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FEBRUARY 26, 2009 6:14PM

Irony Alert: Missouri D.O.T. Jumps Right on Stimulus Money!

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I heard on public radio (All Things Considered) during my evening drive time today that the Missouri Dept. of Transportation got right out in front of the anticipated Stimulus Package.  They had four (no doubt very well deserved) road projects in the queue before the bill was passed and signed into law.  The news report said that literally within minutes of hearing the bill was signed into law, they launched the road construction projects!  Kudos to MO D.O.T. for being right on top of things!  (Here's a link to the All Things Considered story with audio available by 7 PM midwestern time.)

It is absolutely wonderful that at least one construction company mentioned on air said they have re-hired forty workers they'd had to lay off.  Wonderful!   I can't wait to hear more details of jobs created by the stimulus package!  (Let's collect those statistics as fast as we can, hmmmm.  For all our Republican friends who love to say the Stimulus Package won't create jobs and is a disaster!)

 However...is it not ironic that the state that could not seem to tip itself over into the Blue (Democratic is blue right?  Geez, I can never keep it straight!) column when it came to assigning electoral votes on Nov. 4th should be apparently the very first state to begin spending Stimulus roads projects money!!   Yes, by December the MO D.O.T. was laying its plans and work is getting underway!  (Double check me if you listen to the audio later...I THINK Missouri is first, but Arizona and Washington state are mentioned too and I could be wrong!  I did have my eye on traffic!)

I just think it is a hoot.  I'm from Missouri (born and raised) and we may be the Show-Me state, but we sure aren't slow!  Once we are shown and see the light, we are all over it!  I love those pragmatic, irritating, Missourians of the 'wrong' political persuasion, right along with those who see things my way and vote Democratic!

Look sharp, now Missouri.  There's lots of goodies to be had in the Stimulus Package.  Dig 'em out!  Go!  Go!  Go!

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Bump, nudge. (Wow, things fall off the feed fast - under two minutes!)
Ha! Looks like we're right behind you here in Washington State -- and we WERE in the blue. : )
Don't be smug, SeattleK8! Thanks for commenting, and rating I see - really, thanks!
We're so screwed up out here in California, I'd be shocked if anybody's even given the stimulus a thought yet. We just took 8 months longer than we had to do a simple freaking BUDGET.

But you go, MO. And maybe next time, the DNC can run ads that say, "Like the new roads? Like the jobs? Say "thanks" with your vote. Bitches."
Thanks so much Verbal! Really, uh, thanks. (I was drinking a bloody mary when I read your suggested ad copy and I think I inhaled half of it when I got to the last word.)

But really, VR, just say what you really think, huh?
They're sending me a billion just to replace that missing screw in the pet-door, so I just got it done. :)
All right Cat! What's the tally of new jobs created?

In other words...how many people does it take to replace a missing screw in a pet-door? (((((waiting patiently for punchline)))))
I think it will take a while, but I think the stimulus will work. I'll tell you what, I turned on the (sort of) State of the Union speech expecting to endure it because it was something I should watch and by the end I was absolutely jazzed. What a joy to have Obama as prez!

Paws up.
DogWoman, your comment resonates with me! The only complaint I had about Obama's address was that I was watching alone and had no one to share all the exultant good feelings with!

Thanks for reading and commenting.
Nice post---okay, I'm a little late in getting here---but what Verbal said to the 20th power.
m. a.h., glad you read it! I thought it was a dead post by now, so thank you for your attention! Yeah, that's the irony huh. Can't vote for Obama but sure can take the goodies he fights to get Congress to provide! S'okay, though, as long as we all start to recover from this recession. Everybody back to work hopefully sooner rather than later!