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Frank Apisa
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JANUARY 25, 2013 10:01AM

Boehner: Obama plans to 'annihilate' GOP

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UPI.Com reports that House Speaker, John Boehner, in a speech to the Republican oriented Ripon Society, declared that President Barack Obama plans to annihilate the GOP!

(And all along I've been thinking it was the GOP that was trying to annihilate the GOP!)  

Anyway, the article goes on to quote Boehmer saying, 

"While we want to stand up and fight for more fiscal responsibility, want to stand up and find a way to move tax reform that will help our economy grow, to do the things we believe in, we're going to be doing it in an environment that is going to be far more hostile than anything that I think we've seen for a long, long time." 

(Apparently Boehner never noticed the hostile political environment of the last four years. )


This article is worth a read, if only for its humor aspect. 


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Thank you, Tobbar. I hope Boehner finally comes back to reality. The congress has got to work...or we are all screwed.
First, the statement will soon be legendary, just like "I can see Russia from my house." It will be remembered as Obama having said it, when it was actually Boehner.

On the serious side, it has been fascinating to watch. Political theorists have said that this Reagan conservative cycle was coming to an end in 2000. It was extended thru 2004 by the attack on the World Trade Center, and the prospect of Gay marriage in 2004. The GOP used fear and a wedge issue to stay above water.

As their demographic shrinks it was predicted that they would become more radical. Enter the Tea Party. Christine O'Donnell won a primary over a popular career Republican, and they lost the general. That pattern repeated itself in various ways around the country.

What I hope, and what appeared to be the last stage was the primary season of the 2012 election. That collection of clowns who all said they would turn down a 10 to 1 deal because it contained one portion of taxation competed with each others to be absurdly extreme. Now, suddenly the Speak of the House is staring into the abyss, and he blames the President for putting them there.
Thanks for stopping in, Bill.

Boehner is getting more and more bizarre with each passing day--the toll of the job on him is obvious. But this comment about "...far more hostile than anything..." he's seen in his lifetime is from the planet Pluto.

Oh well.

Enjoyed watching Hillary make minced meat of the Republican attempt at an Inquisition yesterday. To think...those guys actually thought she was afraid to face them.

Ya know, Bill...politics actually is becoming fun for me again.
Boehner is in an unenviable position. It is funny when you think about it. He has to handle the Tea Party caucus, and he has to keep them from destroying his party. You can see the downside of going too far. They gerrymandered districts to such an extreme that the party leadership has no control over them. Some of them could do anything short of being convicted of a felony, and their district will return them to office. Great for them, bad for their party.

The Summer of 2009 was the Summer of the angry town hall meetings. The Summer of waving the Gadsden flag from the Capitol to crowds outside. They welcomed the Tea Party in like a virus. Now the Tea Party is taking over the host. Boehner has to have a majority of is party to move on legislation. The same Boehner who accused the President of "leading from behind." Only moving with a majority of your own party is what leading from behind is. He's a hood ornament.

In the Fall of 2009, the President gave a back to school message. They told kids to stay out of school for that day. There has been a river of bullshit pass before our eyes, and now they are paying for outrageous lies. even Gov. Delta Dawn of Arizona is supporting the Affordable Care Act now. I would not quite call it fun yet, but a whole lot of liars on the attack have been shown the gate. That, at least, is enjoyable.
The noive of that guy. And last year he was slamming Obama for being a failure at bipartisanship.
Give it a little time. Congress, and the country, will go on, with or without Republicanism.