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DECEMBER 20, 2008 9:00PM

Reading an eclectic mix of posts here at OS

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I think I have discovered my favorite way of reading here on OS is to literally wander, rather than methodically checking out most read or most rated or most recent.  I may start with a post from one of those categories, or a new post from one of the 'friends' whose writing I like to keep track of, but it's fun to start roaming widely from there.

Today I did that and was richly rewarded (I'll share some of these terrific posts at the end of this short entry.)  I started with a couple of posts I found on the front page and decided if these people were writing well, maybe checking out some of their listed friends' posts would yield some fine new discoveries.  And it did.

I do have certain biases...I love blogs about books, for instance, or movies.  But most of all, what I dearly love are just great stories.  I am a sucker for a fine storyteller.  Oh, I will read the posts on writing about writing, or that are blogging about blogging and some of them are entertaining or sometimes informative about practical OS techniques and navigating the system.  But I confess they are read out of mild curiosity, while I actively seek out a good story.  My preference is the art of fiction, though I admire well written nonfiction (especially gracefully written memoir) and expository opinion blogs too.  Oh, and I should confess I also enjoy really good humor writing, of which there is plenty here at OS.  Wish I could write humorously!

 Today, just poking around, checking out friends of friends yielded plenty of great reading.  You can't go wrong with any of these below.  I know I was thrilled to find and read each of them!  Enjoy!

 link to sandra miller's "How it all started"

 link to David Sirota's "We WERE Punked"

link to cartouche's "First Grade and Beyond"

link to Catamitebastard's "Christmas Boxes..."

link to artsfish's "Revolution Holiday-El Zocalo"

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As a fellow traveler who is also a sucker for a great storyteller, I am honored to be included in your listing of same, and pleased to discover two more writers that your recommendations led me to. For both, I thank you kindly.
Thank you sandra miller! I'm glad I provided you two new discoveries! I hope to stumble on many more. The deeper I look the more great storytellers I find, and I am loving it.
I like the grazing method too, Feathered. Thanks for the links.
Thanks for commenting, SeattleK8. I am genuinely thrilled when I find such good writing on OS and I want to share the goodies! A big thank you again to Rob A. for pointing me to the OS how to post on how to do links! It is such a plus to be able to put in the link so no one has to dink around searching for things!
Thanks for these, FeatheredThing. Now I have my reading list (although I've read and recommended "Christmas Boxes" myself.) I love your avatar by the way. I'm a birdwatcher (doesn't that just further confirm my nerdiness?)
Thank you Lisa for reading/commenting. Nerds unite, I say! Bird nerds especially! If you like such stuff, there is someone who may be posting very interesting things to read...possibly a series of posts called Urban Sightings. check link here I'm really pretty new here on OS but I've noticed postings fly off the front pages where they might be noticed really quickly! And it's too bad because some really great stuff risks going unnoticed.
Thank you Feathered for including me among a group of writers whose work I respect and enjoy! Merry Christmas and many thanks!
Is it redundant to rate this? Too bad, I''m rating it! ;)
i too go in one direction and then veer off in another -- following posts of one site's friends and then following a comment i like on another and then digging into the friends list and seeing what sparks.

then i can't keep track of where i've been and where i've commented, so i'm missing out on some conversations... [sigh] but it's all good.

i'm sure we'll cross paths in our meanderings.

paula, thank you for visiting and commenting! What you said about losing track of possible conversations. so true. I hope when the OS editors/owners unveil soon promised better user tools, we will find a way to do that better because it's the discussions and conversations that can really become interesting.