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October 30
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JUNE 22, 2011 1:00PM

Nike's Dope Line is Totally Uncool

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In a world where an elected official several steps away from the highest office in the land is stupid enough to randomly tweet his erect penis, and the Kardashian girls get richer everyday just by prancing around on E! for millions of viewers, it’s abundantly clear we're a society without high standards of behavior or taste.

But Nike’s new line of t-shirts ups the ante. Not only have they demonstrated a new level of corporate irresponsibility, they've simply dumped the moral compass in the trash.

get high 

Both of the shirts are just wrong, but I guess if I had to choose which is worse I'd go with the “Dope” one. I get the play on words and all. I understand what dope means in slang...(cool, awesome).

But, prescription drugs abuse is now the most common form of drug addiction among the teens. Consider these facts:

  • Nearly one in five teens report abusing prescription drugs to get high (Partnership for a Drug-Free America, 2006).
  • One third of all new abusers of prescription drugs in 2006 were 12 to 17 years old (SAMHSA, 2008).
  • More than 2.1 million teens ages 12 to 17 reported abusing prescription drugs in 2006. Among 12- and 13-year olds, prescription drugs are their drug of choice (SAMHSA, 2008)
  • Twelfth graders have recently had the highest rates of prescription drug abuse.

My guess is that this is the exact demographic Nike is targeting with these shirts.

As a mother of three sons (the youngest, 14, finishing his freshman year in high school today as I write this), I am really pissed off about this.

Being a parent in the 21st century is frickin' hard

enough without a major corporation like Nike, whose revenue in North America was 1.9 billion last year, openly promoting drug abuse on their highly visible clothing line.

I have to leave now and go pick up my son from school where he just finished his last exam.

As I grab the car keys I'm thinking how "dope" would it be if Nike used their worldwide platform to promote something like education or public service instead of drug abuse. Just sayin.  


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You make readers think.
You no stink in elevators.
It may be Beth's I's. shoes.
Rubber sneakers do smell.
Wall Street needs Nike profits.
Who said Vietnam won a war?
Nike has a new `Nike Factory.
There are no glue outlet fans.
Peasants work and sniff glue.
The sneakers are made cheap.
Buy a $200.00 shoe. made in`
Viets` Nam. No OSHA laws.
Make big profit and use folk.

Win war? They cut down tree.
Beautiful Red Mahogany Trees.
The American troops? Who Care?
Monday at thee Kennedy Center?
Sing tribute to Wounded Warrior.
Sometimes I feel sick as a dog do.

Wall Street Dogs RETURN & LAP.
Old literature read`
Human Dogs Return to their vomit.
I get weary when I see dogs do that.
O sick as Sheol-Hell Dank Darkness.
Some names on Thw Black Wall do``
Include names of American who died``
They were LERP teams with the CIA``
Long Range Recon Teams neat Burma.
They died.- O ambush donkey caravans
Yes. They sought opium from `Burma.
Today bankers launder poppy profits.
Each day provides sleepless anguish,
dark nights of the Soul, suicide ideas?
(For me never!) Many other-conflicts.
Yet - Evil and Good. Light and Darness.
We people refuse to retire from the ring.
When we kick-the-milk-bucket? Wait to see.
Thanks for the space you share to rant. "R"`
Rate button never has been fixed. Ranted.

Oh, and USA spray agent orange.
Tree leaves were turned blackish.
Yellow banana were made toxic.

Later, the tropical trees got cut.
I was there. I saw it. Oy, Pathetic.
Oh my. Remember Immortality.
wow Art - that's a pretty amazing poem. Trying to make sense of the first stanza, but I don't think that's the where the real message lies.
I was looking for the punch line! This is nuts and Nike, of all the sports products people, ought to know this is going to blow up in their faces. My kids are grown and gone and I'm still pissed!
I dunna, Beth. I don't see these shirts as anything worse than the "Frankie says Relax" or "I'm With Stupid" shirts we saw back when we were kids.

Besides, you know how Nike's going to spin it. "We're not talking about a high on drugs," they'll say. "We're talking about getting a runner's high or the high you get from exercising."