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JULY 13, 2009 8:38AM

That's a wrap folks (with bonus merch)

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I know that there are questions floating around today.  Some of you are confused and bereft.  You need a sense of closure.  To put it bluntly, you need to know WHO WON.

Let me clear that up:

pudding pie ring

y'all look super delicious in a tart


So, ah, I'll let you figure out who won:




I have a few select pieces of merch still available from last night's extravaganza.  Please let me know if you are interested.  The items are offered at drastically inflated prices:

family album

Finally sort out the complicated Kumar family tree with this lovely almost leather like photo album!  Never study for another test!




Steve Blevins is wearing one today.  Shouldn't you?

*not responsible for HR response



arthur 2

A must have for every serious OSer!  Arthur James tells it all in this entertaining guide to all things mind blowing! (Lonnie get your mind out of the gutter.)




invisible dog

Amaze your more stupid friends and family with this amazing pedigreed invisible dog!


*All items shipped next day air in discreet packaging.



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gosh I've missed you Freaky. I apparently missed all the fireworks, but thanks for the wrap up.
Freaky, I've never seen a close-up of you before. You are radiant! (I'm so glad I got the Kumar book before it became a collector's item).
I was in the cheap seats and I still can't get all that dried puddin outta my ear.
What happened to Cindy Ross? Can you overnight the Arthur James for Dummies book? Does it come in Braille?
Send me one of those "invisible dogs" please! That was one of the most entertaining evenings. Thanks for the great night!
The peanut gallery had all the fun :D
ive been in social seclusion the past couple days.. what did i just miss?
Well, I got there late (per usual for me ) but I could tell from the festivities still occurring that "a good time was had by all!" Actually I think I could say that from my observations, a few good women were had by all. And I'm still convinced that O'Really won---hands down! Cindy Ross won't be able to walk upright for days yet! O'R beat her real good! Just sayin'.............
I'm still cleaning invisible dog pee off my shoes, which is about as hard as it sounds...
When do I get my prize money and my robe back?
I missed all of the fun ... damn these midwest storms! I'll take 2 of everything ... then I'll recreate the scene at home!
finally, a chance to understand arthur james.
Freaky, not the first time I've been tarted up, but never with such good company!
As long as there's catchup and mayo, I'll eat the tart all up!

Nom, nom, nom...

The first person I'd eat, of course, would be Mr. Steve Blevins. He has that nommy look!
Steve Blevins ID badge and lanyard- WANT! Give to me.
I rather like the lanyard myself. I like being sticky and hawt.
Is this the greatest place to write or what? xoxox
I am honored to be in the winner's tart. That looks even dirtier in print.
Just love the tart filled photo! Sooo clever of you and such a tasty treat! ( I saw my sissy floating in there somewhere!)
I hope that "For Dummies" book is just the first in a series, because there a few other OSers that I need a guide to....
I just had to stop by and say how much I am admiring your Esther Williams hair accessory.
Missed out on all the what ever is going on...hope it was swell!
:) Lolly
arthur james for dummies--that's amazing! (add "arthur james" to tags?)
I missed this whole event; looks like y'all had lots o'fun. I was called away on a super secret mission to space, but I'm back.

And I'm goin' to Vegas!
i can't believe i missed the whole thing!!! shoot. i need all of these things, freaky dear. but i just bought a portable AC unit instead. :( love love love
I heard Arthur bought two cases of Athur James for Dummies. It seems even he doesn't himself. Kidding josh.