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AUGUST 10, 2009 12:47PM

Carhart loses Federal Protection: WHY?

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Reality Check is reporting that Dr. Carhart's federal protection has been pulled.

"It is unconscionable that with the recent assassination of Dr. Tiller, and the numerous threats against abortion providers and their clinics, that the DOJ would remove Dr. Carhart's protection," said Marla Patrick, State Coordinator for Kansas NOW. "We are calling on the Attorney General to reinstate Dr. Carhart's federal protection immediately."

Women's rights and health advocates are particularly concerned about the withdrawal of federal marshals from the protection of Dr. Carhart as Operation Rescue mounts efforts to close his Nebraska clinic in late August and as extremist groups that openly support violence, such as Army of God, ratchet up the political rhetoric on abortion care.

Is our political memory really that short? How long has it been since Dr. Tiller was assassinated in his church while serving as an usher? And the man who shot him continues to give interviews to anyone who asks. 

If you live in the Kansas area, there are direct ways that you can help:

Kansas NOW is urging advocates from Missouri, Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska to assist in the defense of Dr. Carhart's clinic, as well as to pro-choice advocates from throughout the country, asking them to travel to Nebraska for that weekend or to donate funds to assist in defending the clinic.

KSNOW also continues to urge advocates to call on Attorney General Eric Holder to restore federal marshal protection to Carhart.  The AG's office can be reached through this number provided by Kansas NOW,  202-353-1555.

Those of us who cannot make the trip to put bodies between the protesters and women who need medical attention can at least call our U.S. Attorney General and ask him why pull security from a man who is in danger?

Dr. Carhart has made no secret of his desire to try to fill the void in women's health care left by the murder of Dr. Tiller. 

"Kansas NOW will assemble to protect and defend Dr. Carhart’s clinic in Nebraska," says a press release from the group.  "Kansas NOW also strongly supports his intention to open a clinic in Kansas, as the assassination of Dr. George Tiller has left a noticeable void in meeting women’s healthcare needs in the state." 

Dr. Tiller's death still passeth all understanding for me. I hold this as a firm tenet: you don't kill people with whom you disagree. If the anti-choice movement wants to be mad at anyone, it should be mad that the Republican party sold them a bill of goods all those years they were in power. They had the votes to ban abortion; they just never exercised them. It's just so much easier for Republicans to keep certain people riled up about issues than it is to "solve" the issue and lose the potential votes.

Given the ferocity with which the Rethuglicans have been stirring up trouble at health care town halls, or with their birther bullshit, and now, having had Sotomayor confirmed to the Supreme Court, this seems like the absolute wrong time to pull Dr. Carhart's protection. 

Please call AG Holder's office. If you're close to the clinic, please show up to make your presence present. 

We need to make sure that another one of their lunatics does not get access to one of our heroes. 



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Why? So he too can be killed. A lot of lip service to the concept of seperation of church and stae. In reality, if christians are offended the law enforcement community will turn a blind eye to the threats. Good luck getting him protection.
Wow. Bobbot that was even more cynical than what I was going to write. I couldn't bring myself to write those words. But thank you for pointing out that separation of church and state only works where people are willing to work hard not to let their religious views get in the way of their official duties.
Sorry, it's been a tough couple of weeks for me. I don't retract the comment though. They'll dance around and give a thousand bullshit reasons for doing it, but, they want him dead so they will make it easy to get it done. I'll try to be good now.
I know. I know. This stuff makes me so upset. Dr. Tiller is a hero. We should have a Dr. Tiller Day to honor his memory. I pray that no harm comes to Dr. Carhart.
This is one of the most incompetent moves ever.
Keep in mind that he was killed in his church no less and not at the clinic. These people if motivated again, will not do the obvious.

This is just another example of Jesus rolling in his grave. How sad it must have been to go to all the trouble of teaching us peace and love only to have billions of people killed in his name.
Hey, Lorraine. Hope you're feeling a little better today. Did you happen to see Rachel Maddow last night? She did a piece on this very topic. I'm sure you can see it at MSNBC's site. And, yes, this is a very stupid and scary decision--the crazies will see it for just what it is: Open Season on Abortion Doctors. They won't even need a hunting license--the AG's office has already given them permission to hunt on their land. Arg.
Sad, sad situation.

For the sake of religion. Always for the sake of "GOD." People have done more heinous, diabolical and murderous acts for a presumably benevolent entity. And justify it! They have the nerve to justify it. That's what evil is, in my opinion.