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Bottom of Purse, Washington,
November 11
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JUNE 26, 2009 3:53PM

Freaky Farrah Foray

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Some of y'all have seen this before:

Farrah Freaky


Poor Zerry is going to get all hyperventilating.

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It's sort of unfair for me to do this to poor Zerry again, but he did ask for it.
You're so angelic.....
zerry just keeled over.
This is perhaps the most spectacular Farrah tribute I have seen. I can't stop looking at you, there, in all your feathered glory. Will you be changing your avatar to reflect these sad days?
My moms are hotter than your moms
You're wearing a burqa (or is it a freaqa?) in your avatar, and then you're all Farrah-y in this blog.

I'm cognitive dissonancing.
You are one of Zerry's Angels!!!
If you put some bandaids over your nipples they won't stick out like that. I'm just saying...
Great, now I need a damp cloth.
Clearly the torch has been passed. Zerry doesn't stand a chance...
Just promise me no facial surgery for a Michael look.
wow, they look totally natural
It's easy to look natural, when you're all plastic to begin with.
Somebody warned me about the trolls around here. I had to see it to believe it. You must use the same hairdresser as I do (did).
Where'd you get breastesses?
Absolutely glorious!
She makes it look effortless. Except for the pinkness. That says high maintenance.
You are the bomb! Front page for sure! I want to see ads for Troll dolls!
Where can I get a poster for my living room wall?
Freaky honey, you put us all to shame! Not even Farrah could achieve your look!
Freaky, my heart just skipped a beat, then another, then I temporarily died from the sight of you...must you always torment me this way?!
between your bandaged nosed avatar and your Freaky Poster, you about have the whole situation covered....
Can I get that photo on a poster? Pleeze???
Some of y'all have seen this before.

Oh yes, on many a college dorm room wall. Hawt.
Oh the nipples, the nipples! Freaky you are an artist.
The Fabulous Mz. F.

What a treat!
Poor thing, you look cold.
To think that I never understood what was sexy about that poster all is revealed. I am enlightened.
I love this! I should have worn a red bathing suit at my wedding.
"It's easy to look natural, when you're all plastic to begin with."

Snort! ;D
Triple-oh-my! My shame is thrice increased by your folicular fabulousness!
I am SO putting your poster up over my bed!