Freedom is the distance between Church and State

Why be born again when you can just grow up?


Today Jeff Weiner of the Orlando Sentinel reported,

"..The judge who revoked George Zimmerman's bond did so after he determined that it was "apparent" that Zimmerman's wife had lied under oath, and clear that Zimmerman "does not properly respect the law." ... Prosecutors alleged that ZimmermRead full post »

I was a bit miffed by the spin of the National Black Justice Coalition that a friend just forwarded to me. “The [N.A.C.C.P.’s] board of directors voted to support the freedom to marry as a continuation of its commitment to equal protection under the law ... The NBJC commends the NAACPRead full post »

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Despite the suggestive media spin to the contrary I think it’s looking worse for George Zimmerman.

What does the newly released evidence suggest? First of all, if the defense even tries to toss-over the yellow journalists’ character evidence as to the days-old residue of THC inRead full post »

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"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

(George Orwell)


Every day the bumper-sticker slogan-swallowers gobble up whatever propaganda the Tom Sawyers dish out to white-wash any President’s fence I understand, more and more, Lily Tomlin&rsquoRead full post »

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This is a follow up to commentary and email in response to Obama on Marriage Equality: Eight years behind Dick Cheney!

Cultural historian Morris Berman, who makes Michael Moore seem like a rah-rah American cheerleader, is not one of my favorite writers partly because, like the-sky-is-fallinRead full post »
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When President Obama sent me an email asking for yet more money immediately after announcing his ‘evolution’ on ‘marriage equally’ (the money grubbers couldn’t wait a New York minute) all I wanted to know was, Why should I give him money for saying no more than DiRead full post »

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When it comes to marriage equality the term “evolving” is self-serving ketman and the Orwellian doublespeak / newspeak every Liberal politician has tossed over when they know the right thing to do but lack the courage to do it. The reason they lack the courage is their fear that unequivocRead full post »

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 Why is it that, to press their own agendas, people are so quick to strip Trayvon Martin of his very best defense? What bitter irony!

The thing wrong with most of this 'debate' is that most people totally miss the forest for the trees. The problem is not… Read full post »

The Headline should read: Trayvon Martin Family and Friends Lynched At the Hands of Person’s Unknown.

An acquaintance sent me this Utube link in which Trayvon Martin along with his and friends are slandered and libeled as their privacy invaded with ‘actual malice’ by a cretinous bRead full post »

Bravo! As most people know the Trayvon Martin death won't go to Fla. grand jury. Yes, this is good news. A totally proper decision that allows the prosecution to waste no more precious time and just get on with it. Florida law only requires a grand jury in the case/Read full post »

Okay, ill try this again since so few people seem to get the obvious.

At common law we all have the right to self-defense. But there has always been an unfair limitation on the exercise of that right. Sound public policy is always on the side of preserving life instead… Read full post »

REVISED: If you read this article before April 11, 2012, you may want to read it again as it has been edited to resolve some lack of clarity in the original.

Most readers know the salient facts: On February 26, 2012, while returning from an errand to a local convenience… Read full post »

In a scathing New York Times op-ed, Goldman Sachs executive Greg Smith announced that he was quitting his job after 12 years. You see, he only recently realized that the investment bank had lost its “spirit of humanity.” Ah yes, Goldman Sachs and the "spirit of humanity." This isRead full post »

A misty mystical silver grey rainy twilight in belov’d Bagdad by the Bay. The sidewalks a carpet of cherry and plum blossom. Cala lilies bloom everywhere. I’d went down the hill to return a stack of overdue books and pick up some items on reserve. Forgot my umbrella. HungryRead full post »

It’s often hard to tell responsible journalism from bald propaganda; but some can argue this is no longer a distinction with any real difference. Nowhere is this more true than in the area of law.

A recent article at reporting the so-called “anti-Occupy bill” (H.R.Read full post »

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When Foxconn announced it was rasing wages on the slavish Apple production lines some asked “Why?”only to toss over precisely the self-serving answers we expect from sycophant propagandist shills one step away from the unemployment lines.

“Kudos to Apple, for undoubtedly putting prRead full post »

FEBRUARY 19, 2012 3:03AM

Whitney! Whitney! Whitney!

Today a billion broken hearts said goodby to one of the world’s most glorious creatures. Piaf, Garland, et. al. in one breathtaking package and more. A billion broken hearts.

Sadly she was also one of the most savaged. Seeing the way the fans and paparazzi descendedRead full post »

FEBRUARY 16, 2012 6:10PM

Romney Admits to Baptizing Dead Jews!?

No, I’m not kidding. As Jewish leaders decry the Mormon baptism of Simon Wiesenthal's relatives, how does Mitt Romney feel about the practice? When asked by Newsweek in 2007 if he has done baptisms for the dead (in which Mormons find the names of dead people of all faiths andRead full post »

It is not as easy to pull the wool over the law’s eyes. This week yet one more court in America has unmasked the charade of bigotry to reveal a pig-sty beneath a dull facade.

 In San Francisco on August 4, 2010, Chief Judge Vaughn Walker struck down California’s PropositionRead full post »

I was rather miffed when one Truthdig writer suggested that the “dissent” in the GOP proffers hope since “there is full-blown debate going on in, of all places, the Republican Party about the failings of the governing, corporate-sponsored kleptocracy.”

It may well be that somRead full post »

In transition

I was just informed by Eddie Canales of Gridiron Heroes that Rasul “Rocky” Clark, the subject of my Letter to Santa passed away in the early the evening of January 6, 2012. He would have been 28 years old on January 17th. More detailed reports will be found/Read full post »
Ah, yes, the Sanctity of Marriage. Well, for a minute anyway. Witness the ‘exquisite traffic in selfishness’:

 *         Aaliyah and R. Kelly: 5 Months

*         Renée Zellweger and Kenny/Read full post »

Nothing is so powerful as an idea whose time has come.”

(George Bernard Shaw)

Hopes for 2012? One might argue that 2011 has been a year of tipping points and others might argue we just fell off a cliff.

On the one hand Iceland has begunRead full post »

DECEMBER 26, 2011 5:48AM

Reason's Greetings and Merry Newtonmas

Reason's Greetings
The late great Christopher Hitchens once wrote at Wall Street Journal, On The True Spirit of Christmas: Why the Puritans found the holiday suspect—and we should, too

“Ever since Tom Lehrer recorded his imperishable anti-Christmas ditty [click here] all those years ago, the smallRead full post »