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NOVEMBER 9, 2008 1:31PM

Tube Tops and the RNC

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I'm not gonna say nothin' because apparently when I present valid evidence I get skewered. So, I'll just go with that saying that a picture is worth a billion cupcakes:

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I knew Lonnie was a ringer for the GOP.
At least that's a much better tube top. And of all the asses on that stage there only one that's fine.
A red sequin tube top? Nudity below the waist?
Looks like a hipster Halloween up there.
I see just a smudge of back fat rollin on the top of the tube top...

It's real!
You should have titled this:
Sarah & Cindy Make An Ass Sandwich
If they'd kept them with you on that platform it might have been a whole 'nother election.
As I understand it, Lonnie was leading the enthusiastic group in singing "Moon River." Word has it that Cindy asked Lonnie to stop by the hotel suite later that night to help her with vocal tone exercises, too.
What's the matter with that guy's ass?
Wow -- that is impressive. That would have made the convention a lot more fun. Ass sandwich, indeed!