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Beth Ingalls
October 30
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JULY 30, 2009 6:09PM

Adrian Grenier, Tequila Shots & Assholes

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There we sat in the Wanderlust Festival VIP lounge looking out at the majestic peaks of Squaw Valley rising around us, sipping cold beer and chillin' for a bit when all of the sudden in walks Adrian Grenier.

Adrian Grenier 

If you don't know who Grenier is, you're probably a little out of touch with pop culture. The star of HBO's Entourage and member of the band 'The Honey Brothers' is a very recognizable celebrity. (Notice I didn't say he's a great actor. Two totally different things. )

He was actually really fresh in my mind since I had rented some old episodes of Entourage just a few days prior to the encounter. Watching the show is a guilty pleasure of mine. I don't have HBO, so sometimes I rent two or three or ten discs at a time and simply indulge myself. I catch up on past seasons and I do it when I'm alone. The story lines are racy and the dialogue is very, shall we say, MATURE. I laugh, relax, unwind. It's me time.

Back to the Lounge scene.

So there he was and it was kind of a kick. My 22 year old son was with me and it definitely added a little fun to our afternoon. But I wouldn't say we were anything but totally cool about it. After all, we were chillin in the VIP Lounge at Squaw and Grenier was in our house. He was in Tahoe. We don't go nuts for celebs up here. We represent.  

But he was with a group of people and the room was uncrowded to begin with, so it was kind of hard to ignore him completely. 

Eventually, I got curious. And thirsty for another beer.

I sauntered up to the bar and took a spot behind him just as he happened to be turning around.

He spoke. "Anybody want a shot?" he said in the same remarkably unremarkable voice he uses in character as Vincent Chase.

I saw an opening.

"Yeah, I'd love a shot," I chimed in among the chorus of hangers-on.

But clearly he wasn't speaking to me. He looked at me and realized I wasn't among the intended recipients.

He denied me with his eyes. And his eyes are his best feature, so it hurt that much more.

Always the wise-ass sarcastic I fired back, "Oh yeah, that's right...I guess I'm not in your entourage."

He said, "That's right, you're not."


Now my kids and my friends will tell you that I need to let this go. But I explained it to them this way.

Yes, he's a star and a musician and I'm not. And no I don't want to have sex with him and of course he would never want to have sex with me and it's not about that. He was in my house. At an event I had worked on for the last two months. In a rustic little VIP lounge with very few people. I simply wanted to chat- maybe ask him how he liked it up here in Tahoe. If he was looking forward to his set tomorrow? How he liked the Festival? Get some feedback for the producers. Things like that.

You see, I've lived here for 15 years. I was Mayor of my town. I know this place and I know the people and we tend to be welcoming here. Curious, friendly, fun, happy...no bullshit. There's no harm in trying to join in a conversation or grab a shot with someone you don't know. It's what we do.

But apparently it's not what you do when you're Adrian Grenier.

Shame really.

The next day I happened upon him again, this time strolling the down the hillside. It wasn't planned. It was sheer coincidence. He was alone this time and our paths converged. So I gave it another "shot" - that thing we call human interaction.

"Sorry about yesterday at the bar," I said. "I must have appeared rude when I asked you for a shot."

"No, not at all," he said.

What I really wish I had said was this. "You're a real asshole Adrian Grenier."


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These pretzels are making me thirsty!
I've stumbled into a few famous people over the years, my brother even more so (he lives in LA now).

It seems to be 50/50 on if they are jerks or not.
Can't say I'm shocked. Of course, I can't stand that show and think it's one of the more vapid and redundant things out there. I'm not too keen on the cult of personality and a paean to Hollywood like "Entourage" just isn't made for the likes of me.
Should have gone with the 'asshole' retort. I'd buy you a shot.
Great piece! We are twins separated at birth when it comes to conversing with stars.
And he should have given you a shot.
Ouch, indeed. Sorry that happened to you. It was certainly not deserved or appropriate.
Aloof, aloof, aloof. While the rest of us live on in reality.

Oh how much creedence we give those of the silver screen, while the rest of us live on in life's waters of breen.
Celebs are like behinds, they can be fun to look at, but up close they really stink.
Hope you all don't think I really was offended by his actions. I have a very thick skin!
One day, hopefully, Chuck. I'll drink to that.
I really thought he was interesting after seeing the documentary of searching for his father. Then he dated either Jessica or Brittany or both . . .sigh. Were there no other attractive and intelligent women in their twenties available?
It doesn't surprise me that this guy is an asshole. The lesser the talent, the bigger the ego and asshole quotient.
Some celebs are super cool and some are complete douchebags. I can understand him not wanting to buy strangers drinks, but there's a right way and a wrong way to do it.

And I'll buy you a shot, Beth...but only if it's a body shot. =)

That's my line when people want me to do one and I'm not in the mood. I say, fine, only if it's a body shot.
It's okay. He's not that talented so I'm guessing once he's no longer pretty, he'll have to learn to be humble again. I'll buy you a shot!
I think you were more puffed up and acting and reacting like a person of entitlement than this young successful actor who probably thought you were an enterlouper(sp?). So the classy thing for you to have done was to say "hey, welcome to Tahoe. I used to be the Mayor here and I've enjoy your shows." He he took it from there, great. If not, so what. Grow up old person and stop acting like a government worker rich with the life long attitude of entitlement.
I have a little more empathy for guys like that, as they clearly have difficulty just going out and getting a burger at some dive or middling chain place without being swarmed. So you catch them at a bad time or what not, and they can be snippy. Given his limited acting range, I suspect he is very much like the character and that you just caught him on a bad day.
Wow - what a wake up call Miss Clarity. "Grow up old person and stop acting like a government worker rich with the life long attitude of entitlement." That's harsh. I'm not a government worker, first of all. I'm a dirt poor, single mother of three with no health insurance who happened to be elected to serve my town for four years for free, which I did gladly and with diligence. But I can see how it might have come across the other way around. I'll work on that! Thanks for the criticism. It's always good to hear another viewpoint.
Tony Wang- a body shot...uh...don't know about that. But let's definitely plan on a regular one sometime, ok? And the rest of ya'll too! Maybe virtual will have to do for now, but someday it's on.
I forget who said it, but a celebrity once noted that the public pays our salary, and if all it takes is a few minutes of our time to earn it, it's OK with me. Hear, hear.
Nice story!

Let me offer a different, non-asshole interpretation: It could be that Grenier hasn't yet learned all the rules for being a celebrity. That is, if I were in his position, at the bar with a group of people, and someone misinterpreted an invitation I'd made to the group, I'd have reacted in exactly the same way: a refusal with the eyes, then a verbal brush-off. The later exchange is consistent, too. Now, Grenier might be an asshole in reality; I don't know, not even having heard his name before this morning. But maybe he just doesn't realize he's expected to be generous to his fans.

I recently heard another celebrity encounter story I liked: Betty (a friend of my wife's) was in a Colorado ski resort with her adult sons, waiting for a table. One of her sons says, "Hey, look over there at that bar. That's Jack Nicholson!" The host comes to seat Betty's group, and as her son walks Nicholson, he reaches out and touches his coat sleeve. Betty, a bit embarrassed, makes a motion to her son to come along; Nicholson looks at him and says, "Kid, I don't blame you."
Knowing the lives of some with that "star". You never will know the insipid lines these people deal with. Chalk one up for the "Lea brush factor". A simple smile, or passing glance is probably best. Asshole factor withstanding, who knows,or cares. I find Entourage's portrayal of Mark Wahlberg and his pals in LaLa Land amusing. Grenier is just another of those beautiful people I have no desire to waste time on. Congruity on your part was probably best. Well done!
I guess I missed something. I don't see how Grenier is being an Asshole for not buying a total stranger a drink? If someone whom I don't know says who wants a drink, my assumption is they are talking to their party. You said it yourself you shot back with sarcasm which usually results in a defensive response.

This story kind of reminds me of when you think someone is waving at you from across the room only to find they are waving to someone they know behind you. It may be embarrassing for a second, but most just chalk it up to a misunderstanding that quickly passes.
It's just a story MTodd- with subject matter that's a little more interesting than most of what my daily life holds. A little gift for a writer. I'm sure he's not that much of an asshole, but it was fun to write. Don't you think being provocative is sometimes fun? thanks for taking the time to comment!
And Rob- I'm not sure I get the part about Nicholson. Did he mean, I don't blame you for wanting to touch me? oohhh, if so. :)
Just a thought ... if he hadn't been a celebrity but just any guy in a bar that you didn't know, you probably wouldn't have done that in the first place. And if you had and he'd responded that way, you might have thought, 'Well, that was kind of presumptuous of me. This guy doesn't know me, so what did I expect?' But because someone's a celebrity and we feel like we kind of know him, we assume that he'll treat us like he knows us--and then when he doesn't, we call him an asshole.
He just might be a little guarded. I think a lot of celebs, however big or small they are, feel like once you break the force field, they are vulnerable to unwanted attention.

It's hard to get a read on people. Being a "jerk" can be an act of self-preservation.

On your aide of things, that show has been coasting for a few years now. Hollywood=Onan in Entourage.

You can laugh about it with your son later when Grenier is doing infomercials for super hits of the 00's when his day job runs out.
I don't blame you for wanting to touch me?

That was my interpretation, which made me laugh, and made me think, "If you know that people worship you as an actor, might as well go with the flow." :-)
I forgot which move he won an Oscar for:)
It's not "all of THE sudden", but "all of A sudden"...
As a Los Angeles resident, I tend to be somewhat sympathetic to celebrities in public spaces, as they seem to be so frequently swarmed by the public. But when it comes to Entourage your post title "Adrian Grenier, Tequila Shots & Assholes" pretty much sums up that show for me.
So, "Miss Teabagg" - er, "Clarity"....

How does it feel to be a self-righteous Right-Wingtard on the Lu-ZER Side of History?
Actually, I think you acted like an asshole when you came back with the sarcastic comment. He was there with his group having a good time, you intruded on them and when he didn't smile at you, you got snippy. In fact, I think he sounded quite classy the next day when you apologized. He could have agreed with you.
Yeah I'm a real asshole Mr. Sioux. You're right. Don't think you really get this piece or me. But that's ok. Funny how the majority of the jerks on OS don't put up pictures or avatars of any kind. hmmmm...makes me wonder.
Yes you are thick skinned - I would have cried for weeks! I'm a small towner myself and tend to talk too easily and freely with strangers. The comments here offer an interesting range of perspectives.
Wow, you're more thin-skinned than I realized. BTW, I'm female, sioux is a synonym, and the reason I didn't have a picture of myself up - if you're that interested - is that I'd just joined OS precisely to comment on this story and couldn't be bothered at that time.