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November 06
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NOVEMBER 7, 2012 12:29PM

The Max Bialystock Principle

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The GOP gets sued for plagiarism by Mel Brooks.

Celebrate! Celebrate!

my president

ongratulations, Mr. Obama, on your solid thrashing of whatever the hell that was running against you. I look forward to four more years of peace and prosperity.

Darn you, Ohio, for totally ruining an otherwise suspenseful evening with your thoughtful sensibility.

Thank you, Nate Silver, for telling the truth when no one else would. You deserve a big raise.

Way to go, GOP, for campaigning in the wrong states. You might try the ones that matter next time.

Much obliged, Karl Rove, for failing your party again. Even I could get 200 electoral votes for the GOP simply by running ads showing unicorns playing pinochle.

Tough luck, Sheldon Adelson and David & Charles Koch. Even though you wasted .00000001% of your vast fortunes on this election I'm sure you can easily recoup the loss by increasing the price of gruel in your company commissaries.

And, finally, thank you to The Fates for gifting me with one heck of an excellent birthday present.


Addendum: Although Mr. Obama's victory was due in no small part to the peculiarities of the Electoral College it was most impressive when compared to what he was up against:

(1) All the billionaire money in the world. In 2008 Mr. Romney spent $45 million dollars of his own money on his campaign, and that was just for the Republican primaries. This he spent year $0 of his vast fortune. Thank you, Supreme Court, for unleashing Citizens United and forever putting our government into the hands of those who would gladly sell us for the gold in our teeth.

(2) A media that is firmly in the hands of men who oppose Mr. Obama. Specifically the Fox News network, which should quit fooling around and officially rebrand themselves as "The Propaganda Mouthpiece of the GOP".

(3) A Congress that did absolutely nothing to help the economy for the past two years and subsequently blamed the President for their indolence.

(4) The most ignorant electorate on the face of this Earth. Fifty million otherwise well-intentioned people watched the Republican candidate do a complete 180 on his principles less than two months before the election and thought nothing of it. A candidate whose only real skill was extracting money from the wallets of the working class.

(5) Good, old-fashioned racism.

If the Obama presidency was written as a work of fiction ten years ago no one would have believed it. It is truly a thing of mythic proportion.

A hearty salute to you, Mr. President. You are, indeed, an elite.



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Well said, especially those who would gladly sell us for the gold in our teeth. Love that for its concise & vivid precision.
R&R for the Mel Brooks/ Zero Mostel/ Max Bialystock reference ;-)
Happy Birthday Mike! Yes, Mel's pissed. The Tea Partiers even pulled out the Hitler Mustache!
And Rated! And Toritto...Pfft...I opened a Day Old bottle of Manichevitz!
@ marilyn and toritto: Phooey to you both! I had a heaping bowl of ice cream!
And much rated Mike, I suppose that ice cream was for your birthday...yea...your birthday.