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OCTOBER 6, 2011 9:05PM

Bernard-Henri Lévy as Antidote for Global Poison

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At the Huffington Post French ‘philosopher’ Bernard-Henri Lévy suggests hemlock is the antidote for the financial poison that taints the globe. Unfortunately it’s hard to read his prescription for the “unembarrassable” “God is dead, but my hair is perfect,” “celebrillectual,” hasn’t abjured what Garrison Keillor has called his “spatter-paint prose style” which remains unreadable and he retains the “grandiosity of a college sophomore” (id.). At least he’s not quoting the hoax philosopher Dr. Botul (as in Botulism) as his ‘authority’. (See, “You Kant make this up”). Good luck untangling the snarled syntax of his ‘sentences’. Oh well, at least we don’t have to sit though another pseudo-intellectual book-peddling name-dropping contest between him and Arianna Huffington who compared him to (get ready for this) Sartre and Camus!
BHLGod is dead.  But my hair is perfect.

Mr. Levy, the very wealthy scion of a rich French capitalist family, studied at the École Normale Supérieure under the tutelage of the great Marxist philosopher Louis Althusser, who was later committed to an insane asylum after murdering his wife. Thus Mr. Levy’s snarled syntax?

I guess when you have the privilege of being born of a filthy rich industrialist you get to study under famously insane Marxists and can buy all the vapid notoriety you want and ‘write’ books more often talked about then read - because they are unreadable.

No, the European crisis was not the cause of the current financial crisis but rather the direct consequence of the Wall Street criminality that was, and is, a pig-sty beneath the flashy facade and great American bubble machine called Goldman Sachs et. al. It was the consequence of the viscous and corrupt competition between Wall Street (New York) and The City (London) to become the financial capital of the universe. And the Greek crisis was not any “second detonator” but just one of tainted dominoes in the casino-capitalist rotten-to-the-core explosive chain linking Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece etc., ad naseum which were all set off by the American capitalist pigs and facilitated by Greeks who paid no taxes and sent the bill to their government which mortgaged the nation to pay the juice-loans that kept the mobs in place. (See “Beware of Greeks Bearing Bonds” in Vanity Fair.)

 As to “all the fire alarms Europe was equipped with and that, in this instance, did not function” pulease give us a break. While Mr. Levy is entirely correct in pointing the finger at the deregulation that began (he fails to mention) with Reagan (“The Man Who Sold The World”) the alarm bells have been ringing loudly for years in the aftermath of the “Asian Crisis” and, as Gabor Steingart pointed out as far back as 2007, Chinese investors have long feared the bursting of the American stock market bubble. As it buys up Africa, to further poison the planet, a China crash is the next domino and the finger prints of Goldman et. al. are all over every debacle we have seen this far (See the CBC documentary “Meltdown” - especially the last episode.)

Please let’s not blame the alarm bells for not functioning when the truth is that the fireman called journalists were mostly compliant propagandists that went around quelling the fires of dissent by pouring the napalm of Orwellian disinformation over the fires of global financial and climactic meltdown. While his snarled game of “20 questions” makes it difficult to sleuth out his antidote for this poison so gleefully guzzled (spare us the phoney Socrates allusion!) Mr. Levi is correct if he thinks the only solution is for world governments to regulate investments; but it also requires regulation of the multi-national corporations that control and effectively own those governments and have no national fealty but worship only their bottom line made possible only by virtual slave labor: the inconvenient truth of blood, sweat, and tears the privileged pundits, ever and always disingenuous about their advantages, never seem disturbed about as they reside in whore house comfort parading in Marxist/socialist drag bought and paid for by industrial capitalism. (See The War for Wealth, by Gabor Steingart.)

But, again it’s hard to tell what BHL proposes (if anything) and the only relevant question he asks is not new to any of us but a mere rehash of the same question asked over and over: “What good is an austerity plan unless it entails an authentic program to combat the negative spirit of cheating that has led to the edge of the abyss?”

If this Frenchman thinks that’s going to happen unless citizens take to the barricades in the capital cities of the world then he should contact Donald Trump immediately for I think he may have some under-water ocean-front property outside Las Vegas that he’d love to unload.


His, I will remind you, are the words of the ‘socialist' sycophant and friend of Bush’s right-wing buddy and former (E pluribus unum) friend-of-Gaddafi, Mr. Sarkozy and also the man who infamously embarrassed himself with the most disingenuous, sanctimonious, and self-righteous defense of the equally infamous thrice-married French seducer Dominique Strauss-Kahn. (See “Powerful and Primitive” by Maureen Dowd.)

As usual, those who fly with the hawks and hunt with the hounds have nothing new or relevant to say about either; but if you are rich and privileged and have low friends in high places and visa versa you get billing as a ‘philosopher’ and can issue vapid dicta about “real, concrete, painstaking inscription upon the historical authenticity of the century,” spew whatever intellectual rubbish you wish, and scribble it very badly because money talks, bullshit walks, and you don’t have to work for a living.

 Francois Arouet

Copyright © 2011 Francois Arouet

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This is very pleasing indeed. I had no idea others felt the same as I over this bildungsphilister.
You pretty much covered it all. I would really love to get in on the ground floor of that ocean front property in Vegas. Sounds like my kind of investment~
Well bildungsphilister seems a bit too harsh. Before I stand accused of a vulgar hatched job let me mitigate my damages. I don’t think he’s some poseur who loiters about reading newspapers and reviews and thereby imagines himself to be cultured and educated, nor that he lacks genuine introspective erudition. He’s not exactly Rameau's Nephew. He’s neither parvenu nor hoi polloi and he certainly appears to be very well-educated. École Normale Supérieure is no little red school house.

He was amongst the first to warn of the dangers of the Taliban and Slobodan Milosevic, at a time when America was sleeping. I was impressed by Who killed Daniel Pearl? and thought it was a genuine contribution to a comatose America. Still it requires close and patient reading for his ‘writing style’ can be so irritating that it gets in the way of communication. ‘What are you trying to say?’ But he exposed the ugly mafia underbelly of the money-laundering gangster Mullahs. He flaunts and ostentatious erudition and his obsequious sycophancy strikes me as patronizing and disingenuous. I find him mostly unreadable. He reminds me of what Truman Capote said about Ken Kesey, "That's not writing, that's typing." Indeed his work reads like a secretary's first transcription of wine-glutted brain-storming dictation. A string of erudite notes. "Splatter paint" was the perfect expression. I simply have no patience to mine his message out of the blizzard of obtuse erudition.
I've been hearing about this BHL character for some time. There is no excuse for impenetrable writing, and especially from the highly educated. Your piece, OTOH, is quite clearly penned.