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JUNE 14, 2009 12:44AM

Erogenous Zones, Creative Sex, Foreplay, Hot Heated Sex

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Have you and your partner noticed that your sex life has lost the initial zing, that exciting zest- the romance and passion is gone? Naturally as the years go by most couples, the passion that was abundant in the beginning and the desire that was prevalent back then begins to fade noticeably. What happened? The answer is simple it is the lack of foreplay, which can spice up your sex life.

We all look for ways to make sex more adventurous and more exciting then just the normal routine. Here is a few lists of somethings to make your sex life more extremely exciting, bringing out the creative side of sexual foreplay.

Foreplay is an extremely important in the lovemaking act. It is foreplay that gets us stimulated and aroused to the point of ecstasy. Many of the lucky ones who do reach orgasms will tell us that the most of their time spent in bed was spent in foreplay.
It is important to be aroused before the actual act of intercourse begins. Foreplay leaves us willing, ready, and excited. 

First off the sex doesn’t have to be in the bedroom. There are so many places in your house or other places that you can use and make for more fun. So I have come up with some suggestions to spice up you sex life. Feel free to add your own suggestions in your comments, the more ideas the more fun.  

Living room- floor or couch
Kitchen-counters or table
Bathroom-shower or counter and even the stool
Laundry room- dirty sex is more fun and not just for dirty clothes.
Car or truck- go parking and act like teenager again there is so many places you can park and not get caught. I can name a lot of places out in the country.
Out in nature- find a perfectly good tree or skinny dip in the river and have heated sex on the riverbank
Elevators- push the emergency stop button and have fun.
Take the stair well to a busy building-you have all the time in the world because no one uses the stair well anymore.
On a boat- let him take you literally on the boat and then go fishing.
Dark hall of a busy pub or bar that on one goes into.
Bathroom stall in any restaurant, bar
Dressing rooms- at a clothing store.
Garage in the car when it is park in there or on a workbench
In an office- on the desk doing it on faxes it sometimes so exciting.
Dark alley way- this is better when it is rainy
On your front porch
On your back deck or front deck
In your back yard after dark around midnight is the best time.
In a chair with you straddle over him
In a barn nothing like doing it in the hay
On the dock of a lake after dark- now this is really exciting.
Back of a pick up truck under the stars.
Hot tub
Bath tub
In the car or truck going down the highway-road head is very exciting and adventurous
Doing it in the rain during a thunder storms outside                                              

Go to a park or rest area along the highway and do it on the pinic table.

Fun things to use and do:
Experimenting with different things and food can make your sex life so heated with passion you will not ever forget it.

Creamy peanut butter (make sure it isn’t chunky your man will be too sore)
Saran wrap and baby oil
Whip Cream
Chocolate syrup
Butter Scotch Schnapps
Hot Damn Schnapps even adds more heat
Pop cycles
Ice cubes
Hum the "Star Spangle Banner"- he will shoot off like rockets. It also works for her too.
Ribbons to tie each other up
Body lotion
Enticing the skin with the gentle touches of your fingertips                             

Go down the back slowly barely touching the skin with your lips so only your breath in felt
Paint – painting each other bodies
Lobster dinner with the garlic butter (at home is the best)- is a sensual pleasure you will never forget

Erogenous zones: (There are so many hot buttons on the body that can get a person very aroused.)

If your lover touches you with their hands, or their tongue, you automatically feel your heart beating faster and pleasure shooting through your body. Men and Women have many erogenous zones and some are the same.

Wrist- The inner part of the wrist is very sensitive to touch. If you barely graze this area with your fingertips or your lips, you’ll have your partner melt.

Neck- The lower part of the neck is also a sweet spot that can be stimulated erogenous zone. Let your lips do the touching of the neck starting from behind the ear. Keep kissing gentle and light between your lips and your partners neck.

Ears- You may be surprised that the ear could be a significant erogenous zone. Run your fingers over the edge of the ear, lightly blowing or whispering in the ear while you’re making out could make you partner extremely hot. Avoid using the tongue too much though it can be a real turn off to have a wet ear.

Lips- Kissing isn’t just important is establishing an intimate connection before hitting the sheets; it’s also a way to turn up the heat. Both men and women have loads of nerves in ending in their lips, so they are highly sensitive. When kissing always start off gently so your lips barely touch, then gradually move up to more intense kissing.

Feet- Not everyone feels comfortable with their feet, But the feet is full of receptors that will send pleasure coursing through their bodies if you touch them just right. A gentle massage works well, or, if you don’t mind, you could work your mouth in the game to really make things hot.

Back- The back is covered in erogenous zones. Some parts are going to be generating a stronger reaction then others. When you are just starting to learn these hot buttons, take a feather and the very fingertips. Use the feather or very tips of your figure tips to move slowly and softly across, and up and down, your partners back. When your partner reacts, then you’ve just hit an erogenous hot spot. Take note of those hot spots and give them lots of attention.

You should focus on these erogenous hot spots. As things progress- and you’ll know when they do- you can begin paying attention to more intimate erogenous zones, such as the inner thighs, the butt, the chest, the penis or the clitoris. The main point is to enjoy each other through intimate touching to get you both aroused.

Making physical contact through touch, signals increased intimacy between lovers. Anytime you get a chance to make physical contact you are extending foreplay between you and your partner. By keeping the sexual touching light and gentle enough to sends goose bumps up and down your partner’s spins, you’ll be one step closer to making your partner excited and HOT!!

Sharing sexual fantasies and erotic dreams with each other can only lead to a more satisfying and steamy sex life. Experimenting with your creativity and imagination is the only way to find absolute and constant sexual bliss. So whether you’re posing as a dominatrix or your rubbing ice up and down each other’s body, experimenting and exploring with fetishes can be absolutely fulfilling and orgasmic. Adequate and loving physical contact, sexual or non-sexual, is a prerequisite for a healthy, fulfilling, and mature relationship. Human bodies require touch for various reasons. Touching is a natural therapy. It relieves stress, making us happier.

© 2009 Fireeyes24

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Good suggestions. What made you think of this?
Wow! Same question as Patricia - where did all of this come from?
Oh but to love for the living always...... :) just live!
Oh my! To be so young and have foreplay actually work for you.

My wife and I use to lye on the bed nude and use the sharp end of wooden skewers to trace outlines on eachother. The person being "drawn on" would try to determine what was being drawn using only our sense of feel. The sensation of the sharp point was nothing less than orgasmic. In short time we were exploring each other's bodies with things far more fun than wooden skewers :-).
Patricia-& Shivaun- It was something I was working on several months ago and finally finished it and decided to post it. Just something different to do besides my normal story telling stuff.
Thank you glad you liked it.

Jimenace-Oh yes you have to love for the living always. When you love and care about someone it makes sex all the better. Thank you

BoomerBob- Whatever works to get each other going. The more fun the better. Thank you
I have more erroneous zones than erogenous zones lately.

Good work, FE.
Nat-Well you will have to try some of these out. I might also if and when I find a
Thank you
"Every sperm is sacred,

every sperm is great,

if a sperm is wasted,

God gets quite irate."


Rated for humor by the Lord of Hosts.
yahwen- No sperm ever goes to waste.. no way no how.. Thank you for stopping by.
I don't know. Lists have never got me hot.
Emma- It isn't the list that is supposed to do it. You are supposed to try the things out and see what happens.. Hey the creamy peanut butter works good..LOL Thank you

Ronp1-HMM HMM Good- That is a great response.. Thank you
Thanks! Always interested in more ideas.......... Now if I just had the partner! LOL!
Zashin- More ideas the better. Don't feel bad I have no partner either. One day I might find one anyway.. Good luck! Thank you
Never done learning... thanks for the tips.
Jay- OH NO you ca never stop learning when it comes to sexual fun. The ideas are endless. You are welcome for the advice, I hope they work for you. It sure does make it a lot of fun. Thank you
holy shit. i want to try that peanut butter thing, and with the chunky not the creamy. i'm crazy like that:)
Nana-The peanut butter is fun and works really good, best BJ you will ever have. But you don't want to use the chucky I have heard it hurts like hell during and more afterwards.But then again you are strange like that.. Thank you glad I got a "Holy Shit" out of you..
Avoid Chucky...snort.

It's like the dream of sex on the beach. That would be great without the sand.

I tried it when I was younger (not 46) and it ended in laughter and a shower. Sand is not conducive to good sex, neither is chucky or chunky peanut butter.

Since this site is so damn liberal: It would be more healthy if you substituted almond butter (omega 3's) or apple butter for peanut butter... Sorry, I just like apple butter.

Again, sorry, I made myself laugh. I'm not a health nut, but I play one on OS.
Jay- Yes avoid the chunky and chucky (oppps I am tired typo)
You could use apple butter or even almond butter it would work but it would not the same effect as the peanut butter does. See with the peanut butter it makes you mouth dry and you well suck harder...LMAO!! I have no other way to explain it then that..LMAO!You could use just about any kind of food if you wanted too. It is okay if you make yourself laugh. I make myself laugh all the time..SMILES!!

Nana-Marmalade you could use also. But read the explanation I gave Jay as to why the peanut butter works. LMAO!! But yes you can use anything.. to spice it up and make it fun..
"Foreplay is an extremely important in the lovemaking act."

It is? What the hell does golf have to do with lovemaking?


All I need is some rough sandpaper, a bottle of super hot sauce and two or three Asian hookers willing to use it on my wood. And I ain't talking about golf or trees!!! I'm talking about my penis.

Oh god yes!!!


Tink- I bet you could find some of the hookers who charge one dollar- they tell you "One Dollar sucky fucky and me love you long time." They would probably do anything to you if you add in an dollar. LOL
I wish it was just this simple. Hehehe. I think I've managed most of these except for the elevator. I've been slapped in an elevator. Does that count? So I guess that the elevator ride is still on my bucket list. What else ya got?
Funny thing about women, what worked yesterday and sent her into orbit, won't get her off the launching pad the following day. Guys are much simpler to figure. Pretty easy to tell when they are aroused. It's the woman that makes sex not only such a fantastic mystery for men, but also the need to experiment and explore foreplay to find out the "hot button" of the day. Of course that takes a bit of an adventurist attitude on both parties.
note - only try ice if you're not in bed or not going to sleep anytime soon

a few weeks ago the 2 cnn harpies were chatting up some guy about ice molds in the shape of a fist. they were wondering aloud what that was all about. Funny stuff. Thanks for the ideas.
I can't find these women who will fucky sucky for a dollar around here. Guessing I need to head to Kansas for that option!! ~nodding~

~packing his back~
Michael- Most of these will work for women and men both. Now I didn't put any of mine down- what turns me on are freshly cut lumber, out in nature, fresh country air, book stores, hardware stores, storms, those are all natural aphrodisiacs to me. Most women it they wouldn't do anything for them.. lol No being slapped in the elevator doesn't count. Have you done it on a motorcycle? I bet you have..Thank you

Cocoal- No when you use ice cubes you want to make sure you are not going to go to bed for a long time.. You are welcome for the ideas. Thank you
Tink-Yep You better head to KC I heard they do it down here for a dollar and bring their friends. They tell you One Dollar Sucky Fucky We love you long time.. SO you better start packing..
I have things I have to do. So I will be back soon to answer comments. Thank you everyone..
*Sigh* If only, if only, the woodpecker sighed

Hey, Michael (and all you other men)--one word of note. More time doing simple little things (like brushing your hand along her hand or waist, nuzzling her neck without warning, or doing the dishes) make a woman so hot for later that not much of that foreplay will even be tolerated by her, much less wanted.

Ah, it's nice to remember.
If you want to get a little kinky, candle wax dripped in just the right spots can be very erotic.
I have a very fertile imagination.
fireeyes, I see you've had an interesting morning! LOL I have a friend in Jacksonville, FL who gives the best foot massages in the world. The bad thing is he lives there and I live here. Never thought something like that would be a turn-on. You never know what works till you try, right? Some good advice here. LOL!!!
ooo, good suggestions . . . now all I need is a man! ;)
You left out the area between the navel and the top of the groin area. And the inside of the thighs, but never touching the genitals. Works great on both sexes.
Nothing is sexier than whipping out a computer list, fumbling for your reading glasses....

Just kidding, you've covered many bases with this!
Eye lids. With eyes closed, softly lick your lover's eye lids with the tip of your tongue. Then following a path from the corners of the eyes, over the top of the nose, lightly flicking your tongue, till you find the opening of his mouth, hungrily longing to engulf your tongue, sucking furiously while disrobing urgently, eyes closed.
all that's lacking is the one special, adorable, irreplaceable woman partner playmate soulmate to enjoy this all with... ;)
...had I her...
I would not be typing right now...
Dayna- It was great that you set the men right. They don't know real foreplay if it slapped them on the face. They mostly just try to get down to business and screw the foreplay.. Thank you

JustPamela-I didn't know a foot massage would make you all hot and bothered either, I guess because I hate my feet messed with. But it might be worth a try.. Yep you never know what will work until you try it.. Thank you

Bryn- You are not a lone in that area. I have to find a man also. The good ones are hard to find.. lol Thank you
Trudge- That was mentioned in the third to the last paragraph. Can't leave out those parts. Yes they do work for both sexes. Thank you

Lifehalflived- Yes candle wax-I forgot that one, thank you. The imagination when put into work while enticing your partner can do wonders. Thank you

Buffy-That is why you remember them before hand so you don't have to bring out the list. LOL Glad you liked them.. Thank you
boy it got hot here last night! I fell asleep from the allergy attacks.

Rated, anyway.
Justcathy- Yes softly kissing the eye lids and even along the eye brow works really good. Even if you softly caress both the eye lid and across the eye brow you will have you partner going crazy. Then as you softy caress the sides of their cheeks along the jaw line and by the ear with you fingertips or lips, works wonders also.. Thanks for the reminder on that one I forgot about it and it is one of my favorites to do.. Oh and take the fingernail and softly caress barely touching the lips this will make them go crazy also..
Thank you

Dynomyte- Yes the only thing missing on my end is the handsome, sensual, lovable man. Because trust me if I had him I wouldn't be doing this list I would be putting it all into action.. So don't feel bad there are a few on here that are without partners including me, so you are not alone. Thank you

Deepclever- Oh yes watching a man do housework is a huge turn on, some don't even realize it..Try the creamy peanutbutter with that BJ and he will be cleaning house all the time. You go Girl!! Thank you
Now if I can only get her off her computer long enough for some intimacy!
Zuma- Yes it got hot in here last night and all morning long. I had trouble sleeping after all of this sex talk.. Hope your allergies are better. Thank you
Walter- Start teasing her and using some of the things above while she is on her computer. Trust me if a man enticed me when I was on my computer we would be doing it on the desk in nothing flat.. But I have to find the man first.. Thank you
Cindy- LOL to funny. I will be over there to read your piggyback post. I just seen it come up. Thank you
I don't feel bad, Fireeyes. I feel magnificent. She's close now. I can feel her energy all around me. I had a false start recently and wasted a buncha my time and energies on a woman who turned out to be little more than a false advertisement; but there's alot of fear and dysfunction going 'round these days; and this isn't an exact science. I'm more than willing to be a fool for love. I've proven that to myself repeatedly. :) ... but won't it be sweet to touch and be touched in that loving way again...? There is nothing so sacred, and nothing else so sublimely fulfilling.
Dynomyte- Oh I know what you are saying. I am not afraid to be a fool for love. Fell to easy the last time. So I am taking a break from men for a while. Wish you all the luck.. You are such a sweetheart you should have no problems at all.
Just a quick note, don't use real whipped cream, the body heat makes it curdle fast and you end up with a sticky funky stink. Even in the movies when some hot babe comes out in a whipped cream bikini it's really shaving cream.
Ocularmervosa- yes don't use real whip cream. The ones in the spary can are the best to use and also easier to control.. Thank you
I'm not a list person either I guess. Hay is so NOT soft and doing it in a dark hall of some seedy bar, yuck! LOL.
Denese- No Hay is not soft but playing in the hay is lot of fun. You don't have to be a list person and you don't have to carry the list with you, just remember somethings you would like to try out and go from there. The point is to have fun with sex and use your imagination. The hall in a bar is actually really steamy, adventurous and the arousal from trying not to get caught is all the fun. Thank you
Floggers, rope (hemp), blindfolds, I could go on but you get the idea.
NickPaulie- Yes the list could go on and on. I get the point.. Thank you
Righto, Jimenace! Live, live, live.

And for real memorable hot sex try: intimacy. Try knowing someone so well that it's only the connection that matters...sure, there's fun stuff, hot stuff, new environments...but all the more intense when you deeply know who you're rolling around in the back of an abandoned 50's Chevy with.
Robin- You are so right. There is nothing like take total intimacy and connection with someone. You know them sometimes better than the back of your own hand. Then all they have to do is be next to you or even when they are not next to you, just the thought of them when they cross your mind turns you on like nothing else in the world. The feeling that can over power any other thoughts that crosses your mind. When the two of you are together it is so passionate, the desire of wanting and longing for each other is such a wonderful and amazing feeling.
Had that once a little bit ago, and it was a feeling I had never felt with anyone before. To bad things had to not work out, guess shit happens. I do know he will hold a huge place in my heart, mind and soul.
Hey but there is always the fun, discovering, and the exploring of each other that can help out in other relationships. Thank you for your great comment.
JK- Okay I won't make you tell the fun in the woods stories on here, I did have to laugh about it. I have broke out into total laughter and couldn't for the life of me stop, while having sex. I still laugh about it..
These are just suggestions for other people and a fun post to do. Something out of my normal of posting. Not that I have done any of them. I for one go for the intimacy between two people that take none of these things, like Robin said in her comment, see my reply back to her.. So no none of these rock my boat. But if I do try some of them I will make sure the peanut butter doesn't get into my hair. LOL
The Scotsman probably would start laughing if you start humming, but hey it could be interesting.. SMILES!!
Thank you for your great comment.
hot springs are great places, even when there are others in the water...rated.
Gypsy- Hot springs are great. Great add to the post. I bet they would be lots of fun. Thank you
check, check, check, check...oh, there's a new one!

Spottedmind- LMAO!! Checking them off are ya.. Glad you at least found one new one. Thank you
my ex loved standing in a door way with his hands braced on each side

another ex once gave me before work oral right after brushing his teeth- after a minute I'm wondering why things are so tingly...

chewing on the back of the neck always works

What is the sexiest thing any one has ever said to you during sex?
Tijo- The tingly was from the toothpaste. I only had that used once and it was hot for a while and then tingly after he licked most of it off, then it felt okay --wild and intense feeling.
The sexiest thing anyone has said to me during sex. Hum? Great question..
Oh boy!! I could get myself in trouble for answering this..
I will go with when myex (recent one) looked me into my eyes and told me "you are so beautiful and I like you being my baby." I never dreamed in a million years that I would love to be called someone's baby. But now I find myself missing it so much.
Now see how I did that I went with the nice clean sexiest thing anyone has told me. LOL
Now your turn..
Thank you for your adds to the post.
Woo-hoo! You've gotten me all hot and bothered, FE, and the SU is at work tonight. Thanks for writing; I have new and interesting things to try out.
AshKW- Well you will have to keep them in mind for when he comes home and surprise him with the new things. Have fun... Thank you
Caves are kind of nice -- damp & earthy.
The neighbor's driveway.
Under a coat in the back of a pickup truck that's bouncing up & down grassy hills. (Gotta be really young for that one.)
In a tree house.
In an old discarded camper shell (but not in the summer).
On an actual bed outside under a willow tree.
In a two-person tent in the middle of the day in a crowded campground.
Leaning against a Harley.
In the cab of a semi.
In the back of a semi.
In a partially (Do Not Enter!) constructed building.
While riding a train (clickety-clack, clickety-clack).
In the dark humming back of a bus.
Suzie- You have the right ideas for fun and adventure for sex. I like all your ideas. I have done the do not enter construction site. Another one is inside a freshly built house that is for sale and doing it on all the floors in every room and counters, breaking in the house before someone buys it.. lol
Never done it leaning on a harley but have done it on a harley, twice and once while on the highway, that was in the younger days when I wear skirts a lot. smiles...But I wouldn't suggest it because even if it was exciting and wild it was also very scary.
Done the two person tent in the middle of the day in a crowd camp site.
I really like the cave idea now that would be fun. I like caves.
Thank you for your great ideas to add to the post. You are Awesome!
Love the list, although I'd hesitate about any gritty, splintery surfaces that could create skin abrasions or getting splinters in... unusual places. =o) Also prefer minimal bugs and bug-bite involvement. Distracting, don't you know.

Thunderstorms perhaps, but I'd prefer it indoors with a lightning rod between me and the elements.

Monkey sex!! Nothing better!!!

Honey and scotch (separately, not together) have yielded some very nice results. Paintbrushes do amazing things too.....
Shiral-These are just some ideas but you can use your imagination and come up with others that you like to do better.. Thunderstorms are just as good inside the house as they are outside.. Thank you

AngryMonkey- Monkey Sex is good...LOL Thank you

Cartouche- Honey and Scotch haven't heard of using them. Will have to try the honey, a partner will have to do the Scotch. Paint brushes do do amazing things, and are lots of fun to play with.
Thank you for you ideas..

JohnWalker- Delicious is a great response... Thank you! Glad you liked it..

Aphrabehn- Hiding scents is a great idea and sounds like it would be fun. Might have to play that little game with a partner when I get one. smiles.. Thanks for the idea. Yes anyone can add anything ideas they wants that is what this post is supposed to do.. Thank you
I have to admit...I've never considered toothpaste as a vice...but the motion of the toothbrush going in and out sometimes gives me cause to think about it.
Tai-LMAO!! I never thought of it either. But it was really a great experience, don't know if it was the toothpaste or the tongue but it was great.. smiles!!! I do have to say that I don't think about it while brushing my Thank you
@Nanatehay -- "what about marmalade?"

"Look at that Dude Marma Lade."
@FireEyes24 -- "Fun things to use and do"

I didn't see Rubber Chickens anywhere on your list.
MrE- Oh you can put a rubber chicken on your list if you like to use them. Guess I should have thought of that one, sorry me bad..
Oh and thank you for clearing that up with Nana- poor man gets confused from time to time.. Thank you
The spark indeed requires work to be alive and kicking. Sex in relationship can improve vastly when the emotions and energy is channeled right.
so, what's your view on 9 1/2 Weeks?