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AUGUST 27, 2013 8:44AM

Miley Cyrus, liberated lady, or slutty twerker?

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As Edward Snowden cools his heels in his temporary asylum, Syria explodes, and teens kill from boredom, Miley Cyrus takes up airtime for her simulated sex with Alan Thicke's son on some VMA show.

Not the TV son, Kirk Cameron.

He is a devout Christian.


Mileage Cystic's  fourth to last move, to impress upon the public , that she was no longer a sexless  Disney teen 

didn't do the trick.

Tonguing an infant statue proved fun, but fruitless. 

A too large segment of the population still didn't find, Ms. C,  sufficiently filthy.

All sorts of lengths of pant and skirt, were presented by her PR people,-- to the paparrazi. 

Who promptly presented it to the public( with help of said PR people. ) NOTE: The  tongue started to loll lasviciously at this juncture!


Still, too many of the money holding masses were stuck in a Hannah Montana mind frame. A Hannah Ahrent or Hanna Senesh  state of mind?  not so much.

 Billy Ray Cyrus got busy and advised: Ya'll got to up the ante by wearing a panty! It's ain't working, you best start yer twerking.

 The rest is HER STORY

Images care of Google Images.


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I think the last pic says it all. It's as if she is forcing that tongue out. Against her will.
Trying way too hard

And forcing an issue that won't force. You can't make people find you sexy, and sex doesn't equal adulthood
And we really want to see caricatures for this one
Crazy life in Disney's Hollywood makes for craziness... hope she survives. R&R
Too bad the Stubenville rapists couldn't use this stuff for their defense. They were just helping to their victim reach her full potential, don't you know.
Love the tongue. She should do a duet with Kiss front-man Gene Simmons. Hell, have a Tongue-Off TV special. I bet 20 millions people would tune in. (Gene wins by about 1/2 a foot of tongue, no lie, hah)
Kosher: It's so clear to me. I just can't see how it gets twisted into art or feminism. As for the caricatures: I beg sister to do really annoying pop culture people. She might start soon- Beiber etc. In the meantime: Tell me what you think about these.
Mac: i hope Snowden survives. She's too base to care much about.
onislandtime: Yeah, you can really stretch anything nowadays. Soon Miley will teaching twerking for teens at the learning annex-- twerking as a prerequisite to success. blech.
Scanner: It's as if she thinks a long hanging tongue is a turn on. Not in my world, buster!
She's grossly desperate for attention. And her last dance was lame. No talent whatsoever.
Disturbing shit.
The teddy bears!
But as i said rather cleverly elsewhere,
tis a fine metaphor for the commodification
of young women these days...the utterly insane hypocrisy
of this (quasi-pedophiliac) culture...
not her intention
to make such a brilliant statement, alas...

i wonder how it will reverberate in the middle schools
as young women struggle to come to terms
with their hormonal changes and
their deep need for love...
alot of teenage boyz is happy.
"do a miley" i can hear them saying to their galpals...
she's not trying, she's selling. she's waiting until she hit the right button...and she's pressing every last one of them. there's nothing this kid won't do to be the new madonna..because madonna, like a clock, knows if she keeps putting it out there, like a clock she'll get it right twice a day and those right moves would carry her over and into the next tour and more money..
It's about staying relevant. Apparently, there are no limits to the lengths these fame-stained young women will go to keep their names in the mouths of media idiots. I thought the performance was awful on it's face, even without the lewd props and moves. She looked like a coked up scarecrow. Yes, I agree with those who say she has a right to be a slut or a slob, but I still have a right to find it disgusting and a horrible example to impressionable young girls who still see her as someone to emulate.

I am not sure if the tongue is the byproduct of too much ecstasy, or just a way of showing it can all hang out. Personally, don't care for the look, but I am too old for that crowd. Apparently, it's working for that generation. Nobody seems to be concerned about whether they are slobs or sluts. Only us old fogies.
Simone de Beauvoir: “Society cares about the individual only in so far as he is profitable. The young know this. Their anxiety as they enter in upon social life matches the anguish of the old as they are excluded from it.”
i dont mean u, Oryoki. : )
Belinda: I remember seeing her sing once and I thought her talented. As a fogey that is the only thing I've seen before her mad gyration this week.
James: Outrage is hypocritical but not being grossed out. She is very much a product of those now being outraged. It's just astounding how a Snowden risks it all for principle and gets a tenth of the news coverage. Not seeing the quasi pediophiliac culture as much as a culture completely overtaken by hype and profit.
At least I learned a new word, twerk, and some dance moves. Gah... I'm with Leslie. Like it or not, she is a role model. Perhaps more a "if you can't set a good example you must serve as a horrible warning". But hey.

I thought it looked forced and bizarre.
Foolishmonkey: You are not foolish. I tried to express that with this post. Sell. Sell. Sell. I am watching it happen with my grotesque nemesis, Tig Notaro. PR drives fame completely. No truth involved. Once you pay the PR agents and once money is at stake: you are getting pure illusion and desperation.
Lezlie: I just plain adored your comment. Not enough to twerk to it but ... you get the idea. elsewhere you described her "dance" as demented. LOL, exactly.
Oryoki: You are super tolerant. It just grossed me out. Fame fame fame at all costs. She looks like a Mormon and her and her daddy need to tone it down. How many houses and how much attention do people need? It's sort of depraved.
James: I don't think most of the old would twerk like that even if it gained them entry into the social life. Pigish is pigish, old or young.
I don't see a statement here. I see a lost child being exploited. As a statement, and a comment, it is hard to top GaGa and her meat dress at this same event a few years ago. That was performance art....but enough. R
We like to think of her as a slut I guess . . a slut that laughs happily on the way to the bank. I do wonder what her daddy thinks though.
I hate to call such a young woman a slut. I see she is hyper sexual. I don't know what is going on here, but worries me.

When I watched the VMA performance, I was shocked.

She looked like she knew she was going to offend and it made her happy.

She obviously is trying to follow up on previous VMA performers like Madonna and Lil Kim.

Her merchandise is being cleared out nof stores as we speak. I believe the next thing will be drugs and drinking.
Asia: I'm sure Trig won't discourage a little twerking. Just a guess. I too never heard of it before yesterday. I know for a fact that I will never ever twerk. Not my destiny. Yes, bizarre and forced! Yes, more cautionary tale than role model. good to see you.
Gerald: Not impressed with Gaga's "statements" either. Give me a great singer and songwriter who keeps her pants on.
tgwithin: I don't understand but that's ok.
I think she is a little of both but if Madonna can sell sex, why can't anyone else? R.
ah fernsy he is safe in our russian friends' hands, ha.
i love asia's comment
"if you can't set a good example you must serve as a horrible warning"
trig: she is one booty shaker of a money making slut. I hope in my next life to have so much less shame.
Diane: It did look so planned. I hope it backfires and we are spared such spectacles. Imagine Judy Garland doing something like that. We thought Liza was scandalous....
Jali: She's entitled. We are entitled to say "yuck" what's next? - Miley sings while wearing a butt plug?
That's funny that we both mentioned old Kirk "Repent or Burn" Cameron. She really does have a strange tongue issue, doesn't she?
Fernsy- the thing about seeking power, wealth, fame, is that it is all pretty gross. I have no desire to watch her, but I couldn't see how anything she did was any worse than we see all the time with other stars. It's easy for everyone to jump on the band wagon of criticism because she is young and a woman. I just don't watch that stuff, I don't think it should be banned or punished.
oh james: Missed you. Yeah, safe in Russia. Transit zone/twilight zone. OMG WTF. yes, fine comment by asia.
reflectionssp: it's godawful. that last pic in this post: it's like day of the locust. I can see her agent and PR people: " Yeah, the tongue. stick it out. stick it out. so often and so far. We will transition you from disney star by your tongue alone.
Oryoki: It's always grossed me out. I get wanting recognition but the rest.... blech. No punishment. No banning. But, no encouragement either. You know who might very well be an amazing role model post mortem? Brittany Murphy. Yep, google julia davis and her for a shocker. I don't see hyper sexual displays o the public stage, as anything but fame grabs. Feminism gains nothing by it. No bloodthirst here. Appreciate your tolerant nature.
people keep sayin, all my life, they miss me
when i been right here the whole time haw!
said once
"Unfortunately, the mainstream media now seems far more interested in what I said when I was 17 or what my girlfriend looks like rather than, say, the largest program of suspicionless surveillance in human history"
a propos
The woman's a marketing genius. She knows how to create her brand and and give it maximum visibility.