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May 24
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NOVEMBER 18, 2011 12:41PM

Fred Hallman is on the mend!

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I recieved a PM From Fred, two days ago, but have been waiting on his permission to publish the PM to OS. He hasn't gotten back to me . I feel I should just tell the many who have expressed care and concern, that he's alive and fighting. He spent many months in hospitals and has come to view insurance companies as the soulless bastards they are( My words, not his. He was more gentle.)

It appears that Fred has been through hell, and is fighting his way back to normalcy. Thank goodness, or something --  he is still here to fight another day.

He misses  OS, and can't wait to return,  so it is very possible that if you leave a comment,down there, he will see it, and it will provide some rehabilitative juices. Or better yet, send him a PM.

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thanks for the fred report - fight on fred!
Fred: I have thought about you a lot and glad that fernsy posted this.
get well my friend we miss you
Glad to hear this. Thanks, Fernsy. Fred, stay strong, keep up the fight. The mice are getting the best of the OS Saloon.
Bless you, Fernsy!
Fred, sorry to hear things have been so tough. I'm so glad it is starting to turn around. Consider yourself hugged and come back soon.

Good news, fernsy! And I love the new word: "alove"! A cross between alive and full of love :) Best wishes to you, Fred!
Fernsy, so thoughtful of you to post this.
Love the tags.
Keep fighting, Fred! Hope you are all better soon!

(fernsy, when Natalie Wood died I remember all these foul play wonders happening, it never quite added up...)
Best wishes to you, Fred. Hang in there and come back and see us sometime.
Fred, get better, you're missed. Thanks for the good news fernsy.
Nice job fernsy. Hi Fred. It was good news to learn that you are on the mend. Plenty of OS spam awaits your return :-)
Thank you for sharing this information - and giving us all a good dose of hope and OS love.

Sending out good thoughts and vibes to Fred!
Good Lord. People pop-in and pop-out of OS and you just figure they have a life. Thanks for the alert and the (good?) news.
Thanks Fernsey. Fred I will give you my healing thoughts.
finally some damn good news.
We need some good news. Fred was just always popping in and around with light and fun. I remember how he was going to go cross country in a state of the art RV. I was hoping for a visit. We were going to sing a song together or something equally Fredish.
From what I understand, he has very intermittent internet access and didn't have any for many months. He has been in Hospitals all this time but he says that he is making "great progress."
Dreidele: It was a typo. "Alove," is kind of cool but I have to change it cause it didn't come from any creative place. xo.
Justthinking: What a story. I always thought it would be something if it was Robert Wagner-- what a strange and amazing villian he would make.
Incredible how sometimes it can take 30 years for the truth to come out, if ever. And, then there is the LAPD were covering it up for a celebrity angle, which I've seen firsthand. If you get the right lawfirm in L.A , on your side, you can get away with murder, literally.
Greenheron: Good to see you. I've often wondered why you don't come by but what you gonna do ;>(
This is fantastic news. I have been wondering about him. Thanks for the update.
glad he continues to heal despite their (insurance's) best efforts. Come get back in the saddle, Fred.
Excellent news Fernsy! Thanks for this wonderful report!
Fernsy thank you for bringing good news!

Fred, I can't imagine the terrible ordeal you have been and are still going through. My best wishes for you to be very well again soon. You are missed here.
Great news.

And yes, private insurance companies are in business for profit, as much profit as possible. The nature of the beast.
I send him the link .Let's hope he comes back raring to go with a Cigna Worthy second career.
Hey your smiling because you hit the jackpot with this one on fred.
Thank you so much for this news. I have been so worried about him.
I have written to see if he will answer and I check his blog every so often to see if he might be back. I miss him and hope to see him here again someday.
rated with lots of love & TLC for Fred
I don't know, Fred, but I wish him the best. Thank you for letting us know he is on the mend. R.
I don't know Fred that well either, but I know the smile & the loving-kindness ~ thanks Fernsy ; good news.