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had to flee Los Angeles, s.o.s, Disgruntled state of Dystopia as the kids say
May 24
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Been missing the OS community but just have had to be offline 24/7.

My life has become something for bad movies and ... that's about it for now.... ahem!

This morning I  was able to log on for the first time in a straight week.

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MAY 5, 2012 11:24AM

My awesome Cinco De Mayo Song

Hey Hey

It’s the fifth of May!

Not just any regular old day

 in … May.


Sirs  or Senors, Ladies or Senoritas,

it’s time to buy the mix.

To fix,

 some mean mean Margaritas.


“Festive day today,”

  added to my bio

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I sniff a new editor. Therefore, I sniff my first and only chance at an Editors Pick before my Birthday. Out of the corner of my gimlet eye, I see this on the Open Salon cover page.

Open Call

Awesome stories for new OS editor

But, with different fancy formatting that I… Read full post »

Recent events in my own life have made me feel as if I’ve long left the sphere, I’m forced to call, “ Normalcy.”


The events of the last four years, in my own existence, have been so far out, so outrageous, so so so… so… Profoundly out of step with what… Read full post »

My longtime OS buddy, Matt Paust, had gone and written a book about guns, was my impression. After flipping through the book before settling in with it, I saw too that there were essays about sports. Football, to be more exact. More closer inspection made me see that there was so much… Read full post »

APRIL 8, 2012 11:16AM

Cranky Cuss's Send in the Clown Car

In the midst of a legal odyssey both  odious and ominous, I found myself getting a chance to shake my head admiringly, and also to attain the sweet relief of laughter. This desperately needed  respite came as a gift from Open Salon's very own, Cranky Cuss. I have spoken to Cranky… Read full post »

My mother strikes me as a miracle. Otherwordly, I guess. A survivor in the truest sense.  Today is her birthday, and I feel close enough to enough people on OS to want to celebrate her here.

She has never been cruel to me or anyone. She has never not been there for… Read full post »

Do not go gentle into that good night by Dylan Thomas  

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
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MARCH 22, 2012 10:06PM

Please read DesneeFlake's Post

I am writing post after post about Trayvon Martin. My anger and outrage are getting the best of me . I can't post them as I must appear temperate, nowadays.

Please read this post . It is, I believe, a very important one. full post »

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    Another bad  pic. Damn webcam but for a cause:


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MARCH 20, 2012 10:42AM

Platitude Paralysis --Part Two

A short while back I wrote this post:

Unlike most posts, I felt it needed another part. So many more sayings, stuck in my craw.

 As a part of my( unfamous) headspace cleanse series:


Part 2

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MARCH 16, 2012 3:22PM

Mom's magical malaprops


I just read this funny post by JlSathre. read I read, Jlsathre, avidly , due to her humorous writing, and because I want to think there exists a thing like a good lawyer. Harrumph! 

 Anyway, as… Read full post »

Yesterday, while a more elaborate seeming Open Salon meetup was being planned on the East Coast, I was planning for a less elaborate, but no less anticipated, meeting on the West Coast. I’m assuming that when it only involves two people it should get called a Meet-ing  or maybe a mini/… Read full post »

Recently I was informed of another OSer's hobby, via her blog.  The hobby struck me as how you say ... unrealistic. The hobby? Cracking murder cases alongside certain detectives. 

Citizen homicide solving is a new one to me. I couldn't inquire further due to comments being closeRead full post »

FEBRUARY 18, 2012 12:53PM

The intense pleasures of outsourcing

So many times in the last few decades I’ve had to contact customer service people for my defective products.

It used to be that rude Americans answered. I pictured plump or fat dye jobbed blondes , and other assorted American types. Sometimes you’d get surprised by a sweetheart. Dealing w… Read full post »

Don Lemon was the CNN anchor on duty, the day Whitney Houston died. I don’t know if he was being fed lines or was forced to go impromptu, but he sure knew a lot about Whitney Houston. He was also confident about us , and how we, as a nation ,… Read full post »

JANUARY 30, 2012 12:50PM

Platitude paralysis

They say that the Lord sayeth, "Vengeance is mine," They sayeth  too that "God helps those who help themselves."Before you can wonder how exactly it would be best to tactfully insist to God that he’s taking too long,  and you’d like to get a  clue as to how you ca/… Read full post »
JANUARY 21, 2012 9:33PM

Who I'm picking for president and why

I just don't know the meaning of trillion dollar debt and a debt ceiling. I should . I would if I could.

 I don't know the difference between pork barrell politics and other types that sound less .... porky.

I pick my politicians for entirely cosmetic reasons. 

In 2012. we have a… Read full post »

JANUARY 17, 2012 10:38AM

mistaken post

Realized too late too many typos and not clear content. But, I want to keep the comments type situation-- for any OSer who might wonder.

Recent events have dampened any luster to leave the house . But, through osmosis, I am privy to trends of thought, clothing, social protocols, and other things. Sometimes osmosis leaves me alone .   I realize years later that I’ve stayed oblivious to things that should have been… Read full post »

DECEMBER 29, 2011 2:56PM

A Wrapper for the Wrevolution? Part One?

I just found out, via a PM by a lovely human,  that a messed up draft of this is showing up as an “update”. I didn’t post it,  and so now I’m fighting stray shame feelings due some unsolvable technical glitch.


I’ve decided that rather than waiting f… Read full post »

I took out the color because as if all this  wasn't bad enough -- it made us  orange.   I was wearing pants without a button,  and they didn't give us any time to change, as you can see in the tape.  So we all look as bad as we ever possibly… Read full post »

   mommycornerthreatmanagementunitlapd   outsidedoor6dunnonphoneoutsidedooralisaarrest     swatteamhandcufffirsttimecarthreatmanagementunitoutsiddoor8henyaoutsidedoor3outsidefoor4Jeffrey Dunn with phone.

outsidehouseguy11 swatteamjameshoffmanswatteam78swatteam4


Update for those still coming by: Wikispooks Ian Puddick and google will give you a better idea, for now, as t… Read full post »

45amShootings, Pepper-Sprayed Shoppers on Black Friday  Email 61 Smaller Font Text Larger Text | Print A string of Black Friday violence, including a  shooting outside a Walmart and pepper-sprayed shoppers, swept the country during the early hours of the morning.Police said a man was sRead full post »

NOVEMBER 24, 2011 1:16PM

The Tyranny of Turkey Day


Yesterday, I got pissed off at society. I’ve been pissed off at society since I was three, but that’s too long a life story. Despite rebellious tendencies, I can’t let go of making a big fuss about Today. It’s the only holiday that I celebrate.

I woke up, yesterday, and… Read full post »