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MARCH 30, 2012 3:05AM

How Psychopaths Rationalize

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The top three rationales of murderous psychopaths.

Line Of Fire

killer copsOn Wednesday the police in Pasadena, California shot and killed an innocent teenager, Kendrec McDade. They justified it by saying he "made a motion to his waistband".

Allow me to be very clear about this... no officer of the law should EVER be allowed to use the excuse that he "thought" someone has a gun as a reason to murder them in cold blood. Either the person has a gun or they don't. And the last time I looked we were allowed to own guns, even carry them around for fun. Using a gun in a criminal manner, though, makes you liable for any consequences but being murdered in cold blood simply because the officer in question has an overactive imagination is not a good enough reason.

So I went looking for statistics to see how many U.S. citizens the police kill every year and you know what I found?

Nothing. Bupkiss.

Even though the Crime Control Act was passed in 1994 requiring State Attorney generals to collect the data and make it public such reports are piecemeal at best. The information is being obscured and it's easy to understand why because if we REALLY knew how many people the police kill every year, and the number is obviously a staggeringly large one, (179 people were alone tasered to death in 2011) there would certainly be an outcry of tsunamic proportions.

But what the people don't know can't hurt the cops. Only us.


Rachel Maddow's first book, Drift, was lovingly admired by the New York Times book reviewer Janet Maslin. She sums it up by saying "And thank Ms. Maddow for picking this and every other fight that “Drift” provokes. It will be a smarter public debate than the kinds we’re used to."


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Far,excllent work..Your title says it all..the cartoon indicates and your writing awakens.Thank you for sharing.Best regards.
It all goes back to that DAMN NRA! And YEA for you and Rachel.
darnit, the link's broken...but please read it anyway
The problem is much more local and problematic than the NRA
The psychopathic personality type, from what I have read in the interesting book On Killing, and other literature, to the extent that it can be identified as a scientifically valid complex of personality traits, does seem to exist, if it often has uses, like with the use of force in certain situations, e.g. snipers. That is because one wouldn't want people tasked with that activity to think about it too much, and fortunately, since there are people who we would prefer sniped, than hit with artillery barrages for example, they exist, if are rare. One per cent. They would also tend to make good custodians of nuclear weapons as to maintaining credible deterrence, since when ordered to execute nuclear deterrent threats, they would do so, thereby making such threats credible, although they don't like doing it, and wouldn't do it out of pleasure without orders, its just that they just don't mind particularly either. Actually, many psychopathic personalities are quite pleasant, if just a little "distant" seeming, since what defines that complex is a lack of empathy, which can be interpreted in different ways, like "Aspergers" or however one spells that, who also make very good engineers.
That is to distinguish them from sadists, who actively enjoy the infliction of harm, as that is a different "personality type," or so they say. There is of course probably some overlap.
In On Killing, his point by the way, an ROTC officer, is that many people won't pull the trigger and accurately fire at other human beings, although getting them to play the right videogames or shoot at human figures enough overcomes the for most people natural disinclination to do so, since most human beings absent training don't make good shooters, since they mainly fire in the air to deter and scare away, rather than calmly, methodically, identifying the target, and eliminating the target, I mean person. :)
He by the way does not like "first person shooter" games for that very reason of dis-inhibiting naturally protective instincts for the mass of people.
Gotta give you this one- dead on ( maybe you could do a panel on Bloomberg denying food to the homeless because it isn't nutritions enough)
9:42 search begins




10:01 search ends the spam software only allows about three links per post but there were an additional 10 that I found simply googling “police shot and killed” plus what ever they suggested or adding an additional state here and there.

This is very rough and only a small sample of those out there.
Sadly, the kid was shot because the person who called the police LIED on the 911 call and said he had a gun- so the police would arrive faster to the scene.
Trayvon was shot because George Zimmerman was bound and determined to shoot someone that night. And the cops are doing everything in their power to cover it up.
Very rarely are police departments Internal Affairs' personnel responsibly investigating reports against law enforcement officers ever prosecuted in courts of law. Most are simply filed away immediately with verbal warnings and every report is also kept private from the public's FOIL requests.
George Zimmerman is an unstable man. He shot and killed another human when he didn't have to. I put myself in their shoes. Trayvon didn't have a chance against an armed and dangerous lunatic. Zimmerman decided who lived and who died. Now he wants us to believe he was terrified of losing his life and he had no alternatives to avoid becoming a victim of an unarmed young man whose only crime was being black in a neighborhood that had been stricken with crimes and vigilantes.