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May 24
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JANUARY 26, 2013 1:55PM

Stop Judge Jessner, Save Melissa Balin Part 2

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  Sometimes you find sad and strange connections. You find others who understand a destiny or a fate,(or is it just some really shitty luck?)that forces you to feel isolated, in your state of distress. You yearn for a unforeseeable day, when those other isolated voices rise from the abyss (or the ether, or the void, or the the oft too too silent seeming Universe,) to comingle with your own.

Then, the expectation is that the voices get loud and strong enough to instigate change i.e expose and then neutralize bad laws and bad people  that have permeated certain American Institutions. In this case, the Los Angeles Superior Court, and the lawless and brutal corruption, that is tolerated in those courts. Something big and bad is happening to our justice system, and not enough human beings are taking a stand to make it stop.  Something must get done. Simple enough. But, it isn't.

Prosecutorial misconduct is rarely simple and it is rarely transparent. Until, January 24th 2013, that is. On that day, due to grit, and a few well placed miracles a tape was made of certain "proceedings," in Judge Samantha Jessner's courtroom in Division 95 of the Los Angeles Superior Court.  The fact that you are viewing this should not lead you to conclude that there is nothing to hide on the part of Judge Jessner, or the, cruel and unsusual, prosecution that is behind such a "hearing."

Please click on this link. I can't seem to get the embed function to work.

A million important words are there in that 16 minutes of tape. There is so much more but that SHOULD do.

 I am ordinarly too proud to beg, as is the Balin family. But....Please Please click on that link and pay attention. These are not ordinary times and you all are in danger of such savage injustice.  Forcible hospitalizations and forcible medication of the sane and the innocent are a part of the scheme.

These are times where dark age tactics are being used in the Los Angeles courts against those whose crime is .... being annoying. Yes, you read me right. Melissa Balin is not merely kidding when she states as much in this tape.

That is the only crime that Melissa Balin and I have comitted. Being annoying is subjective . Yet, I submit that decent people don't find it annoying when intelligent and law abiding individuals know their rights and won't plea to clearly baseless charges.

In my case, I sustained so much and did have a trial, though it was mostly kangaroo, but all seven charges(added strategically over time and all utterly baseless,) were aquitted by the judge(a very rare thing for a judge to acquit charges) or dropped by the prosecution. Seven charges and twelve days of trial(though there was only four witnesses and the judge seemed to just want it stalled so the city attorney would just go away. looong story.) and the city attorney did not convict me on one single charge or get me to plea in any way.  You see, there could be no conviction if any law was followed or if  a tenth of my evidence was seen. So in order to win they had to come up with ploys and tricks and it was so so sick. In the 1600's some smart souls described it as "trial by ordeal" and it was outlawed as "cruel and unusual." These prosecutors in Downtown LA must have studied some history and figured hey let's get all cruel and unusual again. The populace, brainwashed to believe that we are the good guys, will think such allegations against us will merely confirm that these defendants are nutso.

Millions of your tax payer dollars are used to punish those like me and Melissa, for being pesky, and not pleaing when innocent.Tactics we thought were restricted to the dark ages or notorious regimes are being employed by Carmen Trutanich and the DA of Los Angeles . Judges Samantha Jessner, Judge Karla Kerllin, Judge Barela, Judge Maria Stratton and Judge Robert Vanderet, are blatantly complicit in these Stalinesque schemes. As are doct0rs Kristen Ochoa, Dr. Francisco Velarde and Dr. Kaushal Sharma. Lawyer, Anthony Tahan, is also complicit and must be investigated. And, most defense lawyers in L.A are either aware of this corruption and feel they will be ruined if they fight it, or they don't know about it, and when faced with it, they recognize that if they make waves they better practice elsewhere, or they fear being jailed like Richard Fine.

The levels of treachery are off the charts, but they are real, and they are occuring today.

If this works here in L.A, it very well has spread, or will spread . As you  know, LA has a reputation as a "trendsetter."

Please also view or share these links. There is no doubt that this is a matter of life and death (Melissa Balin is in grave danger here. Getting a lawyer willing to make any waves is nearly impossible. And the public defender has "conflicted out" for no understandable reason.)

Also, look into the cases of Aaron Swartz, Joe Grumbine and Ronald Gottshalk, and many others,  if you want to see the pattern that has emerged when the prosecution must win at all costs. The Supreme court has given prosecutors and judges much too much immunity, and they are taking advantage.

Interesting blog entry written by a public defender somewhere in Florida.


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Alleging mental illness has traditionally been a tool of tyrannies to intimidate and remove from effectiveness people who are considered pests or threats to the status quo. I hope she has a good lawyer.
Seer: thank you. She seems blind, god bless her. When is slow too slow? and .... so much to say in the face of travesty but so little to do when faced with such might. Please, keep posted. Silence or lack of interest will read as apathy and such regimes(and they are regimelike) count on that.
Matt:Exactly. In this case, the status quo is to plea when innocent, and to not know the law and thus have to submit to the lawlessness of Carmen Trutanich's criminality . The tragedy here in the Balin case is that her lawyer, Anthony Tahan, turned on her in a spectacular way and she is really at the mercy of Judge Jessner, at this point. Or the press must step in here and soon. And, Jessner, does not know what the right thing is. If she did she would long ago have said, " Ms. Balin, the city attorney tried this with Spitzberg and they are really out of control. We are not Russia or iran or Libya. I will take measures to report the city attorney and this shameful DA ,who is sitting here for no good reason,and I am so sorry, Ms. Balin, that this has now been done to you. Please, watch the tape and note that Jessner is dead set on this lawyer and even knows he's having a baby(ex parte )when a pscyhologist has already found Balin competent. This doesn't make sense and doesn't bode well for basic justice. Lawyers don't call back in these cases since they fear upsetting the status quo the most. The Los Angleles courts are so broken and so corrupt that it is nearly hopeless. A recent study found that it is second to Illinois in terms of Corruption.
i, too, hope she has a good atty r.
Jonathan: That's a whole megillah. No one is calling her sweet mother back. They know what is up and they will not make waves when the prosecutorial powers have been unduly aroused. Idealists are few and far between in that world, from what i can tell. I had a an expensive lawyer and he punked out in the worst way. What a psycho he turned out to be. Too crazy to tell and he is vengeful and insane. But, not as evil as Balin's lawyer. Then a public defender had to take my case to trial. She wasn't evil but she was not idealistic, and she didn't do so many things she was supposed to do. She seemed way way too interested in not making enemies. It was awful to see. In some ways I hate her the most because she wasn't a caricature, like so many were, in my case. If you know of any mildly idealistic lawyers that practice in CA, please tell them about this case.
Read, clicked, and of course rated, dear frensy. R
[r] Good for you! only am doing a fast drive by right now.

judicial abuse of power!!!! Those words were just uttered on Bill Moyers discussing Jane-Crowism. (Though 70% of Americans believe Row vs. Wade should stay, 50% of all states are hostile to choice and judicial mandates controlling pregnant women dominate there, political and legal machinations -- the abuse of power!)

I am so sorry for your friend and for what you have been through and appreciate your advocacy on her part. I need to track down earlier posts and focus to appreciate what is going on more deeply.

It sounds like your friend and you are dealing with heart of darkness profoundly evil dimensions. And for those with crazymaking evil coming at them to justifiably be emotional gives more opportunity for manipulation and demonization of one's emotionality to the psycho-, sociopaths. In other words they try to drive you crazy, and if you respond appropriately and emotionally to such predatory evil, this is used as evidence by them of your instability. Double binding evil.

best, libby
I'm on it. It will be shared on my FB and tweeted out to the Internets. You're a good egg, Ferns.
I’ve bookmarked these so I can check the links at length when I have time. I know so much about your case that I can imagine what is happening to Melissa Balin. You well know that our criminal justice system at times resembles a cesspool.

I’m writing a post for next week about a guy who is scheduled to be executed in Texas for a murder that forensic experts all say he could not have committed (according to their estimates of time-of-death, he would have been in jail when the murder occurred.) The little bit of DNA evidence tested excludes him. The Innocence Project is fighting to get other pieces of evidence tested, but the state of Texas is fighting it, and the courts support the state. The possibility that they may be executing an innocent man doesn’t seem to trouble any of them one bit. Here’s the part that really kills me: the prosecutors added on a kidnapping charge (despite not one bit of evidence) and an extremely dubious charge of sexual assault (despite no DNA evidence that points to him) because without one of those extenuating circumstances, the case wouldn’t have qualified for the death penalty.

At the same time, the Innocence Project is fighting to free a man in West Virginia who has been exonerated by DNA evidence. He was charged ten years ago with raping an elderly woman, and his lousy public-defender lawyer scared him into accepting a plea bargain. The recently tested DNA cleared him and pointed to another man, who is currently in prison with a long history of sexual assault. Yet the state is fighting his release, claiming they must have attacked together, even though the victim clearly testified that there was only one attacker. (She is now suffering from dementia, so is no longer able to testify.)

In this day and age, with forensic evidence, electronic records and social media, it would seem to be harder for corrupt lawyers, judges and investigators to get away with injustices. But that just means they have to work harder at it, and this they are willing to do. If there is an afterlife, there are a lot of people in the criminal justice system who will spend eternity fighting hot flames.
A GREAT attorney would be a good idea!
Idealism is sorely needed...and an infusion of common sense.
The spirit of the law..not just the letter.
Poor kid, such a travesty. I hope she finds a good lawyer!
That is a lot of wasted money...honey.
........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Thanx & Smiles (ツ) & ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
⋆───★•❥ ☼ .¸¸.•*`*•.♥ (ˆ◡ˆ) ♥⋯ ❤ ⋯ ★(ˆ◡ˆ) ♥⋯ ❤ ⋯ ★R
Toth: thank you. This is an unfolding story that needs a happy ending. It's a true tragedy what they are doing here.
Libby: Yep, sociopathy is an ugly and scary thing that must be seen to be believed. It's easy to make your adversary look crazy but then it becomes a very different thing with "competency to stand trial." Baseless accusations of grandiose or narcissistic don't cut it, or they certainly shouldn't. And, yet that court is so dirty and so broken that they appear to do anything they want. Melissa was not my friend although now we are friends in a sense. She is just the latest victim of a dark age era scheme to break those who can win at trial. It's downright barbaric and can't be tolerated in modern times but it appears to be tolerated. Thank you and please do read the first part and facebook it etc.
SteeleBreeze: Thanks.
Jaime: Back atcha, good egg Jaime. Yes, please share it. Did you hear the part where Judge Jessner wants to forcibly medicate her. Well, she has no known mental illness, forcible medication is restricted to violent felonies, and this all is so nurse ratchet but worse since Mcmurphy was even somewhat criminal. I mean evil is evil but they are taking law abiding girls and just trying to bury them. It's too sick to believe. I can't get over it. Thank you , Jaime. If you ever need me, I so have your back.
Trig: So much conflict. You are hereby found incompetent to rate. Just kidding . Thanks for rating at the end there.
Truly terrifying. Keep on fighting the good fight! I admire you so much for doing that.
Cranky: You must write that article. Your subjective interest in justice is touching and makes me love you even more. The role of the press and the defense bar in these situations is a bad learning experience. You know about the central park case . Please write that article and email me when it is posted because my brain is pudding and I need to be alerted. xo.
I think social media or just the general fleetinglness of every stroy has maybe made such corruption more possible. Just a theory but it seems that in this twitterverse of ours there is so little patience for much but immediate satisfaction stories. The innocent project are the best people going but they are so understaffed and underfunded when faced with so many sociopathic elements in the prosecution. Did you know they get promoted when they win and demoted when they lose? That is a recipe for injustice.
JD: great to see you. Idealism is the new freakishness. I'm telling you I never knew that idealism was so strange . From what I could tell the vast majority of practicing lawyers are agenda driven maniacs
Poppy: Yeah, I hope so too. But, the lawyer needs to be not just skilled but courageous and chances are he needs to be from outside of L.A. That's how it goes in la la land.
Algis: The money angle might the only angle that will pressure these vipers to stop doing this to the feisty. In my case: two years and 4 doctors and 31 days of illegal and bail dissallowed jailing and a 12 day trial. When that case is really investigated.... whoa on them.
Alysa: Terrifying is right. You also seem to be driven to do the right thing. I have noticed that and I admire that in you.
Oh no I meant to say to Cranky: I meant to say that Cranky is interested in justice on a more objective level . It didn't take a personal nightmare for him to become so curious.
Fernsy, I can't check the links now, but promise to later. I am hoping and praying for a just outcome for both you and Melissa. Subversion of justice must be fought in all its myriad forms! xox
Missed part one dearheart...will be back.
HeyErica: I knew I could count on you. The tape is incredible if competency law is understood. One doesn't get declared "incompetent" if they are mildly eccentric or even eccentric . i'm pretty sure i'm not even eccentric, at all, and never acted one bit strange in my odyssey. Barring depression i am as sane as it gets. It is a very serious and vicious subversion of justice to do what the prosecutors and Judge Samantha Jessner are doing. It is uttely contemptous and evil and this is how Samantha Jessner lives her life. There are some other tapes and she is toying with her prey and she is just so nurse ratchet . CHILLING. Bless you , buddy.
TME: Gee, i knew i could count on you too. I'm getting too prescient for my own good. please read part 1 and please comment. people are watching and i can show that with my trusty stat counter stats but it looks like nutty spy stuff so i don't. So good to see you. i think of you, and so many here, often.
It takes courage to fight for justice. Best regards.........
alsoknownas: that's a topic for a whole huge post. I don't know what it takes but I do know that these people are willing to jail and to ruin anyone who doesn't play along. These are well educated human monsters. They do not have the excuse of no opportunities or education. Judge Maria Stratton and Judge Samantha Jessner, and doctors, and these city attorneys, and DA's are not keeping any oaths. But, to let them do this is a death of the spirit . that is the worst possible outcome. ha, I know this long comment looks silly in response but ... this feels so serious and looking cool can't be a consideration. Thank you alsoknownas, you are a mensch.
And, thank you all who listened to my plea, and came to comment and rate. I truly love you all and I will be there for you if you ever need anything.
Appalling. Our judicial system has been broken for so long Ferns. Can we make this right? Perhaps in ridding the system of some of the dirt bags involved in this case ,and in yours, until the next set of dirt bags arrive. More often than not we sit at home, dealing with our own issues and trying to make right the wrongs that are affecting ourselves and those surrounding us ( i.e the elderly and disabled on my part ) that we tend to not be as attuned to the horror of these types of crimes. If not for people like you sweetie and those like Melissa Balin with the intelligent and wherewithal to challenge the judicial system, and it's components, change wouldn't come. I'm proud of you. ~r with all my heart
I hope you get to look back on this someday, Fernsey, and know that you were part of the solution to some real problems.
TME: What a beautiful comment. I am keenly aware that this is a hidden problem that a majority of people can't be bothered with. I also now know enough and have seen enough to know there is no turning back and I need to turn these bizzarro lemons given me into some sort of edible lemonade. I am a very uncriminal person and if this can happen to me, I know it can happen to anyone. But, few want to believe that. It's hard as hell but what you going to do, Dee. regards to your dear mother and warmest wishes to you as you struggle with so much on your sweet plate. You have my spiritual support over here.
Jlsathre: Oh goodness, that's the wish. Thank you. You are such a talented and concise writer and you were a public defender. i wish you'd write about it. A girl can wish :(
Bone-chilling realities here, fernsy. You are a brave, brave woman to continue to pursue justice not only on your own behalf or Ms. Balin's but on behalf of the "potential" victims of such incomprehensible travesties and miscarriages of the criminal judicial system.

Your efforts continue to inspire ... I hope you realize that your voice has not only been heard, but it's leaving its mark on deaf ears ... as it has been said here ... wheels grind slowly but grind they do ... (borrowing from Seer here).

~R~ with great hope and shoulders of support ~
PS: Melissa Balin was found competent on 1/24/13 but due to the fact that her attorney failed to appear or otherwise provide her with counsel the hearing has been continued until January 30, 2013.

... one step forward ... lost count on the back-track ...
Love how she invites the judge to use "good sense." Imagine that. Good grief. Hoping for the best for Melissa, you and all who are railroaded this way.
Eyespye: Yes, unreal realities. Shoulders of support help chilled bones. Thank you. I truly don't feel particularly brave though i guess i'm in danger. It's all just too much to ignore.
"PS: Melissa Balin was found competent on 1/24/13 but due to the fact that her attorney failed to appear or otherwise provide her with counsel the hearing has been continued until January 30, 2013."

Yes, and Judge Jessner was making rulings when Anthony Tahan was not present. This goes against all laws of competency. once they succeeded in the scheme to take away her rights with this incompetency sickness she HAD TO HAVE A LAWYER present if a judge is to make any rulings. This is so kangaroo that it hurts. This court appointed lawyer is angry with her for "exposing her case' and is working against her interests. What a nightmare. All witnesses are so appreciated. I hate the slow wheels of justice and their nasty grinding ways :)
Jette Noire!: No good sense can be found in Jessner and her awful little scarf. Thank you for watching it. My public defender , at trial, looked at me and said, " they are railroading you" and then she did some good but so so political. She won despite herself. This competency thing is too sinister, don't you think?

Sorry I couldn't view the video because it was so slow to upload and I'm at the library working so I need my time. But you will get your rating for sure.
Desnee; rating shmating. Thanks for reading. the video is such a scathing indictment of the deeply evil Nurse Ratchet/Judge Jessner. please, view it someday. I know you have your own soul sapping "issues."
Sorry it took so long, but I got ya' back~~