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November 06
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OCTOBER 25, 2010 1:45AM

In 13 Words Or Less: Why Are you Voting Republican?

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You will meet a tall dark stranger.

(And now, what you've all been waiting for.... Google Chow!)

Homeless One: "I don't get it. The previous Republican administration didn't create jobs, protect this country from terrorist attack or regulate the very people who wrecked the economy. Why would you vote for them again?"

Homeless Two: "Because somewhere in this country a gay, Mexican housemaid might want an abortion."

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Protecting hypocrisy.
Lying is fun!
Money is my god.
Self-betrayal as religion.
Because they are less illiberal.
Because hell froze over.
Because the bible tells me so.:D
I love this! It is much better than the quote I have had to force myself to stop saying out loud, especially before I find out about the political affiliation of the person I am speaking to. "Republicans are the nexus of the rich, mean and stupid." I was so busted on this one, but it just proved my point. Why in the world in a lesbian, however wealthy, a republican?
I jus' ain't voting Rethuglican. EVER.
Yes, rwnutjob, history began on January 20, 2009.
Because I'm an idiot and can't think for myself.

I'm glad you put this line in "didn't....protect this country from terrorist attack" because people seem to forge that 9/11 happened on George Bush's watch, even after he got a security briefing on August 6, 2001 that said bin Laden was going to attack America.

6 out of the 8 years that Bush was president, we had a republican controlled congress. What did they accomplish? Do we want to go back to that??
I meant to say that people seem to forget, not forge
This is so funny...and true! R
I want a FUBAR worse than anything we've ever had before.
Love it. Absolutely made my day.
Because change is...change.
Because I don't have the time nor the brains to think for myself.

Maybe you should make it 10 words or less.
Because "Socialism" scares me more than catastrophic climate change, war, corporate oligarchies, religious nuts making decisions about my access not only to abortion but contraception itself and children not praying in schools.
Not saying if I am or if I'm eminent. What's the difference anyway?
Because they don't use guilt and shame about the establishment for politics...unless its guilt for being Unamerican (which it almost always never is).
Liberals far too often use "white guilt" and try to create cosmic Justice by government action. Just the bad side of liberalism though. As if other people are looking to take land from their neighbors!
Jay, take your meds. You're embarrassing yourself.
Haha! Wonderful. Gay, Mexican housemaids in need of abortions are exactly what is wrong with the world right now. At the very least they make good scapegoats.
I live in the City and County of Denver, they are consubstantial, and there are no Republicans. One must go to the burbs. I still think we are going to get our clock cleaned Tuesday. PS Now you know why the elections are held the first Tuesday after the First Monday in November. They didn't want voting on All Soul's Day which is not only a sacred Catholic Day but also one in the Church of England.
Because I'm selfish and think I'm so much smarter, harder working and more pure than everyone else. Don't forget, I always plan ahead and I'm totally able to take care of myself.

Now, where's my unemployment check?
Because socialism is unsustainable, and perhaps governmental gridlock will stop the spending spree.
I agree, Kenneth. Let's stop subsidizing corporations with our socialiaed tax dollars.
Funny, funny, funny. Touche.
Because YOU are Commie Socialists- but, er, without the state-owned property or businesses ... or ...
They are voting Republican because they must have been brainwashed by Fox News.
Because it's less lonely.

By the way, FS, why is it that you jump on only the bright comments?
Why, whatever do you mean?
It's beyond comprehension to me how anyone could vote for a Republican - especially after the past ten years. Maybe I just can't grasp such a colossal level of stupidity - kind of like wrapping your mind around an expanding universe...makes one dizzy.