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had to flee Los Angeles, s.o.s, Disgruntled state of Dystopia as the kids say
May 24
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Years ago, I would not have believed that I'd get to witness Nancy Grace, sans insane barette, dancing the paso doble on primetime. I never thought I'd see her bountiful bosoms either.


Soon thereafter she began sporting a barette, every single day, as she railed agianst any rating g… Read full post »

Reading LHeure Bleue's newest post:

Inspired me to write this post. Lheure is one of my favorite OS folks.

Aside of the sympathy it inspired, I wanted to tell her that so much of it is bullshit,… Read full post »

Three recent well written and received blog posts have sparked commentary. Each were very different but all involved the theme of Motherhood, or lack thereof.

One by Bellwether Vance

One by Starshine Roshell full post »

As a verbose woman (from a long lineage of the long winded,) I will write and write and write this post as a means to promote prolixity. In short, (ahem…) I want to encourage all those laconic Lennys to access their inner chatty Cathys'. Laconic Lenny, is “lol stfu,” allRead full post »

 Kosher Salami alerted me/us that Steele Breeze started an open call ,where we are to choose our best post or the post we think is best. This got me to thinking that of the hundreds(I think) of posts I've written for OS, I am only truly proud of four: A fake FootlooseRead full post »

FEBRUARY 24, 2013 8:43AM

Trig's Open Call -- Pigs and projectiles

Trig has posed two requirements for his upchuck open call.  We must rate our vomiting from a scale of  1 to 10, and then tell a spew related story.

Trig appears to have been inspired/ provoked by a recent cover story/international scoop that featured a fifty something vomit v… Read full post »

I’ve written about twenty manifestos about corruption in the LAPD . I have put such "rambling" screeds in writing over and over again.I never would want to seem like a victim and don’t like the word "victim" anywhere near my name, but I know that my family and I have been… Read full post »

 A very shrugging case of  “some good news.”  After only one session with a  "mental health professional" by the name, Sabrina Di Biagio -- Melissa Balin, a very sane Mensa member, has been restored to competency. She thereby is "competent to stand trial.”&n… Read full post »

  Sometimes you find sad and strange connections. You find others who understand a destiny or a fate,(or is it just some really shitty luck?)that forces you to feel isolated, in your state of distress. You yearn for a unforeseeable day, when those other isolated voices rise from the abyss (… Read full post »

I’ve been advised by friends and family to not focus on social media, at all.  I’m averse to facebook and twitter so it’s only been a mess of a blogger blog and open salon . Now, there is our salon too. The collapse of Open Salon and the birth of Our  Salon has/… Read full post »


 About two years ago I wrote this post.

The formatting is really getting messed up for some reason.  Please, excuse and please read that post again or for the first time.  Since posting that post, I have been screwed ovRead full post »

I'm real fed up of seeing the good guys lose so I waited all day to watch the debates.

I was sure Obama would kick the spazzy ass of a man who dismissed forty seven percent of our people. Jews and gays comprise a lot less than ten percent of the population and… Read full post »

Truly would hate to spread a false rumor about a non existent  gay Mormon aunt.  I Won't bother to go into her yearning ways and how hard it was for her to get excommunicated for a love that won't dare speak its name.  Won't describe her fiery Latina lover and their othe… Read full post »

 Update on June 12 2014:


This post gets a lot of reads from who knows who. Much of what I wrote about "Tig" Notaro was written before I finally figured out why not one law was followed in the many cases, Ms. Notaro, instigated against me. From day one… Read full post »

Seems like only yesterday there was a SPAM uprising. That didn't work. The spammers went underground and re-emerged with sophisticated super duper captcha fighting softwares.

Now, we are faced with the error terror of 2012. Last I heard from my sources in nearby Malau, the Palau error handlers lost t… Read full post »

I have 7 new PM's.  I can't access them due to some new OS glitch.

 They may be from Marian Mabou.  They most probably are from  Marian Mabou . She will insincerely call me "dear." She's a piece of work. Talks about love and money orders too much. I  marvel that… Read full post »

In my last post there was some unintended but implicit suggestion that cancer is some punishment for sin. Or, that any bad thing that might befall someone is due to their bad acts. I do not believe this. I have known many great people who have suffered all sorts of catastrophes. My father… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
JULY 25, 2012 12:53PM

iHowl- With Apologies to Allen Ginsberg

I saw the best minds of my generation in chat rooms with the worst minds of my generation destroyed by bad Yelp reviews and a troll on Angies list after failed ebay auction bids dragging themselves through google adwords looking for SEO optimization while stirring to Katy Perry on Itunes.FishingRead full post »

Wanted to do the sibling rivalry open call but realized only that my sibling has no rival  . A  gushing piece about how close we are wouldn't be of much interest.

I have not been very lucky, in many respects, but when it came to the sibling and mother lottery-- I… Read full post »

JULY 16, 2012 12:13PM

Why I'm single -- Open call

I filled out a profile as a part of my quest to find everlasting love.  I finally  made the effort to seek a man(or a manly woman, holla!) to earn  couplehood status. Never again would aunt Miriam get to feel so damned superior!


I scoured my soul for just the right… Read full post »

I saw the best minds of my generation in chat rooms with the worst minds of my generation  destroyed by bad Yelp reviews and a troll on Angies list

after failed ebay auction bids dragging themselves through google adwords looking for SEO optimization while stirring to Kelly Clarkson on ItunRead full post »

I have this "stat counter" thing installed on my computer and daily it confounds me. Some old posts are just getting hits from the strangest places. I won't even go into detail cause my story has and will just sound crazy until there is a trial . When all the now… Read full post »

Since I saw stray posts about OS being a goner, I've felt

Then, of course, the post about how we are all hysteric sheep who stink.

Then, the stray comments or posts expressing disgust at all that is meta and even accusing the poster of the meta of unsavory manipulation.… Read full post »