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November 06
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OCTOBER 31, 2012 10:24AM

Uncle Mitt's Scary Tales

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Uncle Mitt's Scary Halloween Stories

The Long and Long-winded Rhodes

randi rhodesEvery weekday afternoon at 2PM I listen to the live stream of Randi Rhodes political talk show. You should, too, as the woman really knows her stuff, and she's a hoot, besides! On today's show she told a delightful tale regarding her voting experience, ala Florida, where she currently resides.

To preface this story you ought to know that the Florida state Legislature placed eleven Constitutional Amendments on the ballot this year, and for this one election the description of the amendments weren't limited to 73 words. Oh, no. In fact, they often include the full text so we're talking about pages and pages and PAGES of teeny-tiny-itsy-bitsy type. And each page has to be individually fed into the scanner afterwards.

So what does this all mean? Yes, long lines, obviously meant to lower the eventual vote count, which benefits Republican candidates.

Ms. Rhodes informed us it took her two full hours  to vote, on a Tuesday afternoon when most folks are at work. Imagine what it's going to be like on election day.

The point of this tale is that while waiting in line she couldn't help but notice obvious Romney voters arriving, looking at the long line, and then leaving, flustered, because, she mused, there wasn't a special short line just for their entitled selves, thus leaving the field to the Obama voters.

This is what you call an enthusiasm gap.

If more Romney voters feel their boy isn't worth a two-hour wait, or conceivably longer, then the election is going to over by about 3PM on November 6th.



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let's hope so. 80 year old Cubans?