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November 06
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NOVEMBER 11, 2011 2:56AM

Texas: The Vegetative State

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Rick Perry's very bad brain-fart.

Mind Readers

read my mindI
'm not kidding with this story about vegetative research. Canadian scientists (SCIENCE!) have invented an amazing device that seems to be able to detect conciousness in unresponsive patients. So far, and this is the frightening part, about 20% of their test subjects have proven to be aware enough to respond, in their own way, to commands. They're trapped in their bodies and they know it.


This EEG is not a real-time device yet but here's hoping they can get it to work adroitly enough to enable these poor people to once again praise God for everything he's done for them.


I'd written a Joe Paterno comic today for today's Far Left Side but seemingly everybody and their baby-devouring dogs had already done one, so I demurred. But just so it's not a total loss here's my version in joke format:

Q: What do the Pope, Joe Paterno and Michael Jackson have in common?

A: Really good lawyers.

Thank you! Thank you! I'll be here all week.


Happy Veteran's Day to all! Especially you, "little brother"!


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“Happy” Veteran’s Day???!

I’ve never thought of it as a “happy” day. Should I send out “happy” cards? Are gifts in order?

Am I missing something?
Skyixieo, I suffer unending grief over the vanity wars waged by the military-industrial complex but I never question the dedication of this nation's soldiers. So, yes, it's a happy Veteran's Day for me and every soldier fortunate enough to celebrate it.
Yes, what Sky said - and SALES! Just kidding...R
Texas really needs to work hard to keep their politicians from wandering into the national spotlight. It's reflecting badly on the state. There hasn't been anyone intelligent out of there since Ann Richardson. R
You captured it rather well, and did not even have to resort to Big Hair's shit-eating grin to pull it off. Well done that, man!
Hey, Mike... that's not fair. Having been to Texas many times I know for a fact that in Texan 'Poot' means the number 3. It can also mean 'I have dandruff' and 'I've soiled myself.'

So, get your facts straight!
You're right, Stephen, but I had to use the word "poot" as it's hard to pronounce "plplplplplplplplpshplap".
I don't remember 'poot' from my time in Texas but I was a bit transient.

And why not Happy Veteran's Day. Vets give us the freedom to indulge in commercialism. Make it a day to buy Made in the USA!