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JUNE 10, 2010 5:43PM

Tig Notaro and Stef Willen are mentally disturbed liars

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 lame seeming update os of May 12th 2012.

Everyday, this post gets hits . Of course, I'm curious as to why. I imagine that the ruthless, reckless, and insane, Notaro, is still trying to benefit from utilizing me as her stalker. Makes her feel famous like her pal, Sarah Silverman. Sarah Silverman must be a rotten person to so befriend and promote such a vicious liar as Notaro.  Shame on her-- if she has any shame.

Anyway, readers off in the air:  Please, look at this link. It is less complicated .


Also, If you are coming across a post that says, "Tig Notaro is a wierdo."

Please understand, I wrote that because when Notaro would make up mean things she would claim  I  said on internet, and try to pass it off as crimes in order to punish me, she sent letters to the police and the prosecutors saying. " It's obviously that wierdo trying to contact me."

Well, it turned out they found out that whatever crap she was sending them was written by someone else.  I'd bet she wrote it to herself. It looks immature and ugly to to say " Tig Notaro is a wierdo," but it was a private non-joke response  made when I saw papers where Notaro was calling me a "wierdo."

  Then, that disaster, Scott Boxenbaum, in order to get more than 12 hits to his dreadful youtube comedy clips started telling everyone I was "the town wierd0." and to "shun' me.

 How gross can you get? Seriously?  Adults?

Scott Boxenbaum makes dirt on the bottom of a shoe look like a beautiful flower arrangement  by comparison.  I can't wish on him worse cause he is already doomed by genes and fate to be a talentless, soulless cretin of mammothly embarrassing  proportions. My god, he gets an average of 3 hits a year to his plentiful youtube "comedy" bits.

Somehow and somewhere this post is of interest to too many people to be a coincidence.

 So let me make all the below a little clearer:  Tig Notaro and her disturbed sociopath peon, Stef Willen have told and are telling dangerous and destructive lies. Their lies led to huge waste and devastation to innocent human beings.  The quickly rotting, Notaro,




 can wave the illegally obtained appeal around all she wants and she can go around telling her crappy comedy all she wants but the truth is she is liar of the worst kind who won't live down such LIES

. She is  a false accuser who makes up ugly lies in order to harm those who never harmed her. She invented a story of a a push or shove. Then, she added a "verbal tirade." She got away with it all because she managed to snag an obese and vicious lawyer named Allison Hart Sievers. Allison Sievers was able to get her dead eyed pal, John Gregozek, to do what it took to please Allison Hart Sievers and by proxy-- Martin Singer/Marty Singer.  At times, Gregozek even started dragging his feet and just couldn't abide the absurdity so Allison Hart Sievers starting pressuring Kelly Boyer at the City Attorney's  office to do something to punish me for making fun of Notaro on a humorous message board called Datalounge.

Allison Sievers writes, " Dear Kelly."  And, soon after "Kelly," obliges "Allison" by agreeing to add  charges based on no evidence, no link, no reason that  would satisfy any reasonable man.  But, Kelly Boyer, even, can't get herself to really add the charges because it is just too obvious that Allison Hart Sievers is nuts and no crime has been comitted and this is just a maniac's vendetta.

 Kelly Boyer disappears. And, no charges are added despite Gregozek writing up, in reports, that 4 charges are added that related to someone calling Notaro a perjurer on a facebook page.

 But, this is all too complicated for a multitasking world.

 What needs to be known is that no one ever pushed Notaro or even insulted Notaro on August 29th 2007. The proof is here that Stef Willen and Mathilde Notaro are deranged little shemen, and false accusers bent on destruction.  And, the proof is here ,and elsewhere ,that from beginning to end they lied and were rewarded for lying  . Notaro would lie about 50 times about everything else. Everytime she opened those rancid looking lips-- lies would pour out.

  Willen would get even more vengeful and sick with time and would try so hard to lie some more before it was all done with.  Then the pretense was that some restraining order was violated when in truth it was all retaliation cooked up by Allison Hart Sievers et al for me suing Notaro after having such solid proof of her lies and her defamation.  

There was never a legal order to even violate, but even if there had been: No one violated it.

Had Gregozek just gone to talk to Sam C-- this all would have ended on May 7th 2008. Instead, John Gregozek, never spoke to a soul other than the clearly spiteful and stupid, Stef Willen and Tig Notaro , and he only talked to them "via phone." Then,  Gregozek and Hoffman and others would all be informed of five witnesses (and more on call) who would prove that nothing said by Notaro and Willen was true and this would just make them more intent to close the case in any way that would spare them the liability that anyone would infer after realizing how terribly they had conducted themselves throughout.  We were ignorant. We never thought that when we threatened them with a lawsuit if they didn't stop with what was a persecution-- that we'd spur them on to a coverup and much worse.


Sam C.

Who is he?

 He works  at  the Tsumani coffee house in Silverlake, CA.


Did he work the exact time and day,August 29th 2007, where  Notaro alleges a major scene of verbal tirades and physical violence( shove/push) took place?


Why is he important?

Because he is a “witness’ to the only  alleged incident of violence- that is the basis for the appellate decision- and Grime’s decision, and many other terrible decisions  that led to so much damages. He was right there in a tiny place and Notaro will keep changing her story -but she will maintain all the way to trial- that a huge spectacle happened at the tsunami coffee house that night. Stef Willen will completely change up the story too but she will keep repeating this lie till the bitter end.  She since has gotten jobs from this Tig and has been rewarded with trips and gifts for her lies.


When did Spitzberg seek Sam out and why?

In October of  2008  to void the order and prove it was a fraud as she was ruined in the comedy world for no valid reason.

Would he testify for the defense in  a court of law under penalty of perjury

Yes, according to the Public defender- he would do so with enthusiasm. According to this  Pubic Defender, Sam couldn't believe that this was all happening and woulld enthusiastically affirm that nothing happened that night between anyone in that coffee shop.

What does he say occurred on August 29th 2007


That there was "no activity or fight at all ." and, that many were there who could testify to this fact. He spoke to me and just seemed baffled and more than sure that everything alleged by Stef Willen and "Tig" Notaro was a lie.

Here are his statements. The public defender refuses to hand over the notes, she surely must have taken. Those will be posted when that information is obtained by subpeona etc.

affidavits witnesses_0002  

Then, something spooked him but he still was man enought to make an "excited utterance." But, by the time this went to trial he was no longer spooked and ready and willing to do the right thing.



When was he scheduled to testify for the defense.


In March 2010


Did the police or the prosecution ever  try talk to Sam Consuegra even after being told about him many times?

No. They kept lying about a push in "Supplementals" and no probable cause search warrants long after knowing about Sam C., and the testimony he would give.


Did  Spitzberg mention his presence that night and that he was a witness.

Yes, Over and over again. Spitzberg told John  Gregozek and Hoffman in May of 2008, Jeffrey Dunn in February of 2009 , Martha  Defoe in early 2009, Jennifer Abrams Waxler on March 25th 2009

 She told Felise  Cohen Kalpakian on August 12th 2009  . She told Martin Boags on September 11th 2009 .

She told many  Judges throughout(show transcripts)

The public defender told Katie Ford in March of 2010. This prosecutor, Katie Ford, would now know for a fact that their was no push or verbal tirade, that all that Notaro and her false witnesses had said on May 28th 2008, was perjury. She would know that each "incident" alleged by Notaro and those she had rewarded for false testimony had comitted crimes in the course of Notaro and Willen's madness, and she would just repeating the lies in the hopes that judges and jurors wouldn't know any better.  It was a tiny misdemeanor case and they counted on judges just not paying attention. Such tactics worked on all but the trial judge who soon enough grasped the true nature of this persecution.


Does Katie Ford pretend these witnesses don’t exist in the disbar worthy “Trial Breif. She would write up in a desperate attempt to get an innocent person convicted so to spare herself and her buddy, Gregozek, liability?”


Was it easy to get a hold of Sam C?

Very. Just a visit to the Tsunami coffee house.


  I think truth vs. fiction is a big and rich topic.  I think this mad thing where two stupid and rotten people such as Stef Willen and Tig Notaro were able to manipulate the legal system up to the appellate court is incredibe.

I think there are elements to my story that are mind blowing and of interest to all Americans. I think that the link that was sent to Jerusalem mike  has destroyed my life. Not my OS life. My offline life. Not because it is a skeleton in a closet. It is not. It is a brutal lie and a huge injustice that occurred here. I am very very aware of other's opinions and brains and I am not laying bare this hideousness(it is rank!) to get support or agreement. I think it speaks for itself. And, I need it to speak for me because I 've been silenced beyond your wildest imaginations. Well, not silenced... but discredited .degraded and done for. I literally have lost it all to this, and I want the "world" to see. When my name is googled I need to find a way to counter the lies and I hope this shows up near it. So, please,  if you find it unintersting or too strange - just ignore this as it will be a continual thing. This story becomes very scary- you will see what happens when someone just won't give in to a system that is used to people giving in.

          I am using OS as a vehicle right now  because it says, " Make your own headlines."  I also know that there are many here with keen minds and I want them to get a gander,Doing this is part of the story. I am well aware that it opens me up to all sort of adjectives and I'm okay with that. I get that it comes off as bizzarre and odd ,and it is. Any opinions or comments or anything on the below is much appreciated but not expected(well, I sure hope one does.) 

Appeals statement in red. The rest in black. 

 My side of the story as corrobarated by the employee that worked there and prospectively- anyone who was at Tsunami Coffee House on August 29th 2007.

Spitzberg and Stephanie Willen had a three-month relationship, which ended in May 2007. In August 2007, Notaro and Willen were in a cafe having coffee when Spitzberg approached their table and began to yell insults at them, including fucking dyke, ugly, cunt, and bitch. They ignored Spitzberg, who followed them outside, became more belligerent, and shoved/pushed Notaro. Spitzberg denied pushing Notaro. 


 Spitzberg and Stephanie Willen had a three-month relationship, which ended in May 2007.  

 Spitzberg and Willen had a failed friendship at best. They didn’t see each other very much and mostly did not get along. This was not a “relationship.” Spitzberg heard only some negative things about Notaro and had not the slightest animus towards Notaro. There has never been nor can there be any evidence that Spitzberg would ever push or even say a mean thing to Notaro. In fact, Alisa Spitzberg, declares that none of what these people, Tig Notaro, and Stef Willen say is true. She never went near their table . She did say, “ You are wearing the same pants” and then they talked about comedy and a particular comedian and then they talked about the Sarah Silverman show. There was no argument at all. Spitzberg at one point, went outside to smoke, and Stephanie wouldn’t respond to Spitzbergs’ question of who she was sending her mail and Spitzberg said to Willen , “ Dumb Dyke,” . She had ample reasons to say it   to Willen, but this had nothing to do with Notaro. Spitzberg was pursuing a comedy career and would not want to alienate Notaro .Notaro  simply had nothing to do with her life except for Willen, at times, trying to make Spitzberg jealous and failing(ample evidence available through e-mails.)

 Her statement is in the appellate record, and these judges had it and more evidence at their disposal. Spitzberg was polite to both women except for 2 nasty words to Willen for a very specific reason, and there was nothing but an awkward meeting overall.  Spitzberg never got into anyones space and if you look in any way carefully and this and then the next supposed incidents you can see that this is all invented by the sick and stupid heads of Tig Notaro and Stef Willen. But, here are the statements unadorned.  



Of note:

What the appellate court states in their unpublished opionion that was immediately published while Spitzberg was illegally incarcerated.

In August 2007, Notaro and Willen were in a cafe having coffee when Spitzberg approached their table and began to yell insults at them, including fucking dyke, ugly, cunt, and bitch.


According to the Police report Notaro made on April 30 th of 2008In September  2007 -  Spitzberg arrived at the coffee shop and confronted Willen and Notaro. 

Sworn affidavit of Mathilde Notaro- as to the August 29, 2007 “incident.In late August of 2007, I accompanied my friend Stephanie to the Tsunami Café in Silverlake, CA.  Alisa Spitzberg approached us at our table and aggressively yelled insults at the two of us, including, “fucking dyke,.” “ugly.” “cunt,” “bitch.” Etc. 


this is not something Notaro would forget. And, then she does forget what her story was to be and puts this elsewhere but not here.  I did say they were wearing the same pants but that was the sum of my commentary on these two woman's character or attire.  See April 7th 2008 and email where Willen claims this same thing happened where Notaro is accosted by other people who curse her with these same exact words.It is also interesting to note that Notaro claims this happened with other perpetrators at another time. It is also interesting to see this from comedians magazine online. Notaro's words:



 "Notaro points out that there’s a bug flying around her room and then recounts a less rosy moment with an audience, “I was doing this joke called Wheelchair Becky. (from by ComedyCentral - “It’s just so hard for me to accept the fact that Mattel would OK the name of this product to help teach tolerance and open minds. Like, maybe some more dolls are gonna come out, like Black Byron, Chinese Charlie, Faggy Frank, Big ‘Ol Dykey Darlene. These are not Barbie’s friends. She would never hang out with these people. She’s a snob.”) Basically the idea is that Mattel put that out to show that people in wheelchairs are like anyone else. My joke is- well, then just call the doll Becky. Some people got up during the set and walked out. I asked them, ‘Where are you headed?’ and they said ‘Maybe you’ll think twice before you make fun of people.’ One of the woman pointed at somebody she was with and was like, ‘He just got over cancer...’ I was so baffled, so confused. Everybody was baffled! I don’t know where they read in that I was saying, ‘Haha you have cancer.’ Nowhere. I don’t know where it came about. So, they left and started yelling with the owner of the bar, it turned into a brawl and the cops came. I was still on stage this whole time. A fist fight broke out... This is all during my set. I had to stay focused and talk to audience while people were pinning each other down and screaming. And one of the guys that left, the police broke his leg while they were holding him down.

What Notaro says happened, under oath, on May 28th 2008 to Judge Gerald Rosenberg




(in court Notaro forgets that I did the ugly cunt bitch thing here and instead now tells the court that I said those exact words 9 months later. And then she forgets that and adds it elsewhere and then I have e-mails and interviews where she accuses others of these exact same words and is constantly accusing others of harrassing her and threatening her and police coming . She is insane. And, no one had the time to figure that out or they did and didn't care because it was all about making Lavely and Singer happy at some point. 

Notaro statement to Spector –investigator- given in February of 2009- about August 29, 2007


While sitting together and waiting at tsunamis café late one night for this deaf landlord to show up Notaro said that Alisa all of a sudden and surprisingly walked in. Notaro stated that Alisa  immediately walked up to their table and “accused” them meaning herself and Willen of being together. Notaro stated Alisa then began yelling and cussing at the two of them. Notaro said is was very much a verbal tirade against the two of them. While Alisa continued yelling at both of them Notaro said a mini bottle of vodka fell out of one. of Spitzberg’s jacket pockets. At one point while all of this was going on Notaro said she then stood up and she was now standing right next to Alisa.  

 All this is now alleged to have happened inside . Here vodka falls out of jacket rather than a purse. Here I yell and curse at both of them.

The entirety of waht Notaro said to Martin Boags, City attorney, in February 2010 about  August 2007 

The parties were at the coffee shop when the defendant showed up. Initially, the defendant was focused on Willen Exclusively Defendant asked Ms. Willen, “ are you trying to avoid me? 

What Stephanie Willen says about the “incident” on August 29th 2007 to John Gregozek of the Threat management unit of the LAPD. Given in May of 2008 


Notaro waited with Willen  at approximately 2000 hours, Spitzberg arrived at sat down next to  Willen  and Notaro.. Spitzberg appeared intoxicated and began interrupting and insulting Notaro and Willen. Spitzberg told Willen that she was “horrible and despicable.” And “how could I be so wrong about you?”


Here I am in R.O hearing and Notaro is desperate to defraud this court so she can get me back for someone mocking her on the Datalounge Message board . We learn later that she is convinced that it is me and she has her lawyer draft tons of cease and desist letters. The Webmaster complies as Lavely and Singer is highly litigious but Notaro is smarting and Lavely and Singer have no recourse other than coming up with a quasi criminal proceeding and the help of their buddies John Gregozek and Jeff Dunn of the LAPD's threat management unit. Members of this unit will play act and this will scare the poor and powerless Spitzbergs and end of story. Well, the Spitzbergs love their rights and have large senses of self and so the story just won't end there or maybe ever if true justice doesn't occur.

 What willen said under oath to Judge Gerald Rosenberg on May 28th of 2008-    she doesn’t mention the entrance just tells him I sat down





You would think that the police reports made up by Notaro on April 30th 2008 (see first version) would be included in the file to obtain the R.O. But, it is not. Because the hairbrained Notaro messes up and changes her story and that would only harm her case. Notice how Willen isn't asked about any push and she doesn't volunteer. All the talk about "You look good together' is Willen's invention. She hoped for jealousy and a scene such as this but it never occurred.

Willen evaded the investigator for the defendant but she then did make this statement to Martin Boags, City attorney, or maybe in was Katie Ford, in March of 2010. In August of 2007:


Alisa walked in and saw me and Tig and looked shocked. Witness said Alisa "got in our space." very agressively, sitting down right across from them at their table, w/o being invited. At one point  a bottle of vodka fell out of her purse. Alisa seemed humbled and retreived it.  Alisa also showed Stef willen some loose papers in her bag and claimed to have something Stephanie Willen needed to hear.  there was an open mike poetry night at the time.  


Here it is heading to trial and they need a narrative because the story never made any sense- Now I have loose papers and am wanting to read Willen something. Pure invention- For the first time they admit that there was an open mike poetry going on. It begs too many questions and so they managed to keep it out before they knew that Sam was on call to testify and that other witnesses were set to testify.

They ignored Spitzberg, who followed them outside, became more belligerent, and shoved/pushed Notaro. Spitzberg denied pushing Notaro.


Notaro’s statement to TMU-  as to the August 29, 2007 “incident.

Willen  ignored Spitzberg and walked out of the shop with Notaro. Spitzberg stepped  in front of Willen and said,  “You trying to avoid me.”  Willen ignored Spitzberg who then  pushed Notaro.  Notaro and Willen left without reporting the incident. PUSH OUTSIDE- NO STEPPING INFRONT INVOLVED. They have changed the invented dialogue yet again.

Notaro statement to Spector -investigator


At one point while all of this was going on Notaro said she then stood up and she was now standing right next to Alisa. After standing up, Notaro stated that Alisa then Shoved her with both her hands, as well as she next said, “ are you Steph’s keeper.” After that had occurred Notaro advised that both she and Willen then left this coffee shop, due to the fact they didn’t  want any more violence to occur on Alisa’s part.  As they quickly walked out of this coffee shop, Notaro said that Alisa continued to follow them out of this location on foot.


Here this alleged push happens inside. Here no on e stood in front of anyone. They run out this time after the push but in the other version they run inside from the outside to retrieve belongings.  Here the lies really help because here we have tons of eyewitness at the ready who would have heard or see such behaviors. Tsunami is a tiny and very quiet place btw. There an open mike in progress and an open poetry night. Yet, only Notaro and then Willen see, feel, or hear pushes and tirades.

 Sworn affidavit of Mathilde Notaro- as to the August 29, 2007 “incident.

In late August of 2007, I accompanied my friend Stephanie to the Tsunami Café in Silverlake, CA.  Alisa Spitzberg approached us at our table and aggressively yelled insults at the two of us, including, “fucking dyke,.” “ugly.” “cunt,” “bitch.” Etc.We ignored her and went outside, but she followed us and became angrier and more belilligerent. As I motioned for Stephanie to gather her belongings to leave, Alisa came closer and pushed me. 

Here I curse them inside and push Notaro outside. I don't sit down or have any vodka etc. No one steps in front of anyone either.

Court testimony of notaro  describing August 29,2007



Notaro to Martin Boags about” September 2007” given in February of 2010

Initially, the defendant was focused on Willen Exclusively Defendant asked Ms. Willen, “ are you trying to avoid me. The witness told Ms. Willen, “let’s go.” at which point Ms. Spitzbeg directed her attention to the witness and  asked, what are you, her fucking keeper?” Defendant shoved the witness, who left with Ms. Willen.  


Now Nutso Notaro is really at a loss for memory and the invented dialogue is "are you trying to avoid me," directed at Willen.  Now I'm focused on Willen not her while before it was always her.  Here I am asking someone if they are trying to avoid me while I am supposedly in their face. They are now sticking with the fake "are you her keeper," thing because they are being coached for consistency.  This makes no sense . They are trying mightily to invent some reasoning but they fail because there is just too many versions out there at this point.

I never would say " Are you her keeper." That is the most annoying part of this-- They give me language and words that idiots like them use.  I had zero animus towards Tig Notaro here and only mild disgust for Willen . But, now... you can imagine. Now, I am not a fan. Ha. Willen has committed a crime by lying to the police and and then to a prosecutor much  later on when the pressure was on her from Tig. But, she never did invent the push story for the court hearing and so Willen is not guilty of perjury.And, she wasn't called to testify in the criminal matter (that arose as retailiation for a civil suit brought against Notaro for defamation, )so Willen was smart enough or lucky enough to avoid the felony charges that must result soon.Here there is no mention of inside or outside because they are aware of the witnesses and they are aware that Notaro and willen are filthy liars.

Willen’s Statement from Follow up investigation - august 29th 2007 “incident.” 

Willen walked outside and spitzberg called Willen a, “ Dumb ugly dyke.” Spitzberg then  pushed Notaro.  Willen  stepped between Notaro and Spitzberg, and Notaro suggested they leave. Notaro  and Willen walked away while Spitzberg shouted insults at them.  


Here now the brave Willen is stepping between Notaro and Spitzberg. Now, the curses change to just include, "Dumb ugly dyke.Here no one follows them by foot. Willen will then invent that spitzberg chases them down in one car- though oddly enough both say that they came in different cars.

I did call Wille a Dumb Dyke outside after she wouldn't answer me a civil question. Mind you, at this point everything was a 100 percent civil and I've always admitted to calling Willen Dumb Dyke. But that was IT. And she knows it and the filthy Tig Notaro knows it. And, it was unremarkable and outside and there was three boys out there smoking too and it wasn't even noticed it was said so mildly.  Notice how here now I shout insults but they don't name the insults. Notice how the insults are now outside not inside.

In later version I am chasing down there car or following them. This is all lies and retaliation for daring to mock " You're wearing the same pants' these two narcissistic sociopaths. Notaro and Willen think they are demigods . You should seem them strutting around in court. And, I dared insult them and they sure got their revenge.

Court testimony of willen as to august 29,2007- transcript --- pg. 20


me talking: Willen isn’t asked about the “push” by the judge and she doesn’t volunteer this information. Now I'm doing stuff. No push. No hardcore curses such as  "Dyke cunt bitch." My version and the truth: Never was anywhere near their faces or even near them.  I sat as far as I could from them in that coffee shop. That is why no one noticed the three of us together that night or anything about us though it turned out we were the only 3 females in this tiny  and crowded place.

 Willen's statement to Martin boags or Katie ford, City Attorneys, given in March 20010 .


They kept replacing these stupid and corrupt city attrorneys. Here they are changing it up because they realized a jury will see it now.They have to invent a narrative for this jury to buy. they have to invent jealousy etc because there has never been any evidence of it. Tig Notaro and Stef Willen according to many e-mails were hanging out all the time. No one would be shocked to see them together. willen had told spitzberg that they hung out all the time and so this is all a fake story created when the real story long ago indicated that willen and notaro were shameless and obvious liars. The true story is that not one of these cliche statements was made and there was no saracsm or mocking that ever occurred. NOTE: Here



Witness said a couple of things like, "Alisa, not now," or " No,we're not together." as Alisa kept looking at Tig and Stef Willen and joking about what a wonderful couple they made and Alisa knew all alolng this would happen... match made in heaven... Alisa's tone was very sarcastic and mocking.  Tig just ignored Alisa completely. Finally witness got up to go outside and  look for landlord. Alisa followed and got "into witnesses face" Stef Willen doesn't recall exactly what Defendant said, But basically told Willen she didn't have any humanity etc. Alisa was very aggressive, inches from Willen's face.  Tig tried to help and stepped between Alisa and Willen and said they should go.  Willen agreed.  Then Alisa got in Tig's face and started yelling asking who she thought she was, "her keeper>" etc. Tig ignored her. The Alisa pushed her!  Willen ran inside to get her bags. Willen and Notaro began walking quickly away and Alisa started after them for a ways, yelling something like " You stupid dumb bull dykes, stupid cunts."


Willen forgets her lies and now says that Tig "tried to help." and stepped in front of spitzberg and notaro. In her last statement she said that she was the hero and stepped in front of Notaro and spitzberg. Notaro doesn't remember any of that. Stef Willen is a wannabe writer and is adding more and more fiction without conferring with Notaro first. Willen is a grifter who depended on Notaro for a place to live and jobs and saw this all as a great opportunity to win back the favors of Notaro. 


Martin I unbenched my own father  Boags was taken off the case because he was, at this point, really messing up with soviet era competency ploys and the addition of charges that would open up everythign to scrutiny. Soon after he started interviewing "witnesses" against me he was yanked off the case. Because, it turned out that it was obvious that they all were lying and now he'd gone and added four charges based on this date and the upcoming ones. He added these four charges saying that what happened here was stalking and criminal threats. He added this after the competeny and jail tactics didn't scare me off.


So, I'm all  happy that he added these charges because my legalish brain figures this gets me to open up the fraudulent restraining order and cross examine all of the liars and to bring in my witnesses, Heidi, Sam, Julius, and the Largo Bartender and to get the videotape made by STeve agee that night. My Pd is like- No four charges added are bad. I say no no... it is great. Of course, the new cretin, Katie Ford, is too smart to allow these charges to stand. She gets that this will not only show that I didn't commit any criminal acts but that the restraining order was obtained by extrisnsic and intrinsic fraud.  The charges are added on January 21st of 2010 and dropped in early March of 2010. They didn't succeed in getting me to plea and or Meanine Mousie Katie Ford gets that the inclusion of these fake four charges will open up the R.O to collateral attack. It turns out that by law that I had the right to attack the R.O collaterally but the prosecution begged and needled the judge that this would take too long and cost even more money so I wasn't allowed this legal right because they had messed up so badly and the opening of the order would, as the judge said, " Open up that Pandora's Box."


Now, I'm forced to do it in other ways. I won at trial without benefit of being allowed this  collaterall attack on this order. The prosecution begged and sweated and whined about not letting in anything to do with this order because they long knew it was a sham and everything would go kaput just on the supposed push alone. Why else bother with competency ploys and coercive confinement?  Why beg the judge not to include anything from before Judge Gerald Rosenberg signed his nefarious name to this fraudulent order. You would think they would want that kind of stuff. They begged that this not be included and they requested that it not be mentioned that my mother is a holocaust survivor. No one asked to say that and the fact that they were so scared that this would come in is telling. They wanted nothing but to win on a techicality they wrung from some void order. By creating a spectacle the jury was bamboozled that such a technicality must have occurred if this matter merits a 15 day trial.  Still, that judge knew what was really up, at this point, and thank god for him and that one highly perceptive juror. I was given no defense on the bogus did I or did I send a message to Notaro through Martha Kelly. Did I do so willfully etc. Well, it was never reported either way until Notaro was served with a civil suit and had the jury known that the prosecution would be the laughing stock they should be. But, I was thrown under the bus by a city worker,  and so that was denied me. In the end, one juror and one judge came out smelling like a rose. Bless them. The court reporters were fine too. And, I have no beef with bailiffs though of course some of them are beady eyed little maniacs.

Not to mention that they left an e-mail trail that shows conclusively that they engaged in malicious prosection- they knew that Notaro was a liar and now they were doing this from malice- ie. I mocked  Boags kalpakian Waxler some judges  on my blog.  Ample evidence and witnesses to show that too.



What a completely unbiased witness says about what really happpened in this coffee house on August 29th 2002  can be found on my blog - link to the right.


And, here's the truth about the second "incident."


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This is too complex to lay out here, Fernsy dear. A narrative approach might be best, in summary form posted in small segments. Like maybe starting with being in jail and having your mom have to visit you there and endure this whole public ordeal with you. Then move into a backgrounder on how you came to know these people and how your relationship went south. Then how it all ended up in the legal system and how corrupt and biased that was.

Blogging spontaneously is probly not the best way to get this story told. Work on it offline, run it by some friends - I'm happy to help - and maybe even open a new blog here on OS dedicated solely to that, so you can blog other stuff without mixing that issue into everything else. That's why I started the Matt Paust blog, so's I could keep the novels on ClarkK longer to give people more time to get around to those postings.
Thanks Matt. I just want to show one paragraph for now. I'm working offline on the second and it's more of a doozy. I'm trying to break it down to the best of my ability. I guess my disgust and hatred is now directed at these appelate judges. They decided this when I was jailed illegally. I was denied the oral hearing. There was zero legal basis for my arrest and incarceration for 30 days.
They had my response and they had the transcript of the hearing and they were simply covering the miserable ass of Judge Gerald Rosenberg. There is no reasonable way these conclusions could be arrived at ,and then to post it online. It's so beyond sickening.... It's just.... too much.
I am not the type to share my business so privately, normally. These are not normal times and I feel as if I need to do anything to just counter that link used by you know who.
If people think it is weird or too much- so be it.
I never cared to gain mass approval.
So, please understand and respect that, Matt. I know you mean well, and I think you area sweetheart, but please... no more advice on the presentation.
"I never cared to gain mass approval. "

Neither have I.. so you go girl
Rated with hugs and much love
Matt: Thanks.
Linda: This is a story of such... public interest. I'm willing to put up with the very possible OS scorn to just.. get it out. It gets to be a full blown travesty at some point. Thanks, Linda. You're a lovely person. I hate hate hate this Judge Mallano, Johnston, and Rothschild or the second division in Los Angeles. I despise them. Not healthy or fun...
You have to present this in the manner you feel comfy with sweetie. If we don't get it..we can ask. I know I will. :-) You're a strong woman..stay that way..I like it. xxxooo
What's mass approval? Is that like standing in a huge crowd while waiting to get on the subway in Boston..just asking...
Here's the weird/awful thing. Even if it were all true -- and things happened as "they" said -- what they describe is a minor unpleasant incident. Happens all the time. How did YOUR case become such a tempest? To me, that's the supreme question. The true puzzle and the true abuse of power. Why? I'm sure you have the same question, one that haunts you, and cannot be answered.
I'm with the rest of your friends and supporters here, fernsy, counting the days towards your vindication and victory. xxxx ~R
Thank you, Bellwether. Thanks for giving me such a great question.
I agree. But, a big problem is that this didn't happen in any way. Nothing happened that night or ever that was remotely criminal on my part or I just didn't say a nasty thing to Notaro that night or ever. These two crazed sociopaths made it all up. And, then these two changed all there stories over and over again. and. the case did become a tempest because Notaro freaked out that she lied 9 months later and made up this story about August 29th 2007. She ran and got a lawyer ,who in my opinion, and those of anyone who really see this case- arranged that their freinds play act and scare me. these friends were detectives from a particualar LAPD unit. A unit that has a lot of business with the lawyer Notaro got and a law firm that is notorious for bullying and dirty tricks- Lavely and Singer. So, Notaro was convinced I was mocking her online. Rather than suing me for defamation or finding out if it was me, she got this ball rolling. It's doubtful she had much say. She's not powerful or surely doesn't appear that way. These cops and this law firm ) made some deductions- I don't have money or power- I'll be scared. I wasn't and then I sued her for defamation when I found out the scope of her slander and banning of me and just nightmare after nightmare. The restraining order hearing was a set up. The judge in no way even bothered to pretend.
Immediatedly after I sued her in August of 08, I got something in the mail that said I now had violated this fraudulent restraining order. My mother freaked out and she called this cop that came to our house to serve me with the order and who it turned out did tons of other illegal stuff- and she said, "How could you do this. You were in my house. You know my daughter didn't do anything." And, this detective of this unit said this, " What can I do, you sued her didn't you."
So this progressed. I was immediately offered an "amazing plea" and wouldn't take it. I managed to get the public defender to get me an investigator- which is almost unheard of for a misdemeanor with no threat of jail. and, he gets me a bonanza. No one cares that she lied and so many other lied- actually perjured themselves. They start adding more charges. That doesn't get me to plea. They up the ante over and over and we won't buckle(my little mother was so brave and such a fighter it's incredible)They come up with soviet era competency ploys. They get foiled. They jail me for thirty days. That doesn't work. They add four more charges and offer me a "nice" plea. Nope. All kinds of harrasment throughout- broken car windows, strange phone calls. Lots of stuff.
It goes to trial and they lose... big. But, my name is still not cleared and I'm a trustless mess. Now, the appeal being posted online(when it is based on lies they knew to be lies) and the struggle to get lawyers who will handle malicious prosecution. Non stop work to organize the travesty so it doesn't take them too long. Thanks, Bell. Phew.
Thank you, dear Fusun. It's a strange and terrible battle this... regaining your name. I was always very private and lived in a way which didn't make me real enemies or would cause me to be reviled in any way. The way the story progresses....The way tons of cretinous wannabe comedians will come out of the woodwork to try and get something from my misfortune. The way judges and the police and the city attorney will break law after law after law. All, because-- from what I've heard from the Public defenders- they just never saw anyone "like me," I know that sounds self congragulatory but I think I might be a tough customer and I think these bozos (that's a good story- when they try to jail me for calling them bozos- I have the transcripts) just didn't anticipate a fight and didn't know what to do to save themselves the obvious liability once it got out of control. My mother and sister are so similar and we just took it to the limit. In the end it became truly barbaric . I/we encountered either evil people or those working only in their own interests over and over and over and over and over again.
I can't believe this could happen America. I can't believe that there are so many bad people and that I met so many in such a short time. And, still no outrage, no protests, no real justice, nothing much but a lot of anger and hurt and disgust. And, it's something I wouldn't wish on anyone.
Fernsy my love....ppl have so fucked your head.....take a step back...fuck the assholes and are too sweet and lovely to wallow in this you...not criticisim....just a path to happiness...they dont matter
Hadrian: Thanks. I took that stance for 2 years and it didn't work at all. Is the 9 month span clear to anyone? I was told that this would get laughed out of court by lawyers when this first happened. They and I didn't antiscipate that Judge Gerald Rosenberg was on the take and who and What Lavely and Singer are.
Oh, well. If they didn't arrange for that phony appeal to be published online, I'd be here writing about my sweet pig or other things. I don't know Tig Notaro at all and I barely know Stef Willen. They are two stupid and vicious creeps who wanted to destroy me for no good reason, basically. This site is very googleable and I'm hoping that eventually the real version supplants the "appeal." Thanks, Hadrian. I appreciate your comment and yes... its presentation.
I dont understand, everything you posted indicates yhat you did harass them. Where is your side of the story? I am really trying to understand but your posts about this tend to be a bit disjointed. I get thier side of the story and I understand that you say specific people are lying but where is the real story that you keep talking about?
Hi Jessica213- No I never harrassed them. I presented what it looks like when liars are faced with trying to get their stories straight. But this demands too much from the uninitiated reader and I am working on that. My side of the story has and always will be that this never happened. Nothing happened and any attention to the versions they start creating over a 2 year period become amazing. On the blog I put up the documents of an an unbiased eyewitness at this supposed "incident" . He was right there as were many at that open mike poetry night and no commotion of any kind occurred . So much so that no one remembered me or Notaro or Willen. Then, the next date- the same. Notaro's own talent agent comes forth with the truth- I never bothered much less harrassed the insane Notaro or the insane Willen or anyone. But, this does, it seem, require too much much work on the part of the reader and I understand that and will try to tell my story accordingly.
It is really, in some way, a masterpiece of truth vs lying.

Notaro in one version is being called all kinds of ugly names(that I just don't use) and then she forgets and puts it as happening 9 months later. In one version she says she is pushed inside after a verbal tirade. But then she forgets and put this "push" outside and forgets the verbal tirade. Then she and Willlen proffess that I follow them by "foot," and then they forget. Since the truth is not at thier disposal they now feel pressured to invent intoxication on my part. So they start putting a vodka bottle in the scene. Alas, they mess up and forget or they say it was in may jacket once and then the next time- in my purse. Well, there was never intoxication or a vodka bottle or harrassment. They are lying and you would think details such as where and when such a push happened would be remembered. But, I do the leg work the corrupt unit assigned due to Notaro somehow obtaining the law firm Lavely and Singer , will not do, and find the witnesses. The witnesses I am lucky enough to find are wholly unbiased, and ultimately are horrified, by what Notaro and those she gave jobs to have done to completely innocent people. It snowballs from here, but it is all based on how it is apparently very hard to keep a false story.... straight.
This is awesome. I can see that they are lying. No story matches the next.
It takes a bit of effort. This was interesting. Good luck!
Alexjoy: Thanks a lot. So appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.
Then Stef Willen with tell the utterly corrupt, Katie Ford City attorney, that I chase there car after this. None of this happened at all. How did two disturbed lesbians like Stef Willen and Tig Notaro cause so much damage to law abiding citizens? They need to be prosecuted by the "People." They stole so much money with their twisted games.
Stef Willen and Mathilde Notaro are disgraceful liars.