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Frank Apisa
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August 09
On a political continuum with Extreme Liberal at 1 and Extreme Conservative at 10, I can be found at position “P.” I get a chuckle at much of what passes for liberal thought, but don’t much chuckle at anything conservative. Quite frankly, I consider American conservatism to be one of the most dangerous pieces of garbage ever to pollute the planet Earth. A major problem with this mindset is occasioned by the fact that I am a 72 year old, white male who works at a county golf course in one of the richest, most conservative counties in the United States. Since I get free golf (at five county courses) as part of my compensation package, I play 4 – 5 times a week. Bottom line: Goddam near everyone I work with or play golf with, almost all of whom are 70+ year old white, males, is a die-hard conservative. I love each and every one of ‘em—love every bone in their heads. Truly! Sure is a tough haul, though—‘cause I am not given to holding my tongue. Just think of all the fun I have at work and play! Don’tcha envy me?

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JANUARY 13, 2013 8:28AM


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Not sure what the editors at the New York Times were thinking, but the headline on one piece today read:

Obama Will Seek Citizenship Path in One Fast Push


My guess is the birthers must be loving that one!


I've never noticed a particular sense of humor in the editorial staff...but surely someone decided to go for a laugh on this one. 

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Margaret, I would love to have seen Donald Trump's face when he read that line!
He's really coming out swinging, but the ideologues still won't give him a break. He doesn't have to appease the miserable bastards like he used too, and he isn't. The question now is how far he can push 'em.
Ben, we can only hope he pushes them to the limit.

The job is almost impossible. Don't know why anyone would want it.
That must be what they call executive privilege. Good one, Frank. Do you think Trump is smart enuf to catch it?