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November 11
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OCTOBER 9, 2009 6:22PM

It was a Freaky accident...

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I tripped:
I tripped
Now everyone is all hysterical.  It could have happened to anyone of you.
The way they're carrying on here, you'd think that they had to call in a chopper to rescue me.
We're gonna need a pipe cleaner and some privacy:
We're gonna need a pipe cleaner

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Hot damn! I'm finally first at something!

While I believe you were wholeheartedly innocent here, I do think things worked out to your advantage. They always seem to as well. Is it hard to get sprinkles out of your foot hole?
The cake is still edible... eatible... yummy, right?
Well, I did sort of panic and wallow a bit.
Needs more sprinkles.

Both Freaky and the cake.
I found a pie that is a cake! ~R~
A dead troll? Tell me it isn't so!!!! My Gawd, you are the highlight of my life!!
This most certainly comes under Statute 9 of the Criminal Crimes Against Cake, chapter 2. This offense is punishable by hard time because full penetration was involved. Now you've done it Freaky Troll, and you've handed the DA the evidence on silver cake platter.
Not even Gloria Allred will be able to help you now.
A DEAD TROLL! Where? Where?
and the "lemonade" caused this accident????
Oh, oh - I see. Don't pay any attention to the ape's FaceBook status. You should just be following me.
oh my god in heaven, thsi is one of the best thigns i've ever seen, freaky love!!!! well, aside from my photo-essay of scanned photos of me me me and one of my Big Tits. but other than that, this is superb. oh, i meant to say i'm so sorry about your accident and the need for those private moments. did i mention that my vibrator broke? seriously, freak. bad bad bad. love love lvoe and gratitude
I have a hard time believing it was an accident . . . but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Mostly 'cuz you're super fab, and, well, when there's cake involved, it's hard to keep one's senses.
Freaky, clearly everybody is overreacting. You poor little thing. Accidents HAPPEN!
I do approve of hard pink lemonade.
Freaky--I just have no words. You have cake in your armpits and on your foot, why none in your mouth? Get busy.
Yes, Freaky, of course you tripped! I believe, you. Honest...
If you need some help with that foothole, I've got time.

Hope you're not in too much trouble. Blame it on the Mike's - I do, with Strawberry Hill.
Well, as long as you didn't get too scared when you tripped, it's probably still edible... at least around the edges.
Obviously you need to stay away from the Hard Lemonade. (Did anyone, perhaps The Ape, actually eat that cake after rescuing you from it?) Just, you know, wondering...
OMG. Now I must clean myself too...
@Aunt Mabel, all you have to do is click on the "back to posts" button. Freaky is OS's most fabulous member.
Whose gonna lick you off.
That frosting really goes with your hair!
I hope you get some good drugs before the pipe cleaner does its job!
So now that my hair is pink do I need to fall into cake to be more like youyouyou?
do you do parties? i've been looking to hire someone to pop out of a cake for my fiance's birthday party...
I am beside myself...with.....well, now that i think about it, I am the first to be second on my block...
I woulda gone with the "I was pushed!" (add your own amount of dramatic "shocked indignation")...
Well I have never...Really. never.
Sprinkles in the foothole - ouch! Thank goodness you're OK. For a second there I thought the cake was some new spa treatment for trolls.
Of course you "tripped." I "tripped" once and had to be rushed to the ER.

Uh, any pics of the pipe cleaning activity? Tink asked me to ask you.

Oooooooohhhhhhh. My head. Was that a cake-caked foothole?

*looks again*

I'm overlooking the cake "accident" because THEY MAKE MIKE'S PINK LEMONADE?!!!! Man - we must be behind the times here in the boonies, I hadn't seen that flavor yet! Now I'll have a mission in the local Wal-Mart's liquor aisle tomorrow...
Did you trip... up to your neck?! That´s what I call a good tripping!
Your sprinkles are showing, oh my.
Just say that it was the tequila, cookie, that always works for me here in Bumfuck, Mexico. (Although when I tumble, I always end up with mud on me, not yummy cake. And when I think about it, we don't have any yummy cake here. And that's probably a good thing. I love cake.)

Rated, for allowing me to fantisize about drinking tequila and falling into a, life is good......
If the cake penetration was consensual, then it is not a crime.
coffeegyrl wrote: "If the cake penetration was consensual, then it is not a crime."

Oh for gawd sakes! You prolly made excuses for Roman Polanski too! That cake doesn't look a DAY over 16!... and, based on the bottle of hard lemonade laying there, the cake was obviously given alcohol... not to mention "sprinkles"!

Just remember ignorance of the law (inc. the law of gravity) is no excuse!
Freaky, there ARE no accidents.
Too bad you didn't have some hard body to lick it all off for you. He he.
First you must accept responsibility for this. Then you must forgive yourself. Then you must submit to your Higher Power and spread the word to others of your ilk .... otherwise you will surely fall in the cake again
otherwise you will surely fall in the cake again

What exactly is my motivation here?
I wish I were a troll.
hahahha ;D Thank you Freaky one I can always count on you for a laugh!! (((Deven)))
Dude, that pink lemonade stuff is pretty good, eh? :) Cool!


ps, Freaky, we all know you ENJOYED it! :P
Freaky, it's time to fess up now. The only way you could have landed up to your armpits in cake is if you had been swinging from the chandelier. Spill it. What really happened?
Well, I mean, of course it could have happened to anyone! This is what pipe cleaners are for. Well, with the exception of, you know, cleaning a pipe.
thanks for the laugh out loud. After any alcoholic drink, anything you can't remember doesn't count, sprinkles included.
Best thing for a pink donut mishap--a big bottle of Nestle's Strawberry Quik.
You're beautiful -- and delicious! I'd eat you in a heartbeat!
I have always loved. I will always love you. You alone, my darling.
Well, if that doesn't take the cake!