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FEBRUARY 11, 2013 11:15AM


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Nancy and I went to see Argo yesterday. 
It was okay, although in my opinion it wasn't nearly up to the quality of Lincoln or Zero Dark Thirty.
Anyone out there who has seen all three?
How would you rank them? 

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Frank, I've seen all three but I hesitate to rank them. They're too different. I really enjoyed Argo; I don't know how true to actual events it was but the sheer outlandishness of the scheme to get those diplomats out of Tehran made for a great thriller. It was frightening, funny, dramatic, and the tension just kept ratcheting up and up - I loved it.

Lincoln - a completely different animal. It was just outstanding in every way. It made the man and the events real to me in a way no book could which is unusual for a movie - usually for me it's the other way around. I think Steven Spielberg did a tremendous job painting a living breathing portrait of Lincoln during the most crucial period of his presidency. And the sorrow of his personal life was wrenching; I thought that was portrayed so well too. Only one quibble with this gem of a movie - the puzzling, graceless ending.

As for Zero Dark Thirty - I should probably see this one again although I doubt I will. I must have missed something since everyone loved it so much including my 14-year-old son. I didn't care for it at all. It left me cold. In my opinion it would have worked better as a documentary.

And there you go!
Hey Margaret...thanks for the comments.

Lincoln is something special...the period costumes; the settings; the portrayal of the political infighting; the need of a president to put aside principle for a greater good.

I agree with you especially about how one can get a better appreciation of the time and circumstance from this movie than from many different books. It is a masterpiece.

The ending presented a problem for Spielberg, because he did not want the assassination to be the focus of the movie...and almost the only way to do that was to give it the kind of treatment he did.

For me...Zero Dark Thirty was a thriller so intense, Argo never even came close to. But that probably says as much, if not more, about me than the pictures. We came away with different takes on it.

I think Lincoln will take best picture at the Academy Awards.

Also saw Side Effects which is a different animal altogether...but an enjoyable picture. If you get a chance...go see it.

Just read about it. Wow, sounds intense. I'll be seeing it.
I loved "Lincoln" like a period piece. I don't want to see Argo or Zero Dark Thirty. Just no interest at all in torture or government bungling. But I did just see "Beasts of the Southern Wild" and it blew me away. A powerful little movie that gave me courage and hope.
Got to check out "Side Effects" now. I loved "Silver Linings" too. I am wondering about the movie that tells about the survivors of that horrible tsunami.."Impossible". Geez...some powerful movies going around. I am way too much of a wuss to watch "Amour".
Saw "Lincoln" which will win - and Composer John Williams wrote breathtaking music for it; which clinched it for me! R
I've seen all three and I'd rank Lincoln well ahead of the other two. I thought it did a masterful job explaining some complicated issues and legislative maneuvers against the backdrop of the civil war. The acting was excellent throughout and not just DDL who I'm hoping will win the Oscar. The script was intelligent, the characters nuanced and believable, and nothing seemed excessively dramatized. I think it's already better than more than half the Oscar winners and if it doesn't win, it can join the respected ranks of movies like Goodfellas, Cabaret, Singin' In the Rain, Citizen Caine, It's A Wonderful Life, Pulp Fiction and all but one of Hitchcock's movies.

Argo & 0D30 were both enjoyable in their own way. To me Argo had the pacing and structure of a caper movie and moved along briskly. Partly I enjoyed it because I followed the actual events quite closely at the time. It's a bit of an injustice that the fellow who actually housed most of the staff was written out of the movie. Also, their exit at the airport was a breeze, most unlike the heightened drama of the movie.

I've already blogged about 0D30 and while it was gripping, I doubt it's a movie I'd want to to watch a second time. I still don't understand why the included the very tangentially related London bombing but ignored a similar Bali bombing.
Hey, Zanelle, Marilyn and Abrawang.

We all seem to be of the same mind about Lincoln being the pick of this crop. Actually enjoyed the others…and it feels great going out to movies again. Nothing like the big screen to add to the enjoyment of some of these flicks.

I’m actually going to watch the Awards show this year…for the first time in many years.