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November 06
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JUNE 1, 2012 1:35AM

Just Another Beautiful Day In Washington, DC!

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Just another day in Washington, D.C.

John Boehner, Kill Yourself.

john boehner, kill yourselfJohn Boehner has a lot of goddamned gall as today, in a closed meeting with House Republicans, he said the following:

"Let's call bullshit bullshit. This election is about jobs, jobs, jobs."

Two years ago the Republican Party campaigned on "Jobs. Jobs. Jobs" And it worked. And once installed as Speaker of the House John Boehner made the promise that "We're going to have a relentless focus on creating jobs."

Except it's been two years and Mr. Boehner's congress has not, through any sort of legislation, created a single job. Not one.

In fact, a very good case can be made that the GOP has actively stalled job growth in this country as a political tool. The Congress is, after all, the primary body which can enact the sort of legislation which would result in lower unemployment, but they've sat on their hands for two years. The famous "Do-Nothing Congress" doesn't hold a candle to the amazing sloth the current Congress has exhibited.

Even so, the private sector is doing very well, unemployment is hovering just above 8 per cent, even as Republican-led state legislatures are shedding public sector jobs as fast as they can to make the employment numbers look as grim as possible. Teachers, firefighters, police, all being released from their jobs in record numbers just so the GOP has a stick to bash the president with.

You, Mr. Boehner, are a waste of good RNA. Kill yourself. Seriously. Use one of those complimentary Smith & Wessons you get from the NRA every week. Choke yourself on your own fake tears. Disconnect your lips from the life support of Richard Koch's sweet, puckered asshole. Spray yourself with Pam before you get back in that tanning booth. Anything. It's the only thing you can do that might redeem your wasted existence.


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Oh so true. The biggest waste ever...and its still BONER!
hahaha. love your work. I'll follow you around.
Thank you, Pandora... and your lovely box. ;^)