rats to die in the sewage infested streets of Haiti, wallow in the ruins of New Orleans, suffer the consequences of hi tech ELF research, then killed by its results.

I will no longer support any corporation PERIOD. I will return to self-sufficiency, community-minded actions and will move others to do likewise, thereby removing money from the corporate elite’s pockets. This is a must folks, since the fools in our government have been neutered by the elitists and no longer have the balls to do ANYTHNG but play the game.

I will no longer give to charitable organizations so the elite can siphon from the top, the major portion of those contributions. If I have to, I will take aid directly to the needy. No middle man will ever redirect any of my donations again. Salvation Army, American Red Cross! Any charitable organization that can afford a CEO will not receive so much as a smile from me. They fooled us after 9/11 and continue to do so in Haiti. It’s time for them to go away, thereby removing a source of funds for the elite.

Voting no longer has meaning, no longer shields the common from tyranny, no longer takes our voice to the elected officials. I will stand up to those who think I’m incapable of life without their control. Folks, I don’t need a gun and neither do you. The elitists are not afraid of guns, they fear dwindling cash reserves, they fear losing control of the world. STOP buying corporate products, turn towards community supported agrarian products, barter if you must, but stop the flow of cash to the oligopolists that are running our lives and ruining our world. If you don’t, believe me, they will take every ounce of blood from your deprived body. They will take every nano-byte of humanity that you thought you had and they will do so until you find yourselves on the street, begging for quarters to buy alcohol in which to drown your sorrows.

It’s time to show that humanity is not the toy of the elite.