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had to flee Los Angeles, s.o.s, Disgruntled state of Dystopia as the kids say
May 24
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DECEMBER 10, 2011 11:28PM

Jeffrey Dunn and John Gregozek and the TMU are terrorists

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I took out the color because as if all this  wasn't bad enough -- it made us  orange.   I was wearing pants without a button,  and they didn't give us any time to change, as you can see in the tape.  So we all look as bad as we ever possibly could.
This is the first clip from the tape. There are more. And, some of it really is just too surreal for mortals. There is  scene where my mother literally is held hostage by some clueless cop who insists my mother tell her all about her experiences in the Holocaust as she holds my mother hostage. 
A  chunk has been edited out by them. When I walked out first door there was  a woman  waiting for me and telling me she was from "Mental Health."  She said strange things and I told her to get lost.
Then, the elevator opened and 10 or more of them came out and I kept saying, " Are you fucking kidding me." Bizarrely, they felt the need to remove that. I can't yet figure out why they thought that was so indicting.
 Interestingly, this woman from "Mental Health?-- Who you can see( Blonde hair and not dressed up as a cop,) was never heard from again. My assumption is that she was decent enough to want nothing to do with this level of fraud and corruption.
 Also my sister kept asking to see they search warrant , and they wouldn't let her and that has been edited out.  Then, much more is edited out, and I guess they'll get away with that too.
This is the police report written by John "Lying sack of crap" Gregozek" in reference to the 18 man raid seen above.november 12th 2009 boagsJohn Gregozek has lied in case 8CA10541, from day one. According to Gregozek and his psycho supervisor, Jeffrey Dunn(whom didn't sign this one either. His signature is missing from most of these phony "supplementals")John Gregozek is telling the assorted judges and prosecutors that 4 nonexistent charges exist, and that only he and ONLY Officer Jaime came to execute the search warrant. Hmmm, forgot about the other 16, Detective Douche? The tape doesn't lie. The rest of this bogus "supplemental" is amazing but will be adressed at length at another time. The guestbook posting alleged by Allison Hart of Lavely and Singer and Tig Notaro,  would not lead to a search warrant being issued 3 months later. Especially, since John Gregozek, actually discovered the IP and it led to someone else not associated with me.I believe it was Tig Notaro sending messages to herself and they knew it.  So, the search was a ploy used to gain such acess to terrorize us into not suing. There can be no other explanation.
Accompanying tunes,perhaps:
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Oh God fernsy, my heart was pounding. It hit me a thousand times harder watching it. I don't know what words to use to describe what I felt, horror, fury at the injustice, revulsion at power used so flagrantly to do wrong. How many storm troopers to take on two small women and an elderly holocaust survivor, and a battering ram? Seriously? If that horror is what they left in, I can only imagine what they took out.

Are any of them even human to not feel shame? God you poor thing, your poor mom. If they did this to you, they are doing it to others and those who order it are very bad. I didn't wish enough on every hand that did or allowed this. May they each receive one thousand times what they gave you and others. May my request go from my lips to Gods ears. I will sing from Psalms for you tomorrow morning.

I'm so sorry sweet heart. Love to you, your sister and your mom.
I am there with Bleue and jramelle, I cannot even imagine all you have been through. I just hope and pray that you will get free of this horror and compensated by these evil lost souls.
rated with love
This is way over the top, fernsy; I am so sorry. This cannot go on. Hang in there, my friend.
Such horror. To have the bravery to look into the eyes of such monsters and state, "I am not scared.", marks ye as quite a fine lass. Now ram it down their throats and make them bleed.
Bluee: It all so much worse even. Then they suceeded in getting a Judge Maria Stratton to jail me for 31 days and to have no bail allowed and no charges were even brought . This is unheard of from what I understand. Sorry to transfer any of the wordless gasping misery onto anyone else but I'm compelled to post it. I fear that many have and will assume that something anything would have to be done by us to deserve this. And, I can say(and they simply can't argue) that all of this was done with no crime comitted and no suspicion of any crime. This truly is what can happen to anyone who blogs about sociopaths. I just read how in Thailand they put away a guy for 20 years for saying something unfavorable about a royal member of the family. It is not nearly as different here as we'd like to believe. The uniforms and battering ram? No explanation other than the fact that Jeffrey Dunn figured this would be the best way to get me to plea to "informal diversion," and leave him and Lavely and Singer alone.
JR: Sorry for causing nausea. You know I never thought they'd hand it over. It took me writing many e-mails to get it and they charged 15 bucks for it too.
Maybe someone knows about this but shouldn't there be some time stamps and why would it say that the tape was created in December of 2005? It was acklowledged by the judge, at the end, that sooo many measures and people were involved and that this was all a civil matter, before he threw out all the charges. This was actually a full fledged conspiracy, at some point. This is what can happen when you mess with a turd -- who gets herself the right representation in L.A, basically. This is what can happen when you are oblivious to "your place." Thanks for your kindess and support throughout.
RomanticP: I feel as if they have made us lost souls. But, I like your take and have tried to think of them in that way. When I returned from the illegal baseless jailing I recieved a message on the phone that said in a man's voice,. " We just want you to leave us alone." I swear to god. The fact that I called a crony of theirs a sausage was all it took for them to come that day. I'll never believe it but all evidence leads to this conclusion. Thanks for your comment. It brings some measure of releif to have others see it.

Toth: That's the feeling, " It cannot go on." But, it does.
Scylla: You caught that? Cool. Did you notice how they keep moving me around and rehandcuffing me. I read a part of a book where this Jeffrey Dunn shows up ,and he talks about how he has ways to scare off people by such tricks. In this book he can care less if the person is guilty or not he just openly talks about how he'll jail them or play with them so they lose.
Tink: You snuck in. I'll take a headshake. Thanks.
They were hoping to get you to overreact, which is why they had the video rolling. You three were marvelous, Ferns. I do believe this tape, if nothing else, will hang them. And I know you have plenty more. This enrages me. So glad you now have a judge who's not part of the corrupt machine.
It pisses me off beyond words. Fascist fucks.
Matt: Hmmm... I think you are right. I never quite got why they brought that photographer. Oddly, this tape was created in "December of 2005" and no time stamps of any kind. So far it seems they are untouchable. This unit wrote on all their perjurious affidavits" Our unit protects city workers and judges." I kid you not. This unit is in charge of protecting city workers and judges and it goes somewhat in explaining why so much madness took place on the part of so many judges here. Bad news on the judge in charge of the civil rights case: He might not be as complicit in the outright rackets that go in those courts, but he's a republican who loves the cops. I have to recuse him, actually. And, it looks like I'll have to appeal his decision regarding Dr. Kaushal Sharma and some freak named Reeta Piazza, because he's simply not following any law and he is saying really pro cop and city attorney things, on the record. He appears to think the system is just wonderful and that all along he has been humoring me.
He keeps citing laws that don't apply too and then turning red and all touchy when I say, " But, that's not the law... your honor." . It's all just a non stop waking nightmare. I fear the pool is too poisoned downtown and I am just spinning all kinds of wheels. Thanks again, Matt.
Bobbot: This is fascism and this is the patriot act at work. They were able to get away with things that no American would believe. Call up Civil Rights lawyers and learn a whole seperate horror- they will only take a case where there is broken bones or death . Otherwise... to much work they say. Three told me that my case involves Judge Maria Stratton and so.... sorry and good luck. I can only hope for a miracle at this point.
I wasn't able to open the video, the picture of you, the look in your eyes and those fully ammo'd up policeman is unbelievably sad and scary.
I have always been wary of military and this reinforces why.
A nightmare come true and very hard to watch. So sorry this happened!
Its not very compelling TV, Fernwood. You have to come out screaming with a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon, grabbing the cops hair and cursing. What you gonna do when they come for you?
I take it back. The second half is muuch better. You should turn it into a realy sarcastic COPS spoof. Or one on homeland security.
Rita: I never was too wary of military or police but should have been. I think this is something that happened when Hollywood wealth and power( Lavely and Singer) meets up with underpaid police who want more of the pie. I have no doubt that members of this phony unit live on salaries that are not paid by the govermnent. Thanks for dropping in on this mess.

Ms. Royal: Thank you. Just having witnesses seems to take away some of the terrible pressure and frustration, and makes me feel a tiny bit safer.
JW: I don't even believe it.
Noirville: Thanks for the laugh. So true. Later on they will start looking very dissapointed. Mission failed. What you gonna do when they come for you? Yep, interesting. If I was guilty I'd probably break down or if there was anything dirty in my computers or apartment I'd probably crack. But, there wasn't, and so all I could do is hang as tough as possible as this sickness played out.
God damn, fernsy. How awful. It really hit me harder seeing the video of you, your frail mom and your sister. We are clearly living in a police state.
Noirville: Yeah the second half of this clip is better. "Call the laaaaaaawyer. Jeff Dunn just admitted that this was revenge." Of course they edited the part where I ask this Jeff Dunn, " Why am I being arrested," and he says with pure hate in his beady eyes," I read your blog." Then, just 50 minutes more of me being dragged downstairs to an unmarked car and then my mother and sister in the hall waiting and them trying to talk sense to the cops guarding them. Yeah, a spoof perhaps. You are an idea man, Mr. Ledenrocker.
Then, they actually brought in homeland security, or someone who professed to once have worked for them, a Sam Moreno, and he just folded on the witness stand when it was revealed that he was just bullshitting. I'm starting to think that our country is a huge farce.
Erika: I hope that it's just L.A that is so bad. I have to hope that. My mother is a little angel. That they would do this to her is what drives me to such.... ahhhhhhhhhh. Thanks for being here.
"rich people march on washington every day"
--i.f. stone

"We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both."
--supreme court justice louis brandeis

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!"
--upton sinclair

"One withstands the invasion of armies; one does not withstand the invasion of ideas."
--victor hugo

occupy party reaches critical mass/seismic effect--now what?
Simply unbelievable. I'm too stunned for words.
You have shocked me before but this one has shocked me further down the road where the streets have no name.
I'm at a loss for words and still incredulous at what I watched. Who taped this, Ferns? This is a horrible nightmare from which I hope you'll wake up to a happy dawn and leave all the ugliness behind. Too upsetand shaking to say more at this time. Love to you, your mom, and your sister.

I kept rubbing my eyes thinking I was having a nightmare and would wake up to see something else playing out. My heart is sick for you and your family and for our country. The country that used to be ours. Maybe. At some point in time. Thirty years ago perhaps. In another dimension. In a really nice dream.
Mind blowing. Hang in there. Keep writing!
vzn: Nice quotes. Thanks. I'm particularly fond of the one by Victor Hugo.
Geriant: Thanks for coming by. You are safer in Saudia Arabia.
Algis: Lovely cryptic comment. This does take one to a place where the streets have no name. Thanks.
Fusun: I have few words left too. All I can say is thank you and how when that new dawn does show up -- I wish to celebrate it with you.
Mimetalker: Yes. No crime. No suspicion of a crime. Merely a bunch of crazed bullies doing as they please to retaliate for percieved slights to one of their fellow bullies.

The Good daughter: It' s not my country anymore, that's for sure. I would guess this is happening everywhere. Thanks for coming by. It means a lot. Hope I can enjoy your blog very soon.
ChicagoGuy: I'd rather try to be amusing. But, I think this should be seen. Thanks.
I clung to safety in the only sound that was human,
your mother's
whose rhythms &
resonance make it barely
bearable, F. "Shame on you.''

An insect infestation on you.

Tears of rage from me.
The police state is here and this is the proof.
what a damn nightmare fernsy.
I am shaken to the core here.
James: Well, your comment made me cry like mad. Yes, locusts or insect Why though and how and why are they getting away with it? I look so damned fat there and my hair is such a mess. I promise I am much better looking, and my sister and mother are so much prettier. Oy, vanity. Such degradation and then looking so fat!
Mission: Good to see you. It is indeed a police state and this is concrete proof. I just spotted your new post in the corner of the eye and there you are. Thank you.
also, u did a hell of a job of keeping yer calm
yet also exercising yer rights
and yer lungs , you feisty
gal u. electric, your

ha, on 2nd view it DOES get funny...
not for you i know, but
knowing u are safe
and making them
pay for this shit
i can enjoy it...

they better not have harmed the blue dish!
oh would ya shut up, u don't look fat, you
look great, you look PHAT, baby!
ha, u make me wanna write a spoof where a chick
gets arrested on totally bullshit charges & all
she worries about is her appearance on
the tape in evidence ...
That is painful and frightening to watch. How can you ever feel safe again?
People have their fingers broken.
To be insulted by these fascists
Is so degrading and it's no game.
 David Bowie, in "It's No Game (part II)


‘’She's begging to know what measures he now will be taking
He's pulling her down and she's clutching on to his long golden locks.
Gentlemen, he said I don't need your organization, I've shined your shoes
I've moved your mountains and marked your cards
But Eden is burning either brace yourself for elimination
Or else your hearts must have the courage for the changing of the guards.

Peace will come
With tranquillity and splendor on the wheels of fire
But will bring us no reward when her false idols fall
And cruel death surrenders with it's pale ghost retreating
Between the King and the Queen of Swords.”
Dylan, “changing of the guards’

And tell yer mom:

The hours of folly are measured by the clock, but of wisdom no clock can measure.

(applying to her, blake)
I just love you-- James Emmerling-- as would any sane human being.

The blue dish? WTF. I think she was talking about her medicine dish. Seeing riot geared maniacs, at your door , for no understandable reason, makes one lose focus. Odd that they would bring a swat team and not ask if there was any weapons, don't you think?James, they didn't even arrest me on charges. That's what is so bizarre and galling. No charges preceded or followed this raid and arrest. None. I was out on my own recognizance for over a year. The bogus charges were added a year and 4 months before. And, then when this didn't work they kept adding more FLAGRANTLY bogus charges. You wouldnt believe how glaring it was. Then, they had to drop 4 because they made absolutely no sense and would really expose how crazy they were to jurors. Then, it went to some 12 day show trial where I won solely due to a miracle, really. I got the most meager bullshit defense imaginable(public pretender etc) when so much could have been done to destroy the malicious prosecution underlying it all, and I still won because one juror and one judge smelled the big fat rat.

I do look like a hog there. I've lost 15 pounds since , and am svelte as I seethe with the impotence.

Bell: I won't. Thanks for watching it.

James again: I tell you -- the quotes you keep providing are giving me such succor. You can't imagine. Thanks so much. I will share them with the girls asap.
This is why people hate cops. I'm so sorry you went through this horror. ~r
Unbelievable! All of that for one small woman who didn't do a damned thing.

Dear fernsy,

I am on rural slow dial-up.
It takes long to download.
I'll imagine the You-Tube.
three me on a snowy beach
shovels and seashore pales
not one child in plain site
two NYC Open Salon staff
discuss` if The Red Cross
is spreading nice rumors
not me on a beach
men on a snowy beach
Salon Staff seen in a K-Mart
obsessive-compulsive fights
which mop to buy for Mess.
I hope
ho ho
These Nimrods don't even know what they're doing there. They're being tested as much as the system is being tested.

I read and watched this earlier, then came back to see comments. Had the same thought as James after reading your comment to him. the spoof. For gosh sakes Fernsy, they're beta testing you for the eventual lock ups of us all and you're worrying about appearances.
That is seriously funny.
I am surprised none of the Local TV investigative reporters didn't run with your story and this video.
Succor is what I am all about. Self-succor til recently, meeting such
Blazing souls as fernsie.

More succor, from the biggest succor-er, the big guy.

To the la coppers:
“it shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom in the day of judgment, than for thee.”
 11:21-24 (KJV)

Enter by the narrow gate;
for wide is the gate and broad

is the way
that leads to destruction,
(so don’t clear a path u damn fools)

and there are many who go in by it. (to their dissatisfaction
but they get what they deserve for
torturing innocent wimmin
and wise old crones)

Because narrow is the gate and difficult
is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.”

 Matthew 7
It’s not that hard to find, you macho creepazoids.
JoanH: Thanks. I never hated cops at all. Now, the sight of one feels me with disgust and fear. I'm sure your husband is great but some are not satisfied with their salaries and will what it takes to ... uhmm.... supplement it. In this case, they are surrounded by wealth and celebrity(Look up "Threat Management Unit") and they want some of it.
Janie: Thanks, take your time.
Lezlie: I look quite large there. But, thank you. I truly didn't do a damned thing. And, why the hell do they think they can do this to my mother and sister. There is no legal basis for one thing here.
Alsoknownas: Oh god you are so right. I'm absurd. It kills me to look so wide and strange in the face. Beta testing? I beleive it. Something is just so funky here and all along. I believe anything at this point. Thanks for watching and sorry for my abject foolishness ;)
Leaping Larry: To be honest, I'm too depressed to do much. I got the tape last Friday and just have been trying to find a way to cut so it could be uploaded all this time. Now that I have figured it out I will try the press. I have had much contact with them and just mostly no response and telling me how there are so many stories like this. Doesn't shock them much. Now with this tape-- we'll see. Sadly, despite all effort- 8 months after this I got smacked with PTSD and am not nearly as effective as I should be.
Unbelievable. I hope this gets straightened out.
Fernsy. I am sad as what?
Watching is very very sad.

I'm at the half-way mark`

"Go call the lawyer, Mommy."

You know we live in ill times.

Lawyers? They wear tuxedos.
I saw one in a`Wall Mart shop.
He was shoplifting `Cheetos.
Sheila: It will take so much more time and effort, sadly.
Whatta battle!
KingJames: macho creepazoids is right. Notice how the female cops strut about too. Blech. Succor Sunday-- fabulous.
ArtkingJames: You and your sweet dial up. Swoon. How I despise most lawyers-- the jokes are too kind. Though I did find one good one for a defamation suit that arose from another lawyer losing his tiny mind. I'd bet they steal cheetos. I'd bet. I'd bet they steal Fritos too.
this literally broke my heart. what has our society come to? love and blessings to you, and your family. This, F'ing sucks.
fernsy: I'm here late and really don't know what to say. What was their purpose in videotaping this? To add to the intimidation? It's hard for me to believe this that no one came out of their apartment to check things out or help., you even called for witnesses. It's like scene from a movie or bad dream -- only it's real -- but it's not -- it's a set-up. Yikes!
You are ONE amazing woman. Talk about not going gently into that goodnight.... Fernsy...write your autobiography, please. xoxoxoJ
Your mother says a beautiful thing here: "I can see on his face he has compassion..." Police are not all bad, this search warrant execution is highly unusual. I'm surprised you got the tape.
This is so unbelivable!!!!
My computer is playing videos today. I wish it wasn't. This made me cry. Again and again I can't believe what you and your family are going through. It breaks my heart.
MichelleDragoo: Thank you. It sure feels heartbreaking to us. Especially since it appears that these virulent thugs are being protected by the courts in Los Angeles.

Scarlett: Excellent question. One I haven't a sure answer to yet. All along this case is just non-stop questions and some, after time and luck, have been answered. When it comes to this one-- I think that you are right-- more intimidation. At one point my sister said to the guy taping something like, " I can't wait to get this tape." and he said, " Nope. You're not gettting it." So this is what we were dealing with. They did hand over a heavily edited version but I'm still shocked we got this at all. I don't know what they are thinking or if they just had to by law or if somehow over time someone messed up and send it to us. It doesn't really make any sense considering how there was ZERO legal basis for the search warrant and this raid.

Seer: Thank you. Hard for me to know how much rope is enough. I just know that they have harmed good people and I can't help think they do this as much as they please. So, I have to do something and I have to face the risks. After this they jailed me for 31 days and had 2 doctors paid off to say I'm incompetent to stand trial and must be FORCIBLE MEDICATED. This didn't work for them as wierd miracles kept happenening, and then I withstood a 12 day show trial and won. I grew a steel bar in my spine(not literally) They know I won't give in and killing me is the only option. So, they are at a loss when it comes to plotting ways to break me and us(My mother is much tougher than I, really) When all is said and done this all was a product of thier alliance with the Lavely and Singer Law Firm and then due to me calling one of them a Keilbasa, on a blog, when I realized that this Kielbasa was absolutely corrupt and ruthless.
U are the Trojan Horse, I said on Art king james’s swoony blog.
For the SYSTEM.
We sentcha in, sorry, but now look:
Out of u pops all these os-ers ready to shred their insect nests
And spray big Raid PUFF on em & blow their houses this way & that.

fernsy, u better not say i am implying u look like a horse, now.
u look fantastic. even in orange i am sure.
was a metaphor!
have a restful day.
BrazenPrincess: You know I feel as I should have fought harder. In retrospect, I think I should have resisted arrest but I couldn't have my mother see me beaten. Since they had no legal basis to arrest me(and this is a confirmed fact) I technically could not resist arrest. I could have shot them and still a jury would, by law, have to aquit me because they were trespassing on my property and assaulting me and my family . In fact they were kidnapping me and us by law. There was simply no legal reason for them to touch us in any way. And, I did I have reasonable fear for my life. I think we all are too lamblike, considering the fact of what they would do later. I wish I'd punched a few. Hindsight etc. Thanks dear. I'll send you links that will give you a better idea, if you'd like.

Brazen P again: I too am very surprised. This is beyond unusual. Or it is more usual that most of us know or care to know. The sheer lawlessness and their seeming total lack of accountability is too scary for words. Notice how they don't show any search warrant. Later, we'd find one but it is a bogus one where the cop who signed it, The man who gives Kielbasas a bad name-- John Gregozek-- is committing obvious perjury once again(there were other search warrants- exigent circumstance ones- the ones reserved for terrorists and pedophiles.) and the reason for the search was that 3 months before a lawyer for the lavely and singer lawfirm, Allison Hart Sievers, alleges that someone went on Mathilde Notaro's "guestbook" and called her a Morone and other misspelled things.that don't remotely threaten anyone. They write, " We believe it might be her and so need to search everything. Paraphrased but that's the gist.
They took my library card!!! It doesn' t make any sense. And, they found nothing though there was no reason to believe they would find anything. And, if they had found something in the computers it wouldn't really matter because the three of us shared a computer as of August 22nd 2009, when this alleged "guestbook posting" occurred. They simply followed no law and it appears that they are well aware that they don't have to follow any law. This unit(in the raid above) "Protect judges and city workers" and are just Mafiosi trying to get rich in Hollywood with thier badges.

I know this comment is very long. Thank you for your interest. It's been a very lonesome "journey."
Kate Ohehir: You are a morning godsend. Please please please do what you can to have as many see it as possible. I simply am too depressed to be much of an activist, this week, at least. Friends have told us "You are living a 60 minutes segment" and yet so far I just haven't had that break where they have had the time or inclination to truly look into this long and insane story. We did have a journalist covering it but the timing was all off and I was advised by too many lawyers to try the courts first.

Here is the link. Please, post it on Facebook. I am scared of Facebook for some reason. Can't understand the interface etc.

Bluefeather: That's the biggest burden of all-- to be saddled by a story that you yourself would doubt. Bizzarro and unlikely even, but I gurantee all my sweet OS friends-- you will soon see that this all is even crazier and more unjust that has been presented, and that everything I say is the absolute truth.

Lesley Stahl et al : Woohooooo. Give me that ear, willya
Alysa: Sorry. Missed you somehow in between my mammoth comment spree. You have been a friend during a time where friendship has felt impossible. This goes for quite a few of you. Just bearing witness is so appreciated. I was never a crier but now... very different. Sorry for causing you sadness.
James: I look more hoglike than horselike. Off I go to Artkingjame's blog. Thanks again for offering the kinds of trancendent(sp?!) insights that allow me to not wallow in the base reality of all this.
Scarlett again forgot: Yeah isn't it like some haunted building. Not a soul in sight. We learned that they shut the whole building down- wouldn't let people go to work! Later on, two neighbors were able to come out and one neighbor passes by and squeezes my sisters shoulder as she passes, and whill these criminal cops are standing guard.
And my sister's expression and then her starting to cry at that little dose of humanity from a neighbor she never met before. Something to see, I think.
another great day for women's equality!,,, well, policewomen anyway. "Mommy call the lawyer indeed".
But you know Fernsy, I won't worry about you too much cuz I think you're truly a bitchin rock star from Mars!
You are three beautiful, gutsy women, Fernsy.
Against what, 8, 9 officers ?
Tears here. Land of the Free. "sausage," bitter ha !
The date on the warrant in the opening frame says 09.
What's with the 05 ?
You acquitted yourself, & that's all you can do, when sense is defenestrated.
Proud, very proud to know you Alyssa.
What is safe ... and where does it live ...
“It is not nearly as different here as we'd like to believe.”

As horrifying as this is to see, I can only imagine the horror in that hallway for all three of you ... ongoing and unknowing horror ... and no one ... breaking role and reaching out ... do they look into people’s eyes or listen ... or do they just become concrete ... and these are here ... and this is now ...
terrorists ... they don’t live here ... well, here they are ... surrounding your mom, your sister and you.

What is safe ... and where does it live ...

Safe ... I think ... is in your mother’s arms ... however she is able to be who she is and to worry for you and try to reach out to them ...

Safe and strong ... three women ... here ... because you have each other ...
FERNSY, YOU have hit it. Transcendancy is the key to the wallowing in the maya, the karmic illusion of our lives. Every moment in life is a new birth. The past is there, yes, but innocently, aching to be reinterpreted by the Now perspective. Which is all there is or ever was.

“The ultimate metaphysical principle is
the advance from disjunction to conjunction,
creating a novel entity other than the entities given in disjunction.” So sez whitehead.


“Creativity is the universal of universals characterizing ultimate matter of fact.
It is that ultimate principle
by which the many,
which are the universe disjunctively

become the one actual occasion, which is the universe conjunctively.
It lies in the nature of things that the many enter into complex unity.

THE now affords us the opportunity of rebirth, shedding our skin like a snake.

Later, once we are enlightened and happy & go lucky we
Shall see our sufferings in a VERY different light, trust me, sista.
i hope to god u do not venture far from the house after this.
to re enter the world after such humiliation & terror
& rage and sorrow
takes years.

take yer time & be safe & rest up for the work ahead.

to bring down the empire.

rest. sleep. tend your loved ones.

All day the computer froze up with this video software.
Thanks to all!!!
NoahTawls: Ha. Yes, now they get to strut, snap gum, and terrorize too. One of them it will turn out is a mole- she's there to find out what she can under the pretense of being a compassionate ear. That's scary. Her name is Martha Defoe and she cried at one point but she's as still dirty as they come. As for the rest of the comment: :) thank you!!
Kimsy: It's Alisa and pronounced A- lease- Uh. They keep saying it wrong ,probably on purpose. From what I gathered and now with discovery- There was over 20 of them. If I knew what they'd do after i would have made much more of a scene. We were sure the lawyer we just paid 10k to would bail me out immediately.Alas, he we more intent on not alienating them or judges more than anything(or worse!) Some everloving nightmare. I hate lawyers much more than I do police. Thank you Kim- You -handsome , talented , and just human being. The land of the free? What a joke. Took me so long to see that. Yes, about the video created in 2005. What is up with that? I know that it's something further unkosher. so much was edited out of this tape.
JT: Sorry I missed your comment. thanks. This truly can happen to anyone. But, mostly I don't think that other forces are as unregulated and lawlesss as the LAPD. Of course there are good ones like officer Jaqueline Montalvo who was to be a witness for my defense. Google her for a gasp.
anna1lise: Doesn't it seem as if they are in character? As if this some acting gig? It doesn't look right to me on so many levels. This is an elite Detective unit of the lAPD(who had no business being on this non case much less being at our house that sick sick day.)Thank you for your insightful and generous comment. L.A is no different than Russia under Stalin and I hope this isn't the norm, but I fear it may be.
James: Love this- brilliant as usual. Will get back more when computer is not so sloooow due to video conversion etc. xooo
Jaime: Well said ;)
this is unreal! It is amazing that you have it all documented.
Watched with tears and fear...for you, your sis and your sweet mama who was trying so hard to intervene. Hasn't anyone in the media been able to get broader viewing of this?
They showed up in force, didn't they?
KathyK: I am still in shock that they did turn this tape over. Though it has been edited ,I am sure it will do. I have other amazing documents that just snuck in over time. It sometimes feels that the truth and justice have a mind of thier own. I have requested the whole tape from the city attorney, and of course-- she claims this it. She has a thankless job, really.
Linn: That's my next step now that I see that the courts here are tainted and that I have this tape. I'm slowly but surely building a world of exposure and this story just can't and won't go away. Thank you for your kind words. My mother is adorable isn't she? She's a holy soul that one. And, did you notice the part when my sister says, " Hoffman you stink." Sister is a beauty - this tape doesn't show that.
James: Eternally grateful to you for you wit and wisdom, at this time. You have given inspiration juice to this thirsty gal.... you get the point. xooo No rest for the weary. Thanks for suggesting I deserve some though ;>(
Brassawe: Huh.
The LAPD does strike fear in my heart more than other forces do...
In our small tourist town some LAPD cops and others from Sacramento were hired to 'straighten up' our citizens after a too groovy police chief had ruled for years (and he was terrible, he was) and our town had become mecca for panhandling and these city cops are here driving around our town of 20,000, looking to fill quotas. They stalk our youth, literally, follow young drivers until they are so nervous they forget to use their blinker and get pulled over, they're bored to tears here and overly aggressive for any reason, they're unfriendly and our town kids are growing up afraid of police instead of respecting them. A damn shame, and only likely to happen more and more around our country -- I'm concerned.
more, ah, ha...succor...

"“Every actual State is corrupt.
Good men must not obey the laws too well.
What satire on government can equal
the severity of censure conveyed in the word Politic,
which now for ages has signified cunning,
intimating that the State is a trick?”
ralph emerson.

On my list of greatest americans.
That “State” is a state of Mind.
All states are.
It simply doesn’t exist except in its exhibitions of power over us.
Ah, look: those who seek power over others are sick in the head.
Adrenaline junkies.
But we got em by the balls, in a democracy. Scare em. Make em fear their loss of power
by unelecting them or removing them from office.
This will never change their sick souls, but maybe they are clever enough,
expedient enough, to follow the right path for awhile anyway.

They will always stray off of course.. these lesser men and women….get lost in the woods….
Get eaten by a bear?
I followed old James Mark Emmerling.
I watched the you-tube on high-speed.

On slow-speed the You-Tube Stops.
You can see fernsy's Inner Stature.

I recall at a DC art museum a slave statue.
It was the upper part of a woman's body.
I am happy fernsy was clothed. Please.

WE may be getting back to old days.
The selling-yards were on Penn Ave.
Cruelties are getting very rampant.

She was half-clothed and tied with a rope.
Politicos would visit and lobby Congress.
Then they went to auction blocks to buy.

A woman had dignity and beautiful calm.
The buyer had a hemp rope around her.
A artist captured her Inner Grand Spirit.
JT: Thanks for sharing that. Eerie and scary that the kids get so nervous that they forgot to turn on their blinkers . Something dark and dirty about the LAPD. I read a book about it-- it's just diseased. A culture of stupidity and arrogance. Bad Mix. Like some horror story how they have have quietly infiltrated your town.

To James Emmerling and Art James and whomever it may concern:

My mother roused herself from the couch(NO SMALL FEAT!) because she wanted to see what anyone had to say " About her-- that old hag." She was referring to herself because she is as droll and funny as it gets. If I posted the jewels that come out of her yap-- what a blog that would be.
Upon concluding her reading, she said, "This James Emmerling and Art James are men worth having."
This is not meant to exclude all the dears here, I just thought those words were so true and worth sharing.
Fernsy. I swear I've been elsewhere all evening.
Mennonites come over to the farm to sing hymns.

If I had a matzo sandwich in my back pocket now?
I'd love to share it with You, your Mom. O Sister.

I have been on a Kibbutz. I still no understand me?
Ya Family would be fun to Play Yiddish Banjo with?
I've been reading a `Rabbinic Scholar's Book. Oho?
It's titled:
God is a verb. huh?
You bobble-heads?
Smile. Ay adorable.
I have been hiding?
Amish save my soul.

I skip the Sing-Hymns.
I saved and Lost Too.
We are a`One Spirit.
Yer mom is a bright old gal. like my old mom Eleanor. Whom I propagandized out
Of her 1950’s silly existence, stuck with George, who got more obtuse,
Not less. Ah well. Mom is worth it. she had two daughters who taught
And continue to teach me the mysteries of mysteries, the girl soul.
For free.

I propagandized her to a fit.Eleanor.
I tried that on Arthur james too but he=not fall for it, for he is ancient
And I am young. To tell him I learn from him would be tactically not advisable.

Art should suffer in obscurity.

Ha, no. just joking.

All I do = joke.
What does this art say? Hmm..

He happy fernsy “clothed” but I make no distinguishment, naked vs. clothed.
I am THIS advanced! Having sisters, yknow, ha.

WE may be getting back to old days.
(seems so…)

The selling-yards were on Penn Ave.
Cruelties are getting very rampant.
(oh the too soldid FLESH PUPPETS WHO rule the world they think , say so. Blah)

She was half-clothed and tied with a rope.
Politicos would visit and lobby Congress.
Then they went to auction blocks to buy.


A woman had dignity and beautiful calm.
The buyer had a hemp rope around her.
A artist captured her Inner Grand Spirit.

(WELL. Bought = a fine dignified gal? I have no clue where to buy one. Any slave markets nearby?)
Bad james.

End with Lincoln: for art:

“I have not permitted myself, gentlemen, to conclude that I am the best man
in the country; but I am reminded,
in this connection, of a story of an old Dutch farmer,

who remarked to a companion once that
it was not best to swap horses when crossing streams.”
 Reply to delegation from the National Union League approving and endorsing "the nominations made by the Union National Convention at Baltimore." New York Times, Herald, and Tribune, June 10, 1864 Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 7

Right. Don’t swap Art for some kinda weirdo halfwit mystical poet like me.
Art: I trust completely that you were elsewhere. I just told my mother that you wanted to share with her this matzoh sandwich, and after she stopped laughing she said, " Why would he want to give his sandwich to such disheveled ladies?" Adore you as per.
James: Advanced or not--thank god we were all clothed enough. Though we normally are chicer. This was early morning and its a miracle my sister just woke up aout 5 minutes before. She's usually asleep at that hour. 30 seconds or the battering ram? Jeffrey Dunn and his band of thugs are just so past shamelessness. Evil, no doubt about it. One of these police (the woman dealing with my belt and shoes)- a Lopez- told me on the phone. " Now that you went to internal affairs we can go into your computers." This is how openly she felt she could express retaliation. Also, you are full wit, for sure.
hey fernsy thought u was in the clink
on a disorderly.
no? how did u EVER GET THRU THE DAY not being
disorderly? i cannot begin to fathom it!

well. so. u free! hey me too!
i look at my arms and feets and see no chains.
ah but the mind forged manacles mr. blake, william, warned us of.
"In every cry of every man,
In every infant's cry of fear,
In every voice, in every ban,
The mind-forged manacles I hear" london.

poor sucker.


would HATE TO BE THAT sensitive. argh
hey fernsy thought u was in the clink
on a disorderly.
no? how did u EVER GET THRU THE DAY not being
disorderly? i cannot begin to fathom it!

well. so. u free! hey me too!
i look at my arms and feets and see no chains.
ah but the mind forged manacles mr. blake, william, warned us of.
"In every cry of every man,
In every infant's cry of fear,
In every voice, in every ban,
The mind-forged manacles I hear" london.

poor sucker.


would HATE TO BE THAT sensitive. argh
hey fernsy thought u was in the clink
on a disorderly.
no? how did u EVER GET THRU THE DAY not being
disorderly? i cannot begin to fathom it!

well. so. u free! hey me too!
i look at my arms and feets and see no chains.
ah but the mind forged manacles mr. blake, william, warned us of.
"In every cry of every man,
In every infant's cry of fear,
In every voice, in every ban,
The mind-forged manacles I hear" london.

poor sucker.


would HATE TO BE THAT sensitive. argh
Holy effin' shit. Trying to understand the backstory. And why they were videotaping it. Egad. Holy effin'...
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. I don't recognize that country.

No. Unfortunately, I do.
James: Manacles forged . Camus isn't helping. Got to get to Blake soon.
BethM; There is a true backstory and a false backstory and other stories. But, in this tape they invented a reason for a search. It would turn out that there was no legal or even remotely compelling reason for any search but they did this is terrorize me into a plea deal and so I couldn't sue them or write about them online anymore . They were sure that this would cause us to all go prostrate and they would be free after being found out as crooks as liars who ruined our last two years in order to please their cronies a at the Lavely and Singer law firm.
There is no legal basis for any of this. NONE.We sort of suspected something like this might be brewing because days before this my blog about one of them looking like a sausage kept getting tons of hits from huntington beach ips and county ips. The criminally evil sausage, John Gregozek, lives in Huntington Beach, and we knew something hideous was going on.
Cranky: Sounds dramatic but this all has made me lose my country and it's not easy to lose your country, it would turn out. I was raised to love and trust in America. This is the real America. This is a country where the rich get the right lawyer,Lavely and Singer, and hire whole LAPD units to do their dirty work for them. I didn't know they were arresting me but then they edit out part where I know and I ask why and am told " I read your blog." as the only reply. Then, I was sure that I would get bailed out immediately. But, they had so many tricks up thier sleeves until March 23rd 2010. They managed to get a Judge Maria Stratton to join thier grudge. And, she would then get a Dr. Kaushal Sharma and a Dr. Francisco Velarde to do what it took to please her. The internal affairs just told me that Judge Maria Strattton will have to "answer for this." But, it's looking as if the battle just keeps on.
They would not lose to the three of us. But, they did. I go the one judge who just couldn't stomach this on his watch.
It resembles a miracle. And, if their is a god than they must lose and lose and lose for the rest of their miserable lives. What you are witnessing here is a travesty wrapped in an outrage-- no ambiguity involved.

Did you notice the crazy cuts to the tape? And, they are saying that the tape was created in 2005(in the properties menu etc) so just to get the real tape will be another battle.
I'm arriving late but OMG: unfucking believable, revulsion, and a thousand other such words don't even begin to cover it. So very 1939-1945 and here and uncovered and not even covered up it's all so warped, as you say. A similar but different thing happened in WA state - army of swat for simple American citizens that someone (in fucking medical business!) didn't like. No, you aren't the one on acid - you and your family are the only ones NOT on acid.... OMFG. You are amazing, and I'm so glad to read your righteous, poetic/rockin', ass-kicking posse here. Long may you wave, girl! Stone cold sane fernsy. xxxooo
I'm arriving late but OMG: unfucking believable, revulsion, and a thousand other such words don't even begin to cover it. So very 1939-1945 and here and uncovered and not even covered up it's all so warped, as you say. A similar but different thing happened in WA state - army of swat for simple American citizens that someone (in fucking medical business!) didn't like. No, you aren't the one on acid - you and your family are the only ones NOT on acid.... OMFG. You are amazing, and I'm so glad to read your righteous, poetic/rockin', ass-kicking posse here. Long may you wave, girl! Stone cold sane fernsy. xxxooo
Hey Delia!
I was wondering why you didn't come by.
Now, I'm getting letters from the city attorney , representing just two of these maniacs -- she wants me to take this down. When a huge swarm in riot gear comes don't they have guns? WTF is up with that? This is all a very expensive con job on us and the poor tax payers. They will have to explain why with no history of crime or violence ,or no accusation of violence, and just a 3 month old allegation that someone called Tig Notaro a " Morone" on her "guestbook," this is an acceptable police action? xoo to you, Delia.
bump for grave injustice.
I wish I could say that this is unbelievable- but it's just part of everyday life nowadays- one of the reasons t-partiers and Gun owners hate big government- I have some things I need to do right now to avoid being skinned up by my wife when she gets home from work ( kidding- verbally, but we know the game we play)

Anyway, I need to take time and digest these and comment back to you.

Thanks for pointing these out ot me I will digest this and PM you
Herr Rudophus: Thank you. Today is the two year anniversary of all charges being thrown out by the one good judge in a truly filthy and sick courthouse, Clara Foltz or the downtown criminal justice building. This all happened for reasons that had nothing to do with any suspicion of a crime but because the cops shown are insane bully boys(and girls) who were getting me back for calling thier fellow bully boy, a sausage, on my blog.
I wooden Dodat: Good to see you. Please do comment more if you can. This is the America I'll have to struggle to accept now. I have been sent letters by the city attornyer ordering me to take down these blog posts. She threatened a gag order. That was in January so I guess she wasn't that sure that the judge was that amenable to her bully girl desires. What a frigging nightmare.
WTF is this still going on for your family? I swear I've had a run in with LA cops and they are a special kind of pig. I'm sorry but they are renowned for their corrupt and abusive behavior. What can I do to help?
Dear Desnee: You've been such a help to many by just writing your story. They are a special kind of pig these LAPD. A lawfirm called Lavely and Singer and an unethical sociopathic bovine lawyer named, Allison Hart, owns this LAPD unit you see here. This is when Corrupt LAPD collides with Hollywood money and prestige , and when they make presumptions about those without money or power.

Call the internal affairs and call one of them a Keilbasa on a blog, and they will kill you if they can.
Have you ever written about LA's biggest gang the 3000 Boys? That area has such a history of gang related activity within the departments. I recall when I lived in San Bernadino hearing about the Vikings another cop gang.
Hey Desnee. Nothing would surprise me about the LAPD, at this stage. I plan to write a lot about it -- once I manage to get out of this town.