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November 11
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NOVEMBER 9, 2008 4:11PM

PURE SEX - with nudity

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You want sexy? I'll give you sexy!
Dead Sexy

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So, do you guys ever get, like, pelvis fetishes? And does the baby Troll come out form there? I'm not trying to ignore how hot this picture is, Freaky, but I need to resolve these question before I can let myself fully absorb your pure sex appeal.

:: T H U D ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ::
I'm trying to chase The Man out of the house to get a haircut. It's after 5 p.m. on Sunday. Yet, there he is, nose against the screen, looking at YOUR FOOT HOLE!

I tell him, "Get your nose out of that troll's foot hole! Go get your hair cut!"

The Man says, "I was just trying to see how far up I could see in that hole!"


You should feel fortunate we're friends. I don't know if I could trust another troll with The Man.
I finally get to see the foot hole!!! I'm getting closer
and closer to "arriving"!
I was told this is a damn sexy photo but this is beyond
my wildest fantasies. Cold shower time.........
your butt cleavage is adorable
Yeah yeah, I know, Freaky's probably "straight"

A girl can dream, can't she?
I'm nongendered. I swing all ways.
Which is incredibly sexy, isn't it? =; )
Back to the cold shower........
I have seen your foot hole before. It almost looks like you sanded your China stamp off and had your hole reamed to be a bit bigger.

Come on, dish! Did you have a little work done? IT is awesome.
I'm pretty sure just looking at this qualifies as a venial sin, especially on Sunday. I'm going to have to go to Confession, and I'm not even Catholic anymore...
This is like a centerfold shot. There could have been light airbrushing.
My goodness, Freaky, I don't know whether this would be allowed poolside at the Troll Nudist Camp...
I agree ,Donna! Where is my old missal with the appendix of prayer indulgences with the "time off" written in red?
rating and rumaging...
I am contemplating that perhaps you arrived in this hot and steamy position after some pretty awesome sex! But with who?

hmmm.... last seen on the beach with Lonnie - and I don't see him here so far, so perhaps he went ::THUD:: as well after the act.........!
Good Lord, Freaky! I'm not sure I'm going to be able to finish grading my stack of papers now.

p.s. Where's the whipped cream?
Well, I must say, Freaky upped the ante on the nudity posts circulating around lately.

I never thought I'd be looking up a troll's foothole on the internet.
Thumbed for taking my life in a strange, albeit mildly disturbing, direction.
Oh Dear! I'm speechless!
this is the best CHEESECAKE I have seen in years, FT. it's right up there with the photo of Marilyn over the subway grate in NYC with her dress billowing out from the rush of give me a rush of air...I'll tell you that much :)
Gives a whole new meaning to "foot massage."
Leave it to Freaky to get everyone all hot and bothered. You really need to keep that under wraps, Freaky, or no one will get anything done today.
I cannot believe I missed this yesterday! You would think I'd have felt a disturbance in the force at the very least.

Just for the record, I must agree with Sandra that your butt cleavage is splendid.

And I do love that you "tagged" Thomas. Why, one wonders, has he never weighed in? OMG, Freaky, you must get him for the FTS! Headlines all over the world.

That's just about the freakiest thing that I've ever seen... I've often wondered... Thanks for the wicked laugh that escaped when I saw this... Outstanding! (and guaranteed to chap the plastic ass of many fundies and assorted bible beaters out there in teevee land)

This coupled with my post about Palin being the perfect life size Barbie Girl and I'm done... BTW: Wouldn't it be very redundant? A Palin Barbie doll? 'Life's fantastic, I'm made of plastic...'
I confess--if Palin looked this good underneath the $150,000 wardrobe, I'd've voted Republican.