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August 31
Our family of four (with 13-year-old twin boys) dreamed the impossible dream and reached the unreachable star! On March 21, 2011 we pedaled the final mile to arrive at the end of the world in USHUAIA, Argentina! We spent three years cycling 17,300 miles through 15 countries starting in Alaska to get there.


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MARCH 21, 2012 12:43AM

Back from the brink: One year after a journey to the end of the world

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This was us one year ago today

cycling near ushuaia argentina in tierra del fuego

At that time we were cycling through our very last valley before rounding a corner to get our first glimpse of Ushuaia – our target, our goal, our destination.

It had been a long slog to get there. The most intense year of my life to plan and prepare for takeoff and then another three years steadily making our way south. For four long years we had been single-mindedly focused on that city; on the wooden sign by the town pier announcing we had reached the end of the world.

That day one year ago was amazing. It was the most incredibly phenomenal feeling to know we had reached our goal. We had dared to dream the impossible dream and had reached the unreachable star. It hadn’t always been easy, but had always been worthwhile.

cycling to ushuaia argentina

But that day also signified the conclusion of a dream; a dream we had been unwaveringly fixated upon for years. We reached the end of the road and had no idea what came next. The whole world was our oyster, there was nothing we couldn’t do. But when the whole world is an option, how does one go about narrowing it down?

floating in optionsFor months I wallowed in a tiny life raft in the middle of an ocean of possibilities. I drifted aimlessly, having no idea what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go. After being so focused for so long, my brain had no idea how to deal with directionless wandering.

It’s funny now as I look back upon those months with the benefit of hindsight, but when I was there it wasn’t funny. It was uncomfortable and unsettling. It was frustrating and I felt like I had taken my head and crammed it into a blender set on high. Confusion reigned unchecked.

Time really is the master healer and, with enough time under my belt, a new vision began to emerge.

Every single day I received emails from people asking for advice and support in making their own dreams come true. I spent hours each day responding to them, encouraging them, doing my part to get them launched into their own unique dream.  I guess I felt like I was finally able to give back just a tiny bit of the support we had received on the road.

a new chapter of my life begins nowOne day I was introducing myself to a new member of a Facebook group I’m in and typed this: Hi! I’m Nancy. I spent many years gallivanting around the world living and teaching in various countries. Most recently I spent three years cycling from Alaska to Argentina with my husband and children. Now I find I’m happiest in my little house in Boise, Idaho encouraging others to live their dreams.

And then I stopped and reread what I had just posted.

Did I really just type that? Did that really come out of my fingers? Had I really identified my new passion? I think I did.


It’s been a long year since we arrived at the end of the world in Ushuaia. All four of us have redesigned our lives into something completely different from what we had before we left.

Davy & Daryl have long enjoyed math and science and they’ve continued that passion with taking advanced courses through a special program here in Boise. They’ve also discovered a new hobby in robotics and just came back from the FIRST Robotics competition in Salt Lake City. Their team designed, built, and programmed a basketball-shooting robot. They’ve also gotten involved in Boy Scouts and enjoy their monthly campouts.

Bots of Prey FIRST Robotics team

In addition to remodeling our new house, John has been working on creating a documentary film about our journey from Alaska to Argentina. It’s been a steep learning curve and I’m sure he’ll run into quite a few more obstacles before he’s done. At this point, he’s hoping not to return to the classroom.

I‘m also hoping not to return to teacher and have been working on writing a book about our PanAm experiences. I’ve morphed my blog into a tool to empower and encourage other to chase their dreams. My most recent major leap has been to start up a small business with a friend to do that more formally. I’ve also jumped back into the bead world and have been teaching some beadwork classes here in Boise.


I’ve learned a few things from this whole reentry process in the meantime.

Follow your own particular dreams1) There’s no place like home

       2) You have to leave home to understand that.

            3) If you choose wisely what you’ll do with the next 24 hours,  you’ll live a very happy life.



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