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November 06
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OCTOBER 15, 2010 4:02AM

Test-Driving the 2010 Conservative

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Tst drive the all-new 2010 Conservative!

 (Ready for the longest Google Chow ever? Well, here it comes, kiddies!)

Come test-drive the ALL-NEW Conservative for 2010!

Retro Styling!
All the classic lines of our 1994 model but now with an aggressive new sense of entitlement.

Hot, New Line-up!
Choose from the full-size GOP Elite, the versatile
Libertarian or the hybrid Teabagger, powered entirely
by racist anxiety.

New Features!
• Rearward-facing seats.
• Individual Climate-Change Denier© controls.
• Genuine Astroturf floor covers.
• Gun Rack.
• Another gun rack.
• Immigrant resistant bumpers.

Exciting New Colors
White, Lily White, White Flight, Vanilla N’ice, and new “Melting Icecaps.” Special “Ohio Orange” edition available upon request.

Converts easily to Lobbyist mode with just a flick of the checkbook.

$700 billion Cash-Back for qualified buyers!*
*Cayman Island business address required.

“Conservative”© is a wholly-owned trademark of U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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OMG! This is great! I'd rate it twice if I could!
This was the best. hah! Should be on the Cover~
Yes I agree HeHeHe r
Classic! you said it all! (Tom Tomorrow is jealousing right now)
congrats on making the cover!!!!! but now it's the weekend and you just wait until you see the SPAM you're going to get! Good luck deleting deleting delteting......
Excellent. I see a lot of those on the road these days ...
oh yeah and it has lots of anti-immigrant features. clever.
This is one of the best cartoons I've seen here. Brilliant!
You forgot to mention that they also have convertible models!

In other nations, bankers, corporate management, and political figures who commit crimes against humanity face arrest and prison. For example, those recently committed by Bush's looting the national treasury in October 2008, handing it to big banks to "save" the economy, remember?! That was the reason it had to be done, we were told. Did it work or has the economy steadily deteriorated ever since? But gosh darn it! Those conservatives sure know how to do things!

The argument for tax cuts for the rich, with much in common with Bush's argument, is that the Wealthy Ruling Class will then use its money to build and invest in factories and businesses so that its poorer neighbors will have jobs, and the economy will improve. Did this happen over the last few years with these multi-billion dollar tax cuts for the WRC in place?

We're spiraling ever downward in a dying economy, now at its failure point, the point to which American capitialism has brought us: rule by corporations, now so greedy that they have begun the process of self-destruction, taking the rest of us and the health of the planet with them....Those conservatives sure know how to be whores for their masters, the WRC!
Could not be more perfect.
Scary in its accuracy!
Rated, between fits of bitter laughter...
This has to be your best cartoon ever. Hopefully you are publishing it somewhere else? (and getting paid for it?)
Blatantly racist, low brow and distasteful. On the other hand, I laughed. A creative effort, and that my friends is what makes America great. Without our ability to point and laugh, we lose our ability to not go insane and kill everyone.
I'd like to thank everyone who posted today and for all the wonderful things you said about the cartoon. I create these mainly to blow off a little steam and I'm delighted to have others steaming along with me. ;^)