Ezili Danto

Ezili Danto
August 01
Ezili Dantò is an award winning playwright, a performance poet, author and human rights attorney. She was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and raised in the USA. She holds a BA from Boston College, a JD from the University of Connecticut School of law. She is a human rights lawyer, cultural and political activist and the founder and president of the Ezili’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN). She runs the Haitian Perspectives on-line journal and the Ezili Dantò Newsletter. Ezili’s HLLN is the recognized leading and most trustworthy international voice in Haiti advocacy, human rights work, Haiti news and Haiti news analysis. HLLN’s work is central to those concerned with the welfare of the people of Haiti, Haiti capacity building, sovereignty, institutionalization of the rule of law, and justice and peace without occupation or militarization. Ezili Dantò is also an educator who specializes in teaching about the light and beauty of Haitian culture; the Symbolic and Archetypal Nature of Haitian Vodun; the illegality and immorality of forcing neoliberal policies on Haiti and the developing world... Since the UN-imported cholera outbreak on October 2010, Ezili' HLLN has insisted that environmental clean-up, clean water and sanitation are the only permanent solution to stop the UN cholera spread. Zili Dlo is a humanitarian project that provides free clean water. For more go to the Ezili Danto/HLLN websites at http://www.ezilidanto.com/ and http://www.ezilidanto.com/zili

OCTOBER 31, 2011 4:40PM

Support Haiti's Zili Dlo: Free clean water for everyone

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ezili danto1 e1291650944722 Disaster Capitalism in Haiti, New Orleans, Congo and Pakistan

Clean Water is life and Health for Haiti : Support Zili Dlo - Free clean water for everyone, write to: erzilidanto@yahoo.com

Right now we are doing on-site distributions, as you will see from the Zili Dlo photo report , but wish to get more clean water to more people in Haiti. Donation of water trucks are needed. Please consider helping our fundraising team or making a water truck or other donation. Thank you. The Ezili Dantò (HLLN) Network is a Haiti-led, Haiti-capacity building effort and Zili Dlo is run in Haiti by two of our grassroots women-led organizations: Sopudep and Fanm Vodou Pou Haiti. Please help support Zili Dlo: Clean water for everyone. Consider also booking an Ezili Dantò presentation or Haiti forum to support Zili Dlo and the Ezili Dantò writings.  ---Ezili Dantò of HLLN

This photo report is our thank you to the Ezili Network for  continued support and records our recent journey to launch the new filtering system for Zili Dlo: Clean water for everyone in haiti

Support clean water for Haiti | Photo report: Support Zili Dlo

Clean Water is Life Health and Solution to Cholera


http://www.margueritelaurent.com/photogallery/JeteDlo/Dlopwop8.jpgEzili Dantò's HLLN Water Treatment Launching/Solidarity with UN cholera victims

"Zili Dlo is not privatized, not for sale whatsoever. Access to uncontaminated portable drinking water is a human right, a life necessity that must be placed above all commercial and political considerations." - Ezili Dantò of HLLN. 


 Cholera vaccines are not the answer. Clean water and sanitation is

Zili Dlo Water Treatment Launching/Solidarity with Haiti earthquake and UN cholera victims:

Sister Sandy Muhammad, Rea Dol, Euvonie Georges Auguste, Ezili Dantò
First clean water at location - August 10, 2011

Photo credit: Dominique Esser, HLLN


Zili Dlo se lasante e lavi pou Ayiti - Zili Dlo is life and health for Haiti. Cholera vaccines are not the answer. Clean water and sanitation is.

More Zili Dlo photos at Ezili Dantò Photostream


Make a donation to support Ezili HLLN’s writings and clean water project


Book an Ezili Dantò presentation or Haiti forum to support Zili Dlo and Ezili Dantò writings.

Ezili in Miami


Ezili Dantò performs pieces from her one-woman Vodun Jazzoetry show, Red, Black & Moonlight. 


Ezili on RT

Ezili Carnegie Hall

Ezili Bwa Kayiman


Ezili Dantò performs Bwa Kayiman, the Vodun gathering on Aug. 14, 1791 that started the successful Haitian revolution, abolished slavery, colonialism and created the nation of Haiti. Written by Ezili Dantò and performed here with Troupe Makandal and master Haitian drummer, Frisner Augustin. (See, Bio of Ezili Danto, 1791 ; Divine Mother: Ezili, Aset, IsisBlack Woman: Mother of All the Races and Haiti Epistomology. )

Haiti: Vodun Jazzoetry-Ezili Dantò's Red, Black & Moonlight (Video Reel)

The RBM series are written and performed by Ezili Dantò

Documenting the often tragic journey of Haitians in the US and abroad for human justice, the monologues cover Vodun cosmology, Haitian history, culture and US humanitarian imperialism in Haiti. It's a musical memoir full of coming of age stories of a woman raised African-American-Haitian in the US, who returns to her parents' homeland and cannot undo the U-turn. The work testifies to the tragic plight of the Black nation of Haitians surviving within a hostile American Mediterranean.

Texts of the RBM performances pieces may be found on our website. Email for more info and for bookings in video is updated to erzilidanto@yahoo.con Dance and drumming workshops are offered only with performance bookings. School clippings, one and two.

More Zili Dlo photos at Ezili Dantò Photostream 


Avatar Haiti: Interviews with Ezili Dantò on Disaster Capitalism and the US/UN/NGO occupation in Haiti


CrossTalk on Haiti: Failed aid

CrossTalk on Haiti: failed aid interview with

Ezili Dantò, Nick Rossier, Stanley Lucas


Source: Haiti Year of Agony -Ezili HLLN Bourquet of Tears & Light

Despite the army of NGOs and a strong commitment of the international community, Haiti is still broken and its prospects are dim. Is something fundamentally wrong with the aid programs? And can Haitians break out of it? Ezili Dantò, Stanley Lucas and Nicolas Rossier share their first-hand experience on CrossTalk. Broadcast date: January 12, 2011.

"0.5 % in Haiti - Haiti's Oligarchy - own 98% of Haiti's wealth through monopolies orchestrated and supported by Western policymakers and corporations." - Ezili Dantò of HLLN

Since the 2004 Bush regime change in Haiti, US large footprint in "poor?" Haiti keeps increasing. US Embassy in Haiti is the fifth largest US Embassy compound in the world, after Iraq, Afghanistan, China
and Germany.
THE EVOLUTION OF DISASTER CAPITALISM (English, about 2 hours, uploaded about 7 hours ago by fansmiles, broadcast date: 2010-11-10) (Source - politube.org)

Book an Ezili Dantò presentation or Haiti forum to support Zili Dlo and Ezili Dantò writings.

More Zili Dlo photos at Ezili Dantò Photostream


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I really need to hook you up with my sister who is the most influential environmentalist on the East Cost. She is the one who asked the environmental question in NY’s gubernatorial primary debates in Albany. We must organize.

Loved all this and your poetry too. You are what happens when passion, determination and a conscience inhabit the same body.

My wife (she's Trinidadian) said the drummer in the Bwa Kayiman video was excellent.

You mentioned (defending) President Aristide in your interview. Watching the video of his return to Haiti, I was very much taken with the poise, openness and forceful purpose of the first lady, Mrs. Aristide.

Saludos ~

Thanks for stopping by Jack. Would be happy to meet her.

@Inverted Interrobang
Nice to hear from you. The master drummer on the Bwa Kayiman video is Frisner Augustin from La Troupe Makandal. He is the very best master Haitian drummer there is. A living legend really and I am most lucky to have worked with him in that piece. Master Drummer Frisner Augustin is an NEA Heritage Fellow.

Glad you enjoyed the poetry and Zili Dlo project pictures. Be well, Ezili Dantò
R! This is fantastic. What effort and care you put into this. Terrific multimedia selections - tell a compelling story.