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August 31
Our family of four (with 13-year-old twin boys) dreamed the impossible dream and reached the unreachable star! On March 21, 2011 we pedaled the final mile to arrive at the end of the world in USHUAIA, Argentina! We spent three years cycling 17,300 miles through 15 countries starting in Alaska to get there.


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FEBRUARY 21, 2012 8:00PM

Making Your Dreams Comes True – Orlando Vacation Giveaway #OrlandoGiveaway

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#orlandogiveawayI am thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in a fantastic giveaway! If you’ve read my Twenty Miles per Cookie book, you’ll know that we bribed one of our sons with a trip to Disney Land. Although he had forgotten about my promise by the time we got to southern California, we had a blast with Mickey anyway.

Now I’m thrilled that another lucky family will be able to experience the magic of Disney – at Disney World in Florida. One lucky winner will receive a Dream Vacation to Orlando, Florida for a family of four. How cool is that?

What’s included:

  • 7 night stay in a four-bedroom (or larger) luxury pool vacation home from Global Resort Homes
  • Family pack of tickets to Walt Disney World (2 Day Park Hopper – 2 adult, 2 child)
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride for Family of 4 from Orlando Balloon Adventures

The fine print:

  • Open to US and Canadian residents. Valid thru 12/31/12. Blackout dates apply.
  • Travel costs getting to Orlando/Kissimmee are not included.

Simply fill out the form below to enter. The contest will end on 3/6 at 12am EST.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You need javascript enabled to see this giveaway.A big thank you to our sponsors Global Resort Homes and Orlando Balloon Adventures. Thanks as well to Surf and Sunshine and MidgetMomma for organizing this giveaway.

No compensation was received and any opinions or thoughts are 100% original.

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