A strong woman

...can still be...
AUGUST 18, 2012 9:14PM

at the end of a road north

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charlie pablo kitty, full of mouse lunch, waits at a farm in sebastopol 

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Ah, happy & content!
i'm going to be away for some time. i'm sorry not to be able to respond to comments.
concise and to the point
great economy of text
is what I'm sayin'
The end of the road ... isn't that a Travelling Wilbury's tune? Ah, yes ... right, that was the end of the line. Either way, go safely and have fun.

Kitty is content there.
peace & safe journey.
I am now in love with Charlie Pablo Kitty. Tears in my eyes, good friend.
We'll be waiting for your return. Hope you have a good time while you're away.
Sometimes ... when we have given so much of our deepest selves - especially to those we love -
there comes a time for quiet, rest, peace ...
Have been spending time here ...
with thoughts of silence and rising balloons ...
against the most beautiful sea ...
hope ... I feel ...
May all of these ...
blessings ...
be finding and ...
keeping ... you ...
another time and place perhaps.
I hope he is waiting for you...be safe.
What sort of wine best accompanies a mouse lunch?

I hope that cat tells you. See you on the flip flop ~
He looks well pleased with himself as he should be.
I've been to Sebastopol but I never saw charlie pablo kitty.
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