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June 24
I suppose you could say I am just one who never was able to do all he wished he could do in a lifetime. I could never be interested in just one thing, but all things. I suppose it is these twilight years where the dawn is coming closer that I occasionally sit down and write a few of my thoughts. Some stay with me, never seen by others and some I post for the world to see. They are varied subjects, for which my mind will focus on for that time. So for now, allow me to indulge.

DECEMBER 25, 2009 11:14AM

The Passing of a Loved One to be Shared

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I thought I would share this with all those on Open Salon for the Holidays. As we celebrate our holidays and prepare to enter the next year we will have many things to look back on for this last decade. Some are sad things such as the passing of a loved one.

A couple of years ago we rushed back the many miles to Sioux Falls were Cindy's fahter had been admitted to a local Hospital. We had recieved a call that he  slipping away. We arrived just an hour before he passed. He squeezed Cindy’s hand and quietly passed.

One of those exceptional men, not one that you read in history books, but in that small Northwest Iowa town he was one of the town fathers. A second generation pharmacist he personified what one would wish in every town could have.  His memorial service in filled the local Catholic Church, a magnificent church that is a central part of the community.  

Today I was catching up on some email and came across one on the Strawberry Music Festival list. It was one which compelled me to share it with others as we end this decade.  I thought Open Salon would be one such place to do so.

Inevitably we all pass from this earth. We all hope we leave something worthwhile behind. Nothing can be more important than have spread love to our loved ones and others. Often is the only thing of true worth that we leave behind.

For Cindy and many others it was her father who left us with that love. The following email and YouTube of Lindalou father in his final days is heartwarming. She wished to share it with all and now I share it with you.


One of the many joys of being with Dad during his last few weeks of life......This was recorded on November 15th 2009 exactly one week before our wonderful Dad died of lung cancer. He wanted my brother-in-law Michael to learn this song and record him so he could sing it at his own memorial service. He was always a great singer and loved performing. He was barely able to sing anymore but he was determined and said "Once a ham always a ham!" He never lost his sense of humor or sweet smile.  

We'll be spending Christmas with my Mom and our big family. It'll be a bit melancholy and so strange to not have my Dad there. We're just so glad he left us this gift to spread around for others to enjoy. Thanks to all the rest of you who have sent us emails and cards this past month.

We wish you all joy for the holidays, however you celebrate, hopefully with loved ones, enjoying music and spreading the love around!



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What a beautiful gift to share with others. What a great face!
As long as you have such loving memories, he will still be with you all.
Bless you and your family.
Beautiful remembrance.. Thank you for sharing this with us.
Merry Christmas to you both.
This was not our relative, it was someone else's father. They shared the video with those who knew him as one who often attended the Strawberry Music Festival just outside of Yosemite held each Memorial and Labor day weekends.

It was such a great tribute that needed to be shared.
Wonderful, Bruce. God bless him. He must have been quite a guy.

Have a blessed Christmas, and many blessings for you, Cindy and yours in the coming year.
Generous of you to share this. The holidays have a certain melancholy as we remember those we used to share them with who are now dead. Then again, it is comforting when we are grateful that they were part of our lives.
Lovely, Bruce. Thanks for this!
may we all approach our ends with such grace and spirit
That was great. It brought tears to my eyes and a laugh into my heart. I'd do it again too.

I was away for the holidays, but having returned this puts the proper punctuation on why I spent so long in the car visiting relatives. These moments are so precious.