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OCTOBER 25, 2011 5:40PM

A Modest Proposal: The 1% Solution?

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Arianna Huffington provided some pretty sound reporting on Lessons From Spain: "Los Indignados," Occupy Wall Street, and the Failure of the Status Quo .

“There were protests in over 80 countries on the 15th, with half a million taking to the streets in Madrid to voice their frustration with a political system that has failed the people of Spain -- in the same way our own "Los Indignados" (Spanish for "The Outraged") are voicing their anger and frustration at a system that has failed the "99 percent" here in America.”

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But I seriously doubt much will change. The 1% know exactly what they are doing. Actually, since Arianna is amongst that 1% of wealthiest Americans and disagrees with them that’s pretty good evidence that the real control is in the hands of a much smaller faction. Stiglitz, Reich and Krugman all seem to think it’s more like .03%. Now THAT’S the power of pelf.

In any event all that will happen is that the 99% may push hard enough for the 1% to kick back some chump change sufficient to placate the bleating sheep who, though fleeced, will at least be thankful the are not made into mutton and restored to a Vanity Fair happiness that allows us safely graze on genetically modified and privately owned empty carbohydrates.

After all, as Huffington must admit, the 1% own the media which has censored the message (much the way many of us have noticed Arianna’s own moderators do!). But the 1% not only own the media and control the message they also own the governments too. They are multinational ‘persons’ before the law but they owe no national fealty to any nation or government. As long as there are plenty of virtual slaves willing to work for less than $4 a day, and foreign governments (communist yet!) with controlled (socialist) economies, and no environmental or labor regulations to interfere with capitalist pillage and plunder, Americans will be driving their gas-guzzling SUVs to Walmart to swipe their usurous credit cards to buy cheap goods made by slave labor.

The capitalists not only sold us the rope to hang ourselves with but the rope was made in China and the knot tied in India. As Thomas Jefferson once said, "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." If Jonathan Swift were alive I wonder if he’d modestly propose a 1% solution. Want change? Try the guillotine. Just kidding of course. Of course.

But what ever happened to "the greatest happiness principle" or the principle of utility and the utilitarian "fundamental axiom” that the “greatest happiness of the greatest number is the measure of right and wrong"? Three tenths of 1% to assure the greatest good for the greatest many? Would Jeremy Bentham love it! One percent? What a small sacrifice.

Francois Arouet

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"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!"
--sinclair louis

"One withstands the invasion of armies; one does not withstand the invasion of ideas."
--victor hugo

occupy party reaches critical mass/seismic effect--now what?
Well Uzn I hope you are right about the alter. But exactly what "idea" is it of which its time has come? Exactly what do you expect to happen that will not send the world into anarchy. Ever hear the song "My buckets got a hole in it"? All ideas to fix it require prior action not taken. It is hopeless. Things are just set in motion, it a mad global machine. I have ducked enough flying hyperbole but aside from the world being a bundle of complaints and grievances complaining that others have made us unhappy I will refer you to J.B. Shaw's admonition about how to move on in life. We have heard the diagnosis. None have proffered a remedy anyone believe can be effectuate bed before we are all toasted by global warming or religions' deadly doctrines. Everyone tells us. No one shows us. OWS shows us only the body politic in an fit of frustration.

The sheep will get their chump change in due time and the world will continue to turn on its metaled ways. This is not Russia or China yet and there will have to be a whole mot more people with nothing left to loose before and the mob, as then, become the tyranny.