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JUNE 22, 2009 11:24PM

My Freaky Treatment

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I'm sneaking a post in so y'all won't be all worrying.  I'm still in recovery right now, but found an unoccupied ape to help me.
When I checked into the clinic, they invited me to their super mod, super fab open bar:
Open Bar
Then they wrapped me all up in my super comfy cuff:
soft cuff treatment
 They monitored my fabulousing with this chic sticky dot thingie:
censor 2
Then they let me all dry out:
Then it was time for my frosting treatment:
I have another couple of days for the frosting to take.  I'll be back with a spectacular reveal update post!
I know you all miss me!  I miss me too!  I'll be back as soon as I can.

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love you freaky, you've been missed. Joan's been heartsick.
Yeah, Freaky, I was way worried, I thought you had OD'd on butter cream frosting and was in Rehab!

ah, the recuperating revivifying powers of the frosting treatment.
I'm first?????? ooohhh lawdddddd.......who cares about the internetsss connection? You got the most important connection down cold, Ms. Freaky! The I.V. connection.......Hit me again, nurse! Better living through meds!
Oh Freaky - we HAVE missed you! Most of all be safe with the frosting recovery . . . we need your hawt self back ASAP, but nothing that would compromise your wholeness. Cake for all!
freaky - keep your spirits up with obscene amounts of cake!
Our internet connection is sick too. I'm going to have one of the apes jam some buttercream around the coaxial cable.
So glad to see you Freaky!
Gimmee 10cc's of frosting.....STAT!
I posted about your retreat to the Priddy Family Reunion. There was a Freak in training who abused you by showing my your butt!
Girl, you missed a whole bunch of stuff here the last few days. There were even OSers pretending to be YOU. It was all terribly confusing!!

We're awfully glad you're ok.

Vodka?? Me doth thinks Betty Ford. Tee hee hee!

Come back soon!!

Freaky! You're not dead!
Geez, I forgot you were going into rehab, I mean the spa hospital. I thought you looked like that in support of Iran's recent troubles. I needed to flounce on another post, so I borrowed a pic :) I'll be returning to my normal self soon though.
I hope the frosting treatment is as beneficial as it is delicious!

(thumbified for fabulousing)

::p.s. we miss you::
How's your ape doing? Was she in hospital too?
Looking forward to your return Ms. Troll, but I'm worried. Sometimes these procedures can go hideously wrong.
I rest easier knowing your return is imminent...
You look fabulous frosted! Can't wait to see the results. :)
Get your cute bare butt back here, hear?

(People are trying to steal your identity right and left.)
Was your frosting treatment a routine whipped cream or the hardcore buttercream?
Dear lord, I hope you don't go too far. It just wouldn't be the same coming from Barbie. Although, I suppose, you could still LOVE cake, you'd just have to love throwing up too.
Thank God you posted an update...I was worried about you. Can't wait to see the final results...
Reading this has made me feel so, so, so, ------ uplifted.

Can't wait for the reveal Freaky.

Oh, in case you were wondering, you were granted another continuance for the trial so you should have plenty of time to recover before the big event this fall.
It's ridiculous, how sentimental I feel seeing your freaky little pink head, and how it made me smile. I'm going to get even with Deven for that, you bet.
ohhh, freaky love, i've missed you sooo much. so have the wonderpups. thank you so much for updating us and for the major major laughs that your journey provided me. not laughing at you, of course, your wonderfulness. jsut can't wait for the great reveal. love love love and gratitude for all that is you, wondertroll.
Miss you and the ape. "Then they let me all dry out" made me laugh literally out loud (and loudly)
it's 2 am here, so that was not all good
The frosting treatment! I *knew* there was something else going on in those cupcake stores. (While you were gone, many of us started wearing your head, just to make us not miss you so much. Didn't work.) Call me if you run out of Peoples or gin.
Freaky's back! Yay! Thumbified for the frosting effect.
It just seems sacrilegious to mess with perfection. I worry about repercussions from above.
Oh, crap. Now what am I supposed to do with a custom, four-inch long casket?
Never underestimate the power of a Vodka infusion. This is so cool! I miss you, Freak.
Never underestimate the recuperative powers of a good Vodka.

Glad to see you, feel buttercream soon.
Whew. Now I feel better.
I hope it's OK that I borrowed your glasses. And turned them green. It's a democracy thing. I think.
Freaky, I sure did miss you. And I can't believe they let you loose in the supplies cabinet! Too cute.
Wait....are you having full plastic surgery? Will we even recognize you when you're back?
You have been busy.
Oh my, can't wait for the super fab new look!!!!

Get out of the hospital soon.

Those places suck for cake.
Suck up that frosting, my dear darling! 'Twas frosting that brought us safe thus far, and cake will lead us home....xox
Be sure to get lots and lots of hospital socks before you leave. Look in all the cabinets and load up. XOX HB
The dot thing is so cute! Someone should sell them down at the beach. Perfect for summer!

Missing you Freaks...
Aww, I've missed you! I think *I* need a frosting treatment!!
Looks like you've had all the best of care.
You will look mahvelous.
(rated for making me laugh out loud early in the a.m.)
I can actually be glad I missed seeing this post yesterday because today it's loaded up with all those rehab ads from Google, which just makes it that much delicious!

welcome back, sweetie.