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June 24
I suppose you could say I am just one who never was able to do all he wished he could do in a lifetime. I could never be interested in just one thing, but all things. I suppose it is these twilight years where the dawn is coming closer that I occasionally sit down and write a few of my thoughts. Some stay with me, never seen by others and some I post for the world to see. They are varied subjects, for which my mind will focus on for that time. So for now, allow me to indulge.

APRIL 23, 2009 5:47PM

What is an OS gathering without Music, Drink and Dance

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 I read about that wonderful Scottish Fling gathering in San Francisco of fellow OS’ers. Unfortunately there was no way we could make that as our weekends have been so full. 

But I would hope those OS'ers who enjoyed the Scottish fling would love to gather in a place that Cindy and I will be in October. We have been hired to be a part of the management team for the KVMR Celtic Music Festival and Market Place.  

 Take a quick look at the web site for where we will be: 

Those hats were great. But now there is time to plan for this and come in full costume to 13th annual KVMR Celtic Festival and Market Place which is held at the Nevada County Fair Grounds in Grass Valley, California the first weekend of October.

 The Fair Grounds has a camp site with RV hookups or you can stay in a B&B (there are several) or hotel.

It is one of the top Celtic Festivals in the Western states. Another of course the one a friend puts on in Sebastopol, California a couple of weeks earlier.

 This is more than music, it is an event for those OS'ers who are serious hedonists as there is much to enjoy.

After reading Cathy's comments about the OS Scottish fling I thought as we couldn't make the OS gathering in San Francisco  I would hope that the OS'ers would enjoy a full weekend of Celtic experience with jousting, dances, storytelling, games, history.

Take a look at the web site, and browse through all of it including the history.  Cindy and helped put together the first festival. This has grown to where it has become large community for the weekend, a village. For those who fondly recall the Renaissance Fairs of years past I am sure you will enjoy this

Below are two performers booked so far. Dougie McClean has always been an audience favorite and Enter the Haggis is high energy Celtic Rock and will get you dancing for sure.

I should apologize for this sounding like a commercial for the Festival. But, again, after seeing all of you enjoying yourselves at the Pub and finding myslef somewhat envous I thought, they NEED to come to the Festival as it is only a couple of hours from the Bay Area held at the most beautiful fair grounds in California.






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I LOVE Dougie McLean and my favorite is "All together ", in fact two weeks ago I bought the video from his website, i love that song and I love Celtic music. this is something to consider and you gave us plenty of time to plan. Cool
That is a beautiful area, and not far from the Bay Area and Sacramento at all. Looks good!
Ahhh...wish I could be there, I soooo would! I just returned from CA and will be back in July. Unfortunately, don't think I'll be able to travel again to CA until Dec. Wish I could be there...sounds like a great time. Have fun!
That would be great to see you all the way from Texas. If you cruised through the web site you can get an idea of what the festival is all about.

You have already told me you are a KVMR listener and fan, Yes do come and make sure you let us know you will be there. Cindy and I will be busy for the most part back stage but will have some time to meet some OS people.

Hock everything! This will be worth it, who cares if you lose your house, your credit cards are maxed and the threat of collectors wanting what health you may have left. This is the CELTIC experience!!!! Go for broke, you can always stay in the camp grounds for the next few months….. oh wait a moment, it does snow in Grass Valley in the winter and that is not so cool. OK, next year.

JK Brady,
Alistair Frasier who lives not far from where the Celtic Festival is held and is consider the best Scottish Fiddler has mentioned that if you want to see great Scottish Fiddling you go not to Scotland, but to Cape Brinton. There Scottish fiddling is pure. The McMasters are among the well known fiddlers of Cape Brinton.
I love these kinds of festivals! We have two Irish festivals a year that are extremely well attended. I think Milwaukee has a festival every weekend!! Thanks for sharing this great music.
I would love to be there, but you guys have some extra fun just for me.

Thank you for the lovely music. Wish I could come! I am Celtic to my heart.
I love the music. It has a haunting quality to it. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to make the gathering, what with being on the opposite coast and poor as dirt, but I'll be with you in spirit.
Sounds like a lot of fun. Hmm...can I make it from the east coast to the left coast by October? I'll be thinking of ways...
Wow. That sounds fantastic. If I'm still in California at that time, I'll try to be there.
Middle Aged,
Festivals are every weekend during the spring, summer and fall in Northern California. You can pick whatever genre of music you want to see as well. The successful festivals are as much an experience as anything else. That is what the Celtic Festival is, as much as an experience as a music festival. The campgrounds have jamming all day and night as well.

I will think of you during this event. It is something I know you both would love.

Well here it is, the opportunity to let your Celticness take full root. There are several other performers to be booked for this lively weekend.

Well, I should have mentioned that if you can’t be there you can listen to the festival live on Mark that on your calendar.

It would be fine if you could make it, four months to plan.

More than a little tempting, a trip to Nevada City/Grass Valley is special even without the festival. Just a few hours from the Monterey area.

Start getting your costume together. It is so much more fun when you are fully in the spirit.
Takes me back to the old days and Fairport Convention with Sandy Denny and the Master on guitar. I was also very much taken with an Irish band called Planxty, brilliant.
I think I can do this! And I can whip on over to Nevada City in the morning to this really awesome restaurant that has veggie breakfasts. (I'm hungry...)

That would be so cool if more OSers showed up. (I love Alistair Frasier, he played here in Sonora at a Christmas Faire, he's amazing!) Will have to get the word out! I like this idea.
I've listened to Dougie McClean for years. Thanks for introducing me to "Enter the Haggis". Rated
I really love Celtic music. Hubby is an Irishman and we travel to his home in Sligo yearly for the South Sligo Summer School, a music festival in his home town. I play flute (wooden and concert)

The Trad "season" for many musicians in Ireland begins with the Willie Clancy Festival in Miltown Malbay, County Clare...moves to Tubbercurry, County Sligo for the aforementioned festival and continues in Leitrim at Drumshambo at the Joe Mooney Summer School. You could spend the entire summer camping, partying and playing music and finish it off in August at L'Orient in Brittany France.

Love Celtic music...I think the best of the list on your festival is DERVISH! What a "get"! They're great...but I'm a bit biased as they are a Sligo band!

Cheers...have fun!
this doesn't really belong on this post but Frank Apisa's most recent blog prompted me to go back and look at Gosztola's from last week - I'm sorry I didn't read your comment more thoroughly before (I was frazzled) - it's great! I wish comment-rating was an option. (I'd send a PM but I've sworn them off!)