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Frank Apisa
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DECEMBER 30, 2011 1:55PM


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In a post earlier today, Tom King commented on the Tebow situation. He asked, “How do you solve a problem like Tim Tebow?”


Tom got rather exercised over the way the public and the media are reacting to what Tom considers a fairly benign act of reverence on the part of the Bronco quarterback.


I responded to Tom’s question, saying:


He can do whatever he wants.

But to suppose any athlete bows down so that his/her god knows he/she is showing respect is an absurdity. The god should be able to know that kind of thing if the athlete simply thinks it...even for a millisecond. 

The bowing down is not for any is for the people in the stands and the people watching on television. And the people in the stands and the people watching on television have just as much right to comment on the action as Tebow has to do his kneeling.



I did not put Tebow down—I acknowledged his right to kneel or pray or whatever—but I suggested that the all-knowing god did not need the kneeling in order to know that Tebow was grateful for whatever. I also suggested that it is more logical to suppose the “theatrics” are for the fans in the stands and in the television audience.


I understand the discomfort some Christians may have at the comments being made about Tebow’s behavior, but just as he has a right to kneel and pray if he chooses, the people who see it as “theatrical"  (as I put it) or “hypocrisy" (as others have called it) have an equal right to voice that opinion.


Matthew 6:5 quotes Jesus as saying: When you are praying, do not behave like the hypocrites who love to stand and pray in synagogues or on street corners in order to be noticed. I give you my word, they are already repaid. WHENEVER YOU PRAY, GO TO YOUR ROOM, CLOSE YOUR DOOR, AND PRAY TO YOUR FATHER IN PRIVATE...."


In effect, Jesus is calling this kind of thing hypocrisy. Seems Christians ought to have as much respect for Jesus as for Tebow.

 Comments here will be welcome...and I am sure comments over in Tom's thread will be also. 

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Yep, freedom of speech is a two-way street.

I am one of the more fortunate of the world.
I am an atheist.
Therefore, I am able to view almost everything in an objective manner with the jaundiced eye of the realist.

Without the clutter and emotional baggage of the typical believer, I am able to focus my attention upon what actually occurs on the filed during play.

I am one of those realists who, when any given "disaster" occurs, gets up and takes action to alleviate any suffering, etc while those who pray sit there and mumble while their world crumbles around them and neurotically rationalize it by saying it was god's will or some other such nonsense.
I also hope an atheist NFL player will deliver a slice of humor to this what ought to be a non issue.

Some of you ought to check in and see what occurs on that field sometime.
You include a very appropriate Biblical quote that says it all. Tebow has his rights; you have yours. Your spirit in keeping up the charge is inspiring.
I agree with you, Frank. Kneeling on the football field is an ostentatious way of expressing one's thanks to God / Higher Power. The Matthew 6:5 quote summed it up nicely. Rated.
Lots of athletes "give the glory to God." That's their business. Tebow, however, is different. He was raised, groomed, motivated and plays with the stated intention of proselytizing. Not ok, to me.
Gary, thanks for stopping by to comment. Went to your humor thread on the subject…and enjoyed it.

Lezlie, right you are!

XJS…we haven’t cross paths before that I remember. I truly appreciate your stopping in to comment, but your tone left me a bit cold. That last line pretty much summed up the rest of your post—a bit presumptuous and definitely rather puffed up. Lemme ask this: Since you seem to think your atheism makes you “one of the more fortunate of the world”—are you the kind of atheist willing to actually discuss atheism?

Paul, thanks. Not sure about any gods, but Jesus was certainly right about how to deal with them when it comes to “praying.”

Erika…thanks. I appreciate your remark.

Keri…I understand where you are coming from. Thanks for commenting.
I'm in complete agreement with you that Tebow's actions are more theatrical than anything else. It also opens the door for all kinds of other game field theatrics in the name of religion (or lack thereof)...I like Gary F's suggestion for the Flying Spaghetti Monster!
Amen, brother Frank (laughing, tongue in cheek).

Have you seen the Saturday Night Live skit? You HAVE to: