Dallas, Texas, USA
November 06
My Googlable name is Mike Stanfill. I'm an illustrator, animator, web designer, cartoonist, cranky old geezer and much, much less. If you like my comic, or are easily influenced by people you don't know, then you can find lots more to overstimulate your neocortex at farleftside.com.

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APRIL 20, 2012 1:28AM

Friends, Real Friends, and Smart Friends.

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Real friends versus smart friends.

I almost hate to mention this but the Far Left Side now has an official Facebook page. I started it Wednesday night in a fit of boredom-enfused elation so go there, be a "real friend", and Like the heck out of this little sucker. Or send hate mail. It's all good. Thanks!


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Always a pleasure to view your stuff, FarLeftSide.

FB Liked.
What about a ride to the airport?
Or a ride in a white Bronco.
I think one of the lessons learned from this weekend's OS cartoons is to make the punchline indecipherable from the home page so that readers have to open the page and, delighted by the result, give it additional Rates. Just sayin'.
Far,I need the last friend!!!!Excellent and great...Thank you for sharing.Rated!!